Some help with my lvl 90 Katar please

  • Hello my fellow Katars,

    i'm going to hit level 90 the next days and need some help with the choice of my Eido-rolls/Mount/Element on my lvl 90 weapon/Gaia emblem.

    Playing on the german server and we have like 5 active Katars lvl 85+, so i'm struggling with getting help to get the most out of this class.

    Playing currently with Eligos unrolled, saving my resets for the time i'm sure what to roll on my Tsubaki. Against non-elemental bosses i'm using an almighty III - mount atm.

    I'm just wondering if it's worth to go for a full - DMG through skills with element x - skills - setup and if yes what element? (Sub is Shuri btw).

    Also looking for some tips and tricks everytime.

  • I'll speak for the current meta for Katars. Since you're shuri sub and you should be using left path weapon mastery, Storm element should be your best option. I've tried a full storm skill dmg setup but what works best in my testing is the following:

    Weapon: Storm

    Eido: 25% A/S and 45% Storm skill

    Mounts: 30% dmg vs X element

    Katars aren't super reliant on just one skill, so the extra storm skill on mounts doesn't help all that much when you aren't Swift striking. When "Ride the Wind" envoy node procs, it bursts pretty hard and storm skill benefits your shuri nado aswell.

    You don't NEED a storm eido, but it performs better than a regular dmg eido. Against violent bosses, I just have a storm skill mount, haven't really looked into what would be best but I'm assuming a dmg dealt mount would be (do they go up to 20%? Don't remember).

    Edit: Emblems

    I just swap between 8% dmg and 14% movespeed. If AK gave us another hotbar, I'd have ele ones. I don't bother leaving my bag open to swap things.

    Also, 15% movespd tiger if u wanna zoom zoom.

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  • Thank you for your fast reply,

    so i'm going to get my storm katar then as soon as possible and roll my eido on a/s and storm.

    Sadly mounts only go up to 10% dealt dmg, so i'll try to get my hands on a storm skill mount (will be quite expensive - half of the server plays Shuri)

    For the emblems - you're right, i already have my ele-hats + mounts on my skill bar, one bar more full of elemental stuff and i wouldn't have enough space for skills, leaving the bag open is annoying as hell in my opinion.