[GUIDE] Tier 3-5 Fishing Gears by Location/Crafting

  • Written by: jinxy1205


    T5 Gear (Yellow)

    Most T5 gear recipes are not dropping yet. Currently, the 3 craftable rods are King Fisher (SPD), Royal Rainbow (STR), and Daze (SKL) and the 3 craftable gears are Great White (SPD), Deep Sea (STR), Crustacean Warrior (SKL).

    Interestingly, the T5 rods are much more simple (though not easier) to get than T4, as they only need 1 fish king, and maybe a T3 rod from another map. The Royal Rainbow can even be completely crafted using Ventos Prairie items.

    The same can't be said for T5 gears. They require multiple Fish Kings, and Crustacean Warrior even requires 4 to get all the materials and recipes.

    *** Same as T3/T4, some gear can not be crafted yet, and will be marked as NO RECIPE.

    Port Skandia 1 - SPD

    Yellow Fish Required: Copper Shark King

    • King Fisher Rod (Requires Mercenary Captain's Fishing Rod from Star Sand Desert)

    Port Skandia 2 - SPD

    Yellow Fish Required: Copper Shark King, Giant Sand Perch (Star Sand Desert), Giant Marsh Trout (Candeo Marsh)

    • Great White Gear (Requires Desert Angler's Gear from Star Sand Desert)

    Helonia Coast 1 - STR

    Yellow Fish Required: Deep Sea Tuna, Ancient Mandarin Fish (Cactakara Forest)

    • Power of the Deep (NO RECIPE - Requires Noble's Fishing Rod from Helonia Coast)

    Helonia Coast 2 - STR

    Yellow Fish Required: Deep Sea Tuna, Rainbow Salmon (Ventos Prairie), Ancient Mandarin Fish (Cactakara Forest)

    • Deep Sea Gear (Requires Improved Makar Angler's Gear from Ventos Prairie)

    Cactakara Forest - STR

    Yellow Fish Required: Ancient Mandarin Fish, Deep Sea Tuna (Helonia Coast), Rainbow Salmon(Ventos Prairie)

    • Ancient Guardian's Gear (NO RECIPE - Requires Noble's Gear from multiple maps)

    Demarech Mines - SKL

    Yellow Fish Required: Mutant Crystal Lobster, King Sand Crab (Triatio Highlands), Waterfall Catfish (Oblitus Wood)

    • Crystal King Gear (NO RECIPE - Requires Rainforest Fishing Gear from Oblitus Wood)

    Triatio Highlands 1 - SKL

    Yellow Fish Required: King Sand Crab, Golden Petal Fish (Crescent Hill)

    • Deadliest Catch Rod (NO RECIPE - Requires Supple Handmade Fishing Rod from Oblitus Wood)

    Triatio Highlands 2 - SKL

    Yellow Fish Required: King Sand Crab, Mutant Crystal Lobster (Demarech Mines), Golden Petal Fish (Crescent Hill), Waterfall Catfish (Oblitus Wood)

    • Crustacean Warrior Gear (Requires Veteran Hunter's Fishing Gear from Triatio Highlands)

    Candeo Marsh - SPD

    Yellow Fish Required: Giant Marsh Trout, Giant Sand Perch (Star Sand Desert)

    • Vital Rod (NO RECIPE - Requires Classic Guild Fishing Rod from Port Skandia)

    Ventos Prairie - STR

    Yellow Fish Required: Rainbow Salmon

    • Royal Rainbow Rod (Requires Improved Makar Fishing Rod from Ventos Prairie)

    Oblitus Wood - SKL

    Yellow Fish Required: Waterfall Catfish

    • Daze Rod (Requires Veteran Hunter's Fishing Rod from Triatio Highlands)

    Star Sand Desert - SPD

    Yellow Fish Required: Giant Sand Perch, Copper Shark King (Port Skandia), Giant Marsh Trout (Candeo Marsh)

    • Marshland Gear (NO RECIPE - Requires Classic Angler's Gear from multiple maps)