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  • Written by: Hexagonally


    Welcome to my gathering guide for food materials!

    Once upon a time, there was a wonderful Food Crafting Guide but the creator of that guide deleted it after quitting. So here's my own guide for all the gatherers in Aura Kingdom.

    Edit (3/21/16) - I am no longer active on Aura Kingdom and will likely not update this guide as I can't enter the new maps. A big thank you to weaponstar for Viridian Steppe/Desolate Valley maps.

    1: Why gather food?

    In Aura Kingdom, you can have two food buffs at a time, one drink and one food.

    You can buy white quality base food from NPCs, which gives a one stat bonus for 30 minutes.

    OR, you can gather a few materials, pay a little extra money, and craft food which gives a higher stat bonus, lasts longer, and gives an additional effect! wowee!!!!

    Some materials are also needed for Alchemy; rarer materials like Multicolored Water Mushrooms (from Cactakara Forest) and Giant Eggs (from Demarech Mines) are almost always in demand.

    2: Crafting + Results

    After 7/30/2015 update, you can now craft food two ways.

    Method 1 (Lazy Person Way - gives no Cooking EXP)

    1: Buy white quality base food(s) from NPC and gather correct food mat(s). You may also receive Ethereal Crystals--more about these later.

    2: Click food mat to open menu, and click 'Fuse Item'. You’ll make unidentified food.

    3: Click unidentified food to open it. The quality of food you will get is RANDOM.

    Method 2 (Manual - gives Cooking EXP)

    0: Make sure you have a cooking utensil (white quality can be bought from any food NPC, better ones require cooking coins and higher level from food NPC in Navea).

    I recommend getting the MSPD Decrease tool, which makes items fly by slower. I also recommend getting the green quality knife ASAP.

    1: Buy white quality base food(s) from NPC and gather correct food mat(s). You may also receive Ethereal Crystals--more about these later.

    2: Click food mat to open menu, and click 'Manual Cooking'

    3: Click the mats that are NOT used in making the food, and let the correct ones fly by. Don't click on the correct ingredients, or they will disappear and not give you points.

    4: The quality of food you will receive depends on how filled your bar is. If you fill the bar up completely, you will get TWO Gold quality foods.

    With Manual cooking, you can control which quality of food you want to receive. If you are aiming for orange/purple food, after filling the bar to the correct spot, just click away everything.

    You can get achievements for creating the orange, purple, and gold quality of each food the first time (as well as the Culinary Master/Epicurian medal for identifying 13 of each quality).

    You can sell your crafted food to the cooking NPC for Cook Tokens, which can be used to buy better cooking tools, mats to make DP gain bonus foods, and Cook costumes.

    Ethereal Crystals (from gathering) can be sold to the gathering NPC for Collector Tokens, which can be used to buy common cooking mats, crafting mats, and Collector costumes.

    Look for these icons in Navea: .

    Green: Most common, lowest stat boost, lasts 1 hour. Gives lowest Cooking EXP, and sells for lowest number of tokens.

    Orange: Rarer than green but not as rare as purple, higher stat boost (usually PvE), lasts 3 hours. Gives slightly higher Cooking EXP, and sells for more tokens than Green.

    Purple: Rarer than orange, higher stat boost than orange (usually PvP), lasts 3 hours. Gives slightly higher Cooking EXP, and sells for more tokens.

    Gold: Rarest, highest stat boost (PvE/PvP), lasts 6 hours. Gives the most Cooking EXP, and sells for most tokens.

    Note: Gathering/Cooking higher leveled materials/foods will give more gathering/cooking EXP.

  • 3: Gather Maps/Mini food guide


    Not every spot is guaranteed to have a gather, only a chance that it spawns. I also have a summary of the main food the mat is used for.

    Click on the map for full-size! (“r” -> rare)

    3/21/16 update: imgur photo links still don't work on forums, if you click where the picture should be, copy link, and open in a new window/tab the map should show up.

    10/21/16 update: imgur photo links fixed, thanks Aeria!


    Helonia Coast:

    Crescent Hill:

    Cactakara Forest:

    Demarech Mines:

    Triatio Highlands:

    Candeo Marsh:

    Ventos Prairie:

    Oblitus Woods:

    Star Sand Desert:

    (Vulture’s Vale & Blizzard Berg have no gathers)

    Rainmist Reach:

    Emerald Marsh:

    Starstruck Plateau:

    Silent Ice Field:

    Port Morton:

    Candetonn Hill:

    Viridan Steppe (created by weaponstar - thank you!):

    Desolate Valley (created by weaponstar - thank you!):

    Chronology Forest (created by weaponstar - thank you!)

    Tempest Desert (created by weaponstar - thank you!)

  • 4: Some corrections on food descriptions

    • In general: Any food that claims to give %DMG ('detailed')--doesn't actually add to your detailed stats. They count as detailed damage FOR AUTOATTACKS ONLY. For example, Candeo Marsh's coffee, Helonia Coast toasts (which give 3% damage, not 10?), Emerald Marsh's Sencha, Navea Macarons...
    • Different level zeal foods give different % zeals. "Double damage"/"Double Cast" =/= 100% bonus damage of whatever they proc'd on. For example, Gold Crescent Hill Vegetable zeal hits 50% bonus damage; 50+ food (Ventos steak, SSD bread, Teppenyaki) hit 90% bonus damage.

    5: Tips for Gathering

    • Gathers take a few minutes to respawn, so collect all you can find in one map, then change channels.
    • Wear whatever +movespeed gear you have and zoomzoom!
    • If you use a skill that requires a target to use near a gather, you'll automatically target the gather.
    • In System Settings->Display, turn Graphic Detail to low, Textures to low, Foliage to Close to make gathers stand out more from their surroundings.
    • Ignore mobs. Unlike digging, you can gather while in combat.
    • Find something else to do on the side (watch anime, talk to friends, pet cat). Gathering can become boring very quickly.

    5.5: Tips for Cooking

    • USE THE KNIFE COOKING TOOL THAT DECREASES ITEM MOVESPEED. I'm fine using green quality on level 3 speed food, but if you have trouble, upgrade to an even better quality.
    • If you're missing clicks because the icons are too small, go to System Settings > UI Scaling, and increase window size. This will make the cooking game window larger, along with the icons.
    • A personal 'trick' I use when food crafting is first grouping the ingredients by color. For example, when making Teppenyaki (Icy Field), I think "Click red and yellow". When making Ribs (Rainmist Reach), I think "Click green, blue, and pasta".

    6: Additional Links

    Some additional useful links:

    Aura Kingdom DB by Lolaturface

    Aura Kingdom Wikia

    Food Achievement Tracker by GS Roachy

    PortSkandia Database

    Don’t look at AK’s official wiki. It’s neither updated, correct, nor complete.

    7: FAQ/Testing

    Q: Like fishing, do you stop gaining exp from lower leveled mats after reaching a certain cooking/gathering level?

    A: Yes. Level 4 or higher = requires lv 2+ mats. Not sure about lv 3+.

    If you have any answers to these, please post!

    Q: Is there a difference in cooking EXP received from cooking 1 gold food vs 2?

    A: So far, the answer seems like "no", that EXP is only determined by quality.

    • Exact levels you stop getting cooking/gathering exp from lower leveled mats, when do you need lv 3+ mats? also, for both cooking + gathering?
    • Whether level of gather mat influences number of Ethereal Crystals gained
    • ??? Please post any other questions below!

    Thanks for reading my guide~

  • Can I please have permission to put a link to this Tread in my "Everything" about: Professions (Basic info+guide links) tread

    Will of course add Credit on the link

    I really like this one and think it covers all you need to know about both Cooking and gathering.

  • Thanks Rio, added proper credits my Tread like this:


    Links (will add more if I find any that really fit or I make my own specific profession guide)

    Awesome guide for Cooking and Gathering: Image heavy food and gathering guide.

    (thanks to Hexagonally for making it, Weaponstar for completing it, AKUS_Forums for saving it from the old Forums and SGS>Rio for allowing me to link it )

  • gather_frigga_and_desdes.png

    I could only find two on each map, is that right? Let me know if there's any I missed, I will update this, thanks. :AK1:

    Edit: Found by checking AK-DB today that the cocoon also drops Apostle's Eggs as a secondary drop and the snake dragon egg also drops Snake Dragon's Scale. Pic updated.

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