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    Welcome to the Immortals guild introduction thread!

    My ign is Cookie and I am the leader of this guild since 2016. The third leader of this guild, to be exacly, and I had the pleasure to be guild leader for the longest time.

    Our guild is a nice, active and lovely community. We hold a wide variance of players and are looking to find more additions to our nubnation.

    Our point of view / Mentality

    Nub for us is not an insult, everyone is a nub in someway and it only means there are ways to improve. We like to help people with teaching tips and tricks and carrying some dungeons here and there. Many of our guildies joined us as newcomer to the game and they grew to be quite strong.

    We are quite chat active, open to newcomers and do not mind to answer "nub" questions.

    Immortals is no guilds made of elites. We may have many strong players, but also we have a lot of newbies and people who focus on other things than grinding 24/7.


    Eidolon Summons

    We have Eidolon summons on a more or less regular basis. We are collecting EEC till we get ~100 and summon them all at an announced date. (Days are mostly Friday till Sunday, time around 11am-2pm)

    Self-hosted events

    Me and my team believe that guild bonding also happens from doing events with and against each others.

    Monthly we have around 4 events, where our members can compete with each other to win prizes.

    We have things like screenshot events regarding fashion, quizzes, guessing and some planned ingame events too. The prizes are donated by guild members.

    Raids and dungeon runs

    Immortals always did raids, mostly the 3pm ones. But for a while now we do raids on a unregularly basis. Our guild has no fixed timezone, so our members are from all over the world. Which makes it hard to find a fitting time for ST. So we open ST as needed.

    We are a guild which really likes to hunt eidos and run dungeons together. We are mostly up for lvl 80+ dungeons.


    As stated above: We are an international guild. Which means, not everyone is online at the same time. That’s why we think discord is our second guildchat. It helps to communicate, share fun times, memes and most of our events are held in there. We also share the discord with CtrlAltDelete, another very lovely guild. \o\

    If you do not use discord, it might be hard to integrate yourself into the guild.

    The requirements to join

    Here are some requirements we put up:

    • level min: 80+
    • english speaking
    • join and be active in our discord/as well as in guildchat
    • please no alts/storage chars

    You think you fit these requirements and have interest giving the guild a try? Or you simply have more questions?

    Feel free to post below or pm me (forum, discord or ingame).

    ▪️ Cookie lvl [99] DPS-Bardo |Immortals-Leader| AK US PHOENIX ▪️

    ▪️ Youtube | Instagram | Discord-ID: Cookie#6194 ▪️

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  • woa, that's a lot of packs there

    I wonder if anyone managed to get a full key out of them after a whole month of grinding.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.

  • woa, that's a lot of packs there

    I wonder if anyone managed to get a full key out of them after a whole month of grinding.

    Sadly they don't drop full keys, and the key fragment rate is really low~

    This is 2 weeks of grinding... and 2 hours of summoning. Very exhausting, but the more the merrier! Many guildies got a few frags, beads and eido accessories. So totally worth!comfyy

  • On 1st of July we had some big BIG housecleaning. From 107 members we went down to ~70.

    We changed our required level to 80+, due to the curve changes and we have currently not as many players who focus on gameplay below level 80. This would be not a good experience for you - is what we think. And this way the guild is able to bond better, when everyone is in reach \o/. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to be a pro or geared player to join us. We have no gear-score-limit. We still love to help new people!

    We have much space for new faces \o/, so write me ingame, on discord or here!