Account Security Measures

  • Written by: GM_Mechium


    As you may all know, we decided to remove the secondary password during the maintenance on 23rd November 2016.

    The French and German servers never had this feature to begin with, and there were no qualms about it.

    Nevertheless, we don't want you feel insecure about the safety of your account(s) and provide valuable information below!


    This is a brief post regarding cyber-security, if you want to know more please look up more information about it to become more secure on the internet e. g. ask your regional agency for internet security.

    Create A Secure Password!

    When thinking of a password to use, it’s all too tempting to set it as the name of your dear pet or your surname. Sure - you’ll remember it, but how secure is it really? Be creative, and think of a password with some flair.

    Firstly, one must consider the strength of one’s password; does it contain any capital letters? How many letters does it have? If your answer is less than 2 for both questions, contemplate re-creating your password.

    If you’ve managed to get this far, think of this. Password123 meets all the above mentioned requirements for a strong password, nevertheless, it’s less than adequate. In simple terms, it’s considerably weak.

    So how about adding extra characters or even a few special characters?

    A Secure Password

    • Minimum (!) 8 characters - preferably 10+
    • Contains uppercase and lowercase letters!
    • Contains different letters, numbers and special cases!
    • Don't use personal information (birthday, pet's name, lover's name, etc.)!
    • Don't use words from the dictionary!
    • Don't write the password down anywhere!
    • Don't use the same password for all online accounts (e. g. e-mail and game account)!

    If you’re unsure about the strength of your own password, you can test its strength on one of the following (or other) websites:

    How secure is my password?


    (It gives you an estimate on how long it would take a computer to crack a password! But also here: Don't enter your password, rather use a similar one!)

    Prevent an issue before it takes place!

    Don't Share your Account!

    The next thing is account sharing; it’s recently been a fairly popular thing to do. Keep in mind that while account sharing isn’t strictly enforced, it violates our Terms of Service.

    “The User agrees to keep strictly confidential the access data (login data, passwords, etc.) required to access the games and not to disclose them to any third party unless Aeria Games has approved the transfer of the account in writing or has consented to the game registration beforehand in writing.”

    If you share your account information with another person, we’ll no longer service your account which may result in a ban.

    Use Anti-virus Software!

    I hope you’ve heard of these before! It’s a quite useful tool to keep your computer safe and running! I’m with assurance that you have one in your computer already. If not, please ponder on doing so.

    It doesn’t really matter which one you decide to use; they’re almost the same and serve similar purpose: keeping your computer safe from viruses, and unwanted software.

    Even if you don’t want to get any anti-virus software because it allegedly ‘slows down’ your computer, opt to turn on the Windows Defender for at least a little bit of protection!

    General Tip: Always double check that you disable the installation of third programs when you install (free) software.

    Connect From A Safe Network!

    If you’re reading this, it means your computer’s connected to the internet. But how safe is your connection? Do you think your own network is safe?

    One of the biggest problems with home networks is bad passwords (again?!) for your WiFi connection. Please follow the tips we mentioned earlier to make your home network safer too.

    Just like you shouldn’t trust people on your network, you shouldn’t trust other unprotected networks you can find on the streets! They can be a threat if a smart administrator is behind the free network, to spy on people using it.

    Don’t trust anyone - not even yourself!


    I'll just leave this well illustrated post here:How to spot a "scammy" link or fake GM/GS

    Never click on a link mindlessly!

    Tl;Dr version:

    • Be aware!
    • Secure all your devices with passwords!
    • Use strong passwords for any log-in!
    • Change your password/s every 3 to 6 months!
    • Contemplate using a password manager tool!
    • Don’t give your account information to anyone!
    • Make your computer safer by installing anti-virus software!
    • Install updates for your OS, drivers and programs!
    • Do not download or install programs from publishers you don't trust!
    • Make sure your network is safe!
    • Disconnect your PC from the internet!
    • Turn it off & throw it away for the most efficient protection!


    Mechium & The Security Squad

    (And thank you <gs>Hum for writing a great chunk of this!)