[Guide] Eidolon Emblem Farming

  • Written by: lostguru585


    A guide to getting symbols, crests, and emblems for your eidolon.

    by lostguru

    So RNGesus finally graced you with his miracles long enough for you to garner 10 key fragments (or 1 whole key, you lucky bastards). And you've chosen that eidolon as your partner. Your sunbro. Your waifu.

    Awesome, now it's time to force-feed them all the emblems you've got to level up their stats and get that delicious star buff.

    The only problem here is that overall, it takes about a month of dedicated collecting to farm for enough emblems to boost your stats for even one star buff (at least before the archaeology patch anyway). So darn, you should probably get on that.

    This guide will simply list all the sources of eidolon emblems known to myself at the moment, as of 2014-11-05.

    First, a primer on how exactly eidolon star buffs and evolutions work. Feel free to skip to the meaty portion of the guide below if you already know all this.


    From the get-go, your eidolon won't give you its unique passive buff when summoned. Instead, you'll notice in your buff bar a buff titled "Eidolon Resonance Lv1". This buff takes a percentage of your eidolon's stats and adds them to your own, a good reason to always have an eidolon summoned with you at any given point in time. As you evolve your eidolon's star/resonance level, this percentage will increase (e.g. when evolving your eidolon from 1-star to 2-star, this percentage goes from 5% to 7% of your eidolon's stats).

    When you open up your Eidolon Area (N key default), you'll notice that there are these grayed-out boxes at the top left of your eidolon view. Hovering over them reveals a bunch of potential stat boosts to be filled, as well as the passive buff your eidolon will give you once you've maxed out all of those stat line boosts.

    Eidolon evolution is different from stat boosting, and doesn't have too much to do with the use of emblems that are the main focus of this guide. Evolving your eidolon requires another of that specific eidolon's full key (or a Hero's Emblem if its your starting eidolon), some experience crystals, and either a few symbols/crests (a minute amount compared to the mountain-load you need to upgrade stats) or the item Brilliant Evolutionary Beads. Evolving an eidolon raises the limit to which you can boost stats up until the next grayed-out box in your Eidolon Menu.

    Your eidolon has base stats (Eidolon Info, bottom of the Eidolon Area) that go up as you level your eidolon with experience crystals (which will also in turn increase the stat boost you get from your Eidolon Resonance buff). By feeding your eidolon emblems, you can boost its stats up until the limit specified by your eidolon's star/resonance level. Hover over the grayed-out box to see these limits. This will also slightly boost the stat bonus you get from Eidolon Resonance, but your main goal with doing this is usually to get the passive buffs your eidolon can give you.

    When you've successfully maxed out all the stat boosts for one resonance level, you gain the passive buff for that resonance level in addition to the original stat boost you got for just having your eidolon summoned.

    There are a total of 8 emblems you'll commonly encounter that you can use to boost your eidolon's 6 different stats:

    Symbol of Darkness +DMG (1-4) & +CRIT (1-2)

    Crest of Flame +DMG (3-6)

    Crest of Thunder +CRIT (1-3)

    Crest of Wind +SPD (1-3)

    Symbol of Light +HP (2-6) & +DEF (1-2)

    Symbol of Sand +HP (5-10)

    Crest of Ice +DEF (1-3)

    Symbol of Forest +EVA (1-3)

    There are also Greater versions of these previous 8 that give ten times their respective stat boosts, as well as two other emblems you can earn from archaeology (more on that below).

    Important things to keep in mind:

    • If your eidolon has one stat maxed out, and you feed him an emblem that increases that stat line, that number will NOT get any bigger. Any emblems fed which increase that stat line are useless unless you EVOLVE your eidolon to the next star/resonance level above that limit.
    • In order to conserve symbols & crests, it's recommended to first feed your eidolon Symbols of Light & Symbols of Darkness, since those two symbols give stat boosts to two lines. Once you run out or cap one of the two stats for a symbol, use your other symbols/crests to fill the other stat line up the rest of the way. Likewise, you should put any Greater emblems and emblems from archaeology at a higher priority than all 8 of these common emblems since their boosts are so large in comparison. Of course, if you have an overabundance of either one of the former however, feel free to do as you like. Use your own judgement and common sense.



    If you'd rather bash people o'er the head while getting your eidolon munchies, there are plenty of ways to do so while you go about your daily business.


    Days 5, 6, & 7 of your daily login rewards give you 1, 2, & 3 Mysterious Armor Emblem boxes respectively.


    Hit H (default) to bring up your Eidolon window and hit the Link button for any of your eidolons, this will consume a random amount of that eidolon's MP (up to 10) and they'll spend 10 minutes connecting to Gaia. During this time you can't talk with them to restore their MP. When they get back, they have a chance of bringing back a Mysterious Armor Emblem loot box, if not experience crystals or their own key fragments. Chat with your eidolons frequently when you're not sending them off to ensure they have a healthy MP supply for you to link with. If you want to spend a little time, learn which conversation options have a better chance of giving your eidolon more MP (each option will give between 1 to 5 MP back). And of course, link frequently.

    It should be noted that this is one of the more reliable ways of accumulating a decent quantity of emblems. The ability to do this every 10 minutes, on all three of your eidolons, quickly adds up.


    Eidolons have a chance of dropping you Mysterious Armor Emblem boxes when killed, so you should strive to defeat them whenever possible, not only to get more symbols & crests, but also to get more eidolon keys and key fragments, and perhaps costumes or eidolon accessories depending on where you are. Eidolons have a regular spawn schedule in Guild Hall, so if your guild's got one, learn the schedule and be there or be square. Eidolon Temple also allows you one eidolon kill per character every six hours, as do all Otherworld dungeons if you get lucky and have one or more spawn.


    All the mobs and bosses in Infernal Abyss (Lv55) and Whirlpool Abyss (Lv60) have a chance of dropping you Mysterious Armor Emblem boxes, with the chance & amount getting higher and higher the deeper you go into either dungeon. If you're farming either dungeon for Scarlet Fires or Seas of Thoughts though, you'd probably be wearing your crafted Lucky armor and trophy set for the enhanced loot drop rate anyway.

    In addition, all three dragons in all three dragon dungeons (Thunder, Aqua, & Sky) have a super low chance of dropping an Evolution Ritual Chest, which will more often than not give you a Greater symbol or crest rather than the Brilliant Evolutionary Beads you so desire. As mentioned above, these Greater versions of the standard 8 emblems give 10 times their respective amounts of stat points.


    There's a little girl NPC in Crescent Hill's town called Carol who has a daily titled "Look for Sunny". It requires you to head south to the patch of purple flowers in Crescent Forest Depths (at around X:700 Y:180) and click on patches of Tall Grass until you find her pet bunnyhop.

    Your reward is a choice between 5 Fire, Ice, Wind, or Thunder emblems.


    You'll more than likely be doing this for the loyalty points rather than for symbols & crests, but if you score high enough to get one or more Aura Kingdom Quiz Prize boxes, they have a chance of dropping one symbol or crest per box. A stupidly low amount, but hey, no one's ever said no to 50 free LP.


    Ranking as a Defender, Champion, or Hero when participating in the Centurion Battlefield will net you 1, 2, or 3 Archaeological Treasures Lucky Packs respectively. Each of these loot boxes is guaranteed to give you 1, 3, or 5 of either one of the powerful archaeology emblems (see the Archaeology section below for more information on these emblems).

    Thanks for the tip-off knotalegend and the information Jakuzure.


    Fishing is one of the more effortless ways of getting emblems that doesn't necessitate your full attention while doing so. Your two sources from fishing are Miracle Cubes and Fisher King's Reward boxes.


    These wonderful things have a chance of giving you between 1 & 10 of any of the 8 standard emblems when you open them up. Best part, even if you don't get some, you either get 10/50 loyalty points or a Four Leaf Clover face accessory. The icing on the cake is that you do not need to be manually fishing to catch these cubes.

    If your guild has a Guild Hall, head in there and start fishing up Loaches. Cut enough open to get the four pieces of the Noble fishing set (level 40), which increases the chance you'll come across Miracle Cubes when fishing. You can get the rod too if it's better than yours, but you don't need it for the Miracle Cube bonus, just the other four.

    If you plan on manually fishing, go wherever the heck you want and post up, that green gear will be plenty even for orange fishes, especially if you've got an orange or yellow fishing rod. Whenever you happen to see the on-screen prompt "Something caught the hook...", you know you've hooked a Miracle Cube. Reel it in so the passive fishing system doesn't screw up and fail to catch it (it will do this more often than not). If you've got a nice fishing rod, clicking the darn button once should be more enough to catch it.

    If you're going to be AFK fishing passively though, clear out as much of your inventory as possible beforehand (Miracle Cubes don't stack) and perhaps buy a full stack of Earthworms (1000 of them for 18g). I recommend going to one of the nub spots (Small School of Fish) so you won't be wasting any bait or time failing to catch orange fishes, since there aren't any in the small schools. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT AFK IN GUILD HALL DOING THIS. You'll cause guild eidolons to disappear as they spawn in, leaving you with some very mad guildmates. You won't get as many Miracle Cubes as you would fishing actively due to failure rates, but if you're AFK, something beats nothing. If you're short on gold, then just use a School of Fish in the highest level map available to you. You'll miss the orange fish, but the weapons you get from green fish can be vendored for money or extracted for fortification fragments.


    Instead of cutting open your yellow king fishes after you've caught them, you can give them to the Angler's Anonymous merchant in the same region for a Fisher King's Reward. Depending on the fish, you'll receive one of four different reward boxes, each with a chance of giving you a quantity of one of three emblems specific to that box. If you don't get one though, you also have a chance at 10/50 loyalty points, or even a custom hat or clothing costume.

    If you're shooting for any specific emblems (Forest and Wind usually), this method is your most reliable way of quickly doing so.

    Fisher King's Reward (Variety)

    Ancient Witness's Ancient Mandarin Fish & Sand-Spitting Hermit's Giant Sand Perch & Eternal Wisdom Elder's Eternal Wise Crab

    • Symbol of Darkness
    • Symbol of Forest
    • Crest of Wind

    Fisher King's Reward (SKILL)

    Golden Blossom's Golden Petal Fish & Hot-Tempered Overlord's King Sand Crab & Deep Waterfall Ghost's Waterfall Catfish

    • Symbol of Light
    • Symbol of Sand
    • Crest of Ice

    Fisher King's Reward (SPD)

    Ocean Tyrant's Copper Shark King & Defender of the Marsh's Giant Marsh Trout & Dark Crystal's Mutant Crystal Lobster

    • Symbol of Light
    • Symbol of Forest
    • Crest of Wind

    Fisher King's Reward (STR)

    Shadow of the Deep's Deep Sea Tuna & Rainbow Caller's Rainbow Salmon

    • Symbol of Darkness
    • Crest of Flame
    • Crest of Thunder


    With the most recent patch, archaeology gives you an incredibly easy way to quickly rack up eidolon stat points. While you're limited to only 100 identifications per 24 hour period, this limit is per character. This means if you have multiple characters, you can easily farm quite a few Archaeology Tokens to buy emblems with. There are two eidolon emblems available through archaeology that you can feed your eidolon:

    Breath of Nature Emblem +DMG (30-60) & +CRIT (10-30) & +SPD (10-30)

    Energized Emblem +HP (50-100) & +DEF (10-30) & +EVA (10-30)

    Each of these emblems costs 500 Archaeology tokens and are bought from an Archaeology Merchant's Token Shop. To gain Archaeology tokens, just dig up cr.ap and sell the artifacts you get to the Archaeology Token Shop. Each white artifact gives 15 tokens, each green artifact 25, and each orange artifact 100 (excluding Map Fragments or Wisdoms of the Ancients). On average, you'll get enough tokens to buy 2 or 3 emblems if you do all 100 excavations on one character.

    Do note that while you cannot trade or store these emblems in your shared bank, all you need to do is return your eidolon to storage and resummon it on all your other characters if you want excavate on more than one to buy emblems for any specific eidolon. Also keep in mind that the Archaeology Pickaxe costs 10g (one-time, unless you lose it), and buying the Identification Tool Set will cost you 5g for every 100 uses.

    In addition, if you choose to use a completed map (as opposed to selling it back for 100 Tokens), the chests that you uncover also have common emblems among their loot table.

    All credit goes to PortSkandia for the icons and much of the item information. I hope this guide will be useful as a reference to some people!

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