Bring back original Centurion Battlefield

  • Although PvP has been absolutely decimated

    Changing Centurion Battlefield into that 3 class NPC transformation absolutely ruined everything. It's not fun whatsoever, it's slow paced, wonky, and with less time than before, it's impossible to reach cap valor coins or get any decent amount of Valor Coins. Sometimes, you can't even kill the boss. What's the point of farming for purple weapons if you can't even use it in the biggest battlefield in which you participate in to get the currency to purchase said purple weapons. NOBODY likes this version of the centurion, who in the right mind actually thought this would be a good idea?

    The whole "giving PvP gear to lvl 70s" is completely pointless too as they can't even compete with the people within their matchmaking (Lvl 70-90s). It doesn't encourage PvP, because as soon as they enter, they get destroyed by lvl 90+ players. The Centurion Battlefield never starts, because there's literally no point. It's NOT fun at all as compared to it's previous version. The only daily quest barely gives a sufficient amount of Valor Coins a day, The highest level quest (Lv. 70) gives 100 Valor Coins, with the opportunity to get more from a chest, but even then, there's no guarantee that you'll get 100 more Valor Coins. This leads people to resort to literally going on alternate characters, and doing the quest over and over, which is beyond annoying.



    Bringing this old version of Centurion will possibly get it to start back up, because it actually provides players with Valor Coins to get PvP weapons. I know bringing it back has already been talked about, but it seems that it was just pushed away again.

  • I have to agree with this to be quite honest, as a player who casually likes to do PvP from time to time, Centurion was one of the battlefields I actually enjoyed going too to get Valor Coins and purely to have fun, even if it was just a little, but nowadays, it just doesn't start at all. I would absolutely be happy if it could be brought back to life. :saint:

    Alongside the regards to the 70-90 category, I do feel sorry for the Level 70's or maybe 80's as well who literally just get full on rekt as soon as they enter the battlefield, doesn't seem fair at all really for those who want to do PvP, and can't even get a single hit in. :(

  • Centurion as a game mode used to be my favorite PVP event, but unfortunately a few things led to it's downfall beforehand, two I think in particular, which is likely why it was changed.

    The first was the Subterranean Ruins quest. To be honest, this shouldn't have even existed in an ideal world, but because eidolon prayers demanded items needing valor coins, and PVP was so toxic by that point, X-Legends probably (rightfully so) gave in and gave players a way to do this without dealing with PVP. You can literally AFK 75% of the quest and complete it with zero gearing in the shortest possible time (I can explain how if anyone doesn't know, but it's not really a secret), and you can also do it on multiple characters and get a lot of potential coins. This made Centurion's population take a big hit.

    The second was basically the nonstop growing list of things you needed to do to try and stay on top as more and more was added to the game over time. This simply makes it overwhelming, especially for newer players. The same became true of free to play players and even small/medium spenders when things like accessory fortification first debuted, and still to this day for +30 (nice job keeping a feature that is a year and a half old that inaccessible without massively spending Aeria), requiring you to be a heavy spender to compensate.

    It didn't help that near the end, there was an increasingly common meta movement in Centurion where people just used full move speed PVE equipment to run around and farm towers, and then swap to full tank PVP gear as soon as they so much as saw another geared PVP player. While this sounds like a unique tactic, the reality is it led to full rounds of nothing happening because tank gearing led to non-interactivity between players, so a PVP event meant for two sides of up to 50 players felt more like a 20 minute boring PVE event sparsely populated by maybe a dozen or two dozen players total.

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  • How 2 do quest faster w/ zero gear? birb2

    but ye I can agree with everything you said.

  • How 2 do quest faster w/ zero gear? birb2

    After the quest starts, go into the Northwest corner of the room near the chain and just wait until the first half of the quest is done. You don't need to attack or defend anything.

    Once the second half starts (they will attack from all four directions and attack the center pillar now instead of the four cubes), get the buff that grants a meteor-like attack, I think it is the South buff, and just keep attacking centered on the pillar to knock away and defeat the mobs. If the boss comes after you, quickly run back into the Northwest corner and then back to the center and it should reset, leaving the room and then re-entering. Repeat doing this and it's simple and easy to prevent the center pillar's destruction, and after the time has elapsed, only the boss remains and you can defeat it easy with the same buff (or even if you have a decent weapon but zero gearing otherwise just drop the buff and attack the boss).

    This will (besides perhaps a slightly slower boss clear time) be about as fast as you can possibly clear this, as it's time limited.

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  • centurion is only fun at first
    the skills are lame.

    maybe if it were skillshotz then it could be awesome or holy vs evil except everyone is human


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