Secret Stone Guide (Updated 16-03)

  • Written by: honey_266


    This is a guide to quickly search for Secret Stones, their Effects and their Location (not an explanatory guide).

    - Be aware that there are various reports of certain stones not adding the stated effect or not working on the specified skill.

    - These are my findings during the Beta Phase. If you find any miscalculations/mistakes and or want to make an addition, feel free to add that information below so I can edit the guide.

    Status: Last updated --> 16-03-2014


    - Yellow Secret Stones

    Secret Stones Prefixes:



    A. Red = Prefix 1 (adds directly to your stats)

    B. Blue = Prefix 2(adds to the skill)

    C. Pink = Random attribute (adds directly to your stats)

    D. Green = Secret stone leveling (pending)

    E. Orange = Skill name

    A. Red = Prefix 1 (adds directly to your stats)

    Part 1/3

    Part 2/3

    Part 3/3

    B. Blue = Prefix 2 (adds to the skill)

    ***Not every skill has every Stone Type***

    ***Every Stone Type comes Randomly with one Prefix 1***

    C. Pink = Random attribute (adds directly to your stats)

    ***This is a random bonus that is added to each stone (very last stat on the stone).***

    ***I am aware some of these are missing. If you have a picture with one of them please post below and I will add it.***

    D. Green = Secret Stone Leveling

    ***A stone that is leveled past your own level cant be equipped***

    -Picture coming soon-

    E. Orange = Skill name/Class

    Secret Stones Location:



    Duelist-Dual Blades:


    Guardian-Sword and Shield:


    Ranger-Battle Bow: