• dear aurakingdom, Please add more reward in battleground. like gold and any usefull item to get growth. every participants most get instant reward when the game is end even lose can get reward so all people who weak one is willing to take battleground even they know they are weak character. please grant my wish for battleground. #loyalty player sincerely,

  • Signed, the rest of sane player base for the last number of years, but it's likely too late now, and anything done (nothing will be) would be likely too little IF done. Poor rewards have been a complaint forever, and returns for time investment is a problem in general with this game, in the recent years especially, and not just for PVP.

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  • This is most likely the easiest way to grab players for PVP and it will sure work better than all the changes they attempted to fix PVP with no real result.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.

  • dear aurakingdom

    please open quest for pvp map all participant have restriction

    on gear score not to far gap top for kills and save teammate like that rules.

    when player go that event they cant change gear using by required for gear score ..

    i hope ur developer can do that.

    god bless you all.

    #loyalty player