Become a Game Sage! [Status: Closed]

  • Written by: GM_Mechium


    Status: Application is Closed.

    Greetings Envoys!

    The Game Sage application period has been reopened. We are looking for a variety of people to cover many different skills and tasks (creating banners; writing guides or news; developing and hosting events, etc. ).

    We want to build a strong and motivated team of people willing to support one another, individuals and the community as a whole.

    For Which Server/s:

    • Chimera
    • Phoenix

    Basic Game Sage Areas:

    • Forum support
    • In-Game Support
    • Discord support
    • Event organization
    • Bug/error reporting
    • General support

    General Requirements:

    • Must be over 18 years old
    • You are able and willing to work in all above mentioned areas, while concentrating on a specific area
    • Must have time to contribute to the community
    • Have strong people skills, enthusiasm and knowledge
    • Have desire to expand and improve the community
    • Show teamwork and ability to work and foster discussions with others
    • Have or be willing to meet any additional requirements
    • You haven't violated our TOS and haven't been banned
    • You don’t share your account
    • May not remain a Game Sage for another game

    Click here for more info about Game Sages!

    Future Team Set-Up:

    • We are searching for people from different time zones, to offer a strong coverage to players from all over the world
    • We wish to have a (close to) 24h coverage for events and forum/discord/in-game presence. The time zone may influence the result of your application
    • The GS-Team will be enabled to function independently, after an initial training period

    Application Process:

    • The form will stay available until June 29
    • Applicants will be contacted by a CM or SGS, e.g. to reject the application or for additional questions
    • The new Game-Sage Team should be ready for action in July.

    You're willing to go through good and bad times with us? You're a team player and willing to rebuild a strong GS-Team with us? Then fill out this form.

    We are looking forward to your application :)


    Your Game Master and Game Sage Team