Fame/Board Quest Schedule

  • Written by: ume1234


    This is mostly so my friends can find it, but this is the info for what appears on each day. The boards are in each map (that I have seen) except maybe Navea. Will correct it if I see any errors or the schedule changes again. Enjoy. And sorry if this has been posted somewhere.


    Haunted House (Urgent Quest)

    Every Step You Take

    Demon's Heart

    Brawner Park

    Bucket List

    Soul of Steel


    Treasure Hunt

    Anciend Lord's Sword

    Demon God's Fury

    Penguins Make Bad Pets

    Prehistoric Bug

    Sinister Cult


    Rice Cake Crisis (Urgent Quest)

    The Brave Princess

    Reopen the Mine Pit

    Zinnia in Trouble

    Cut to the Core

    Delicious Zinnia

    Warrior's Nightmare


    Infinity Grass

    Abandoned Robots

    Kargula's Tests

    Hell Chasm

    Iron and Blood


    Haunted House (Urgent Quest)

    Emerald Blessing

    Talented Tanuki

    Smelly Arachnid

    Pirate's Booty

    Avians Vs. Red Colts

    Rescue Redd


    Rescue the Sprite

    Merchant's Treasure

    Badlands Demons

    Flame War

    Crystal Shadows

    Bandit Battle


    Rice Cake Crisis (Urgent Quest)

    Pristine Proposal Flower

    Keep It Under Wraps

    Hunting Triceragons

    Recapture the Castle

    Haunted Mine

    Witch's Forest