How to get 70 stuff ?

  • Hello,

    I am currently lvl 77 and very poorly stuffed, I am stuck in the nazrudin whirlpool quest.

    I am trying to obtain a 70 orange stuff, but I don't know how to get the formulas. I tried to obtain them with the encyclopedia but 3 bosses give me like 100 dragon points and I need 30 000 to get just one formula. I have like 2000 ruby coin and I am waiting the parangon of choice to sell them, if I sell them would I have enought gold to buy the formulas ??? How have you done to get them ???

  • Hey there, you can easily and temporarily try to farm Lv.66-70 dungeons to get the Lv70 Unrefined Armor Box to get the chance to obtain the full Sniper set. Then you can use that meanwhile (Fortify it to +9 or so) to farm dungeons more easily, enough to get the dragon points you need for the Sniper set you can craft a core with.

    Do Sky Tower, Gaia Sanctuary, three dragon dungeons (Crescent Hill; Cactakara Forest; Demarech Mines), Pyroclastic Purgatory (Oblitus Woods), Tempestuous Temple (Star Sand Desert), Darkthunder Temple (Ventos Prairie) and Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal (Silent Ice Field) with DP boost and carries to easily earn dp.

    If you seem to be doing okay with coreless snipers to run dungeons until level 80 then you can start farming for golden dragon points instead, to exchange for the Lordswrath set from the encyclopedia.

    Not sure which server you're from but in Chimera, Sniper recipes are roughly around 400g-600g per piece and you can sell 2k ruby coins for. Although I wouldn't recommend you to buy the recipes since all you need is patience and diligence to farm the dp you need.


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