<gs>Darmawan Introduction

  • Hello, everyone! I am Darmawan, and I'll be joining the Game Sage team of AKUS in Phoenix server as <gs>Darmawan!

    I want to help everyone here as much as possible in the game and support the GS team, so I hope I can improve everyone's Aura Kingdom experience!

    I've played Aura Kingdom since 2014, though I didn't know much back then. I quit shortly because it got rather lonely, then found out a few months later that some of my friends played. We played AK until early 2017, until everyone quit playing again, and from late 2017 until now, I've* returned to AK.
    Back then (during the sweet spin2win days) I mained guardian (yes, tank guardian), until a few months ago when I decided to try out Holy Sword, which is now my main.

    I've always been the guy that likes finding out about various information, so I'd say I have a decent chunk of knowledge about the game.

    Some of you might have seen me helping people by answering questions, whether on discord (as funAlways) or ingame (as Darmawan).

    I live in Indonesia, with my timezone being Western Indonesian Time(UTC +7), and I'm currently in my first year of college under IT, so I know a fair bit about how stuff technically works.
    Most of my time online I'll be on discord and I'm online ingame often, so feel free to message/whisper me! I'll try to respond as soon as possible!

    I hope to see you all ingame and on Discord, and I hope I can help you with various questions/problems that appear!

    P.S. I like cats... and penguins...