Dear X-Legends or Aeria...

  • Why do we not have this pose as an ability? We have many poses, but not this one...


    It only occurs during some select quests and dialogues, but go into the costume preview and choose the third pose for females to see it (I don't know if it will be the same for males since many differ).

    I barely play, this is a super old omission unlikely to be amended this late, X-Legends likely doesn't take suggestions, and Aeria probably wouldn't pass one like this along anyway. Guess what!? I am still upset at this! Along with the hurt fox in the beginning of a certain dungeon, this needs the utmost attention! Best pose added when!?

  • For dances, I wonder if it might be a licensing thing, since someone told me a lot of the dances are taken from actual dances? But... I don't know. I know a similar reason is why I think it's the Japanese version has some costumes that won't be released for this version.

    We dont have the other one either:


    Oh, you're right. I was a bit confused because there is a portion of one of the dances similar to that. Given the poses are already in the game, I would think (?) it'd be as simple as making an icon for it and adding to the skills section, but I don't know how this stuffs works. If so, even though these are old, it'd be wonderful to see a simply change like this made.