[Guide] Duel Card Locations

  • Written by: AkaGuro007


    Hello Player Community

    Since last patch (27th August) we have a new mini game called Duel Cards.

    But where to get the cards, and which cards to choose.

    I have been making this a whole lot easier for everyone in my guild already, but I think everyone might be able to make use of this. So I would like to recommend the use of what I have been working on.

    Basically: What Card, Star Count, Location, etc. I think its best to see for yourself on:

    Duel Cards

    Of course your free to comment or make suggestions. I will always try to improve to make this guide of better assistance to you, the player.


    (as for version history... Just check the site and find notes)

    With Kind Regards,

    Yemaya of DoomBringers

    PS. Hope its fine to post this here. If not, please tell me where it should be posted.