The "Special Summon" Feedback

  • Hallu everynub and Aeria-Team!

    As you might know I am the guildleader of the Immortals Guild on the US-Phoenix server and also helper in the Phoenix-Guildleader Alliance (a discord where we discuss guildleading related stuff).

    Here I am to start the Feedback-Thread for the (Zashi/Uriel/Pandora/Zephyrine) Special Guildhall Summon-Event.

    For Immortals this event has been a complete success, everyone was quite happy to have a chance to get hands on those rare frags. Everyone got a few at least and it was very fun farming and summoning them. My guild had two big summons (and a few small ones of people that couldn't come to the big ones) with a total of over 550 Eidolons being summoned. And everyone receiving ~1-10 frags total (ofc not of the same eidolon. And we would LOVE to have more of them, and we'd love to see different eidolons too. But please fix the shield on the eidolons, it won't always spawn and they die so damn quick, if it doesn't.

    Overall a success for us. rudecat1

    And there is the point. For us. Immortals is a quite large guild, to the special times there were 25-35 people online to participate in this guild event. But that is not a standard for AK guilds. The majority of guilds have to summons times ~5-15 people online, which also means far less spawns than we got.

    But not only the amount of active guildies pushed the number of summons down: The fact that players under 85 couldn't do the Pandora- Trial Party quest cut the amount of summons by a lot. Also smaller, low level guilds wouldn't have the chance to get their hands on some Pandora frags. This was pre-curve patch, so it's important to make the last issue clear too (now everyone can reach 85 in a few hours, so now this problem wouldn't be one anymore).

    Me and the guildleader and vices of various guild sat together to discuss this matter, and we only had little success.

    Here are the tldr-topic points that we DISAGREED on doing:

    • Asking Aeria to make the frag-rate depending on people online
      • This wont work, because people would do their summons on their own at night to get a bigger chance to get the fragments. This doesn't help the guild-bonding, as well as it is not fun to do.
    • Asking Aeria to make the frag-rate depending on how much people are in the guild
      • This wont work, because many guilds have inactive players as well as alt players - or - are simply too international. (aka not everyone can be there at the same time)
    • "nerfing" the summon rate for "big guilds"
      • This wont work, because to define big guilds either one of the two points above would be needed or actual guildnames would be listed - which is kinda adding to the Drama-pool. And no-one likes Drama

    As you can see we didn't get that far with our thinking, even tho we considered the thought "someone has to suffer either way" in our discussion.

    Closest for a solution we came to the conclusion, that the current way is not that bad. But we players will need to make some efforts to help out others: The Exchange-Programm.

    For the time of the event, people will put alts (that are working for the summons ofc) into smaller guilds to help them out. This way these small guilds will have more summons, but wont get disturbed by having to search for new -staying- members. Since it is only an exchange-programm after the event the alts would be removed again.

    This idea is only a rough draft though. Many flaws and problems come with this too, that's why I would recommend discussing things, which Aeria could do first, and after that we can discuss, what we player can do.

    Thanks very much for reading all this, and thank you for trying out so many new events, we appreciate it.rudecat5

    Here some more pictures of our event, cuz I can.


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  • I'm the leader of DoomBringers and also part of the Guildleader Alliance, where we had a discussion about the event, so I don't have much to add that Cookie hasn't already covered. :>

    DoomBringers is a bit smaller than Immortals, we've had around 14-16 people online for summonings and in total summoned about 284 of the event summons. Despite being half the size of Immo's, we also considered the event a success overall and would love to see the event return in future. Some of us were disappointed that the quests were gated behind a higher level requirement than the dungeon itself, which prevented some keen members from contributing as much as they wanted to, but as Cookie points out this is unlikely to be as much of an issue next time due to the new exp curve. Still, why have that restriction at all?

    About making the event fairer on smaller guilds, the only way I could think that that would be possible to achieve is by making the special summons be scheduled spawns instead of summons, so that they aren't affected by the number of guild members or the amount of effort those guild members are willing to go to. But this would remove all effort or challenge from the event and I think make it much less engaging. Maybe the next event could have a few special scheduled spawns alongside the quest summons, so that the very small guilds who have few active members do not feel as left out.

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  • I'd love to see his event coming back. I do however feel the need to express that the effort it took to gather the summons is too big (I did it on multiple chars daily) compared to the reward the event has given us. One would expect to have at least 1 full key of one of these eidolons.

    I still need Pandora (not exactly need, it's more like wanting her) and out of almost 700 summons I did not get 1 one key frag of Pandora. I got 11 key frags total (Zashi, Uriel and Zephyrine). Mayby just my bad luck. Or should I consider myself lucky to get that many because I was able to participate in the larger summoning events? What if I was in a smaller guild or not in any guild at all? I might have gotten nothing at all.

    And there I think the guildleaders and their vices have a good point. I can't come up with a solution to this (except for increasing the droprate). All solutions mentioned are not viable.

    But YES! please bring back this event. It gives us a chance at getting rare eidolons and it was fun and exciting to do the summoning together in guild hall. And if you decide to do so, I'd love to see other eidolons added to this event also.

    Edit: What if the summons could be exchanged through shared bank? There's a lot of people that have multiple chars but are not allowed to have them all in one guild. If the summons could be exchanged between chars, the summoning events in the smaller guilds can become larger, giving them more chance to get drops.

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  • Heyhey~

    I'm the leader of the Guild, Hydras. Unfortunately we are a smaller guild, (level 6) and at most have up to 4-7 people online?? The most we could do was have myself and one other guildie attack Uriel :x Since I'm not the absolute strongest, and he had a shield too! rudecat4 it took a little bit longer than I think probably other guilds took. It was great fun, but since I only have a small amount of people who are level 80+ that are able to receive that, we actually had only one summon. I think it would be great if we brought it back, but maybe make it a bit easier to obtain the summons? I had only tried doing it on the last day of the event so I wasn't even able to get one xD

    Honestly, I cannot think of solution.. anything I can think of would be big, like allowing two guilds to pair up so it would be easier on smaller guilds to summon, but at select times and one a day, kind of like the campfire thing? Again, that would be big though q-q;; just an idea I thought of lol.

    Anyways! Please bring back the event! I can see a lot of people enjoy it, and I would like to help speak on behalf of these guilds. Even though my guild didn't get to try it out as much as others, the little bit we did was great.

  • I'm not a leader myself so I don't know about the point of view as a leader, but I can speak for the members of my guild (Elysian), in this case, specificly about the special summon event. Personally, I think It's a great event for guild bonding, It makes more people party up with each other to farm the fragments, especially for Uriel and Pandora. And it's pretty amazing to help bonding the new members, e.g getting to know other members by doing so. And I think it's also a 'breakthrough' so 'smaller' guilds can give their members a reason to stay, and I can say it's probably the same case for the 'bigger' guilds (In my opinion).

    Also personally, I'd do what Cookie says (the Guild Exchange-Program) to help 'smaller' guilds. (Technically mine isn't big either)

    But then again, even if our guild did a pretty decent amount of summons, it was pre-exp curve patch, meaning that for some summons (specificly Pandora. Lol) our guild had limits to the summoning itself. Such as the amount of players above 85. I don't really need it, but then again, some members expressed their disappointment about the removal of the event itself and I think, it would be great if the members (they) can get the eidolons they want.

    All in all, I'd vouch for 'bring back the event' because eidolon summons became twice as fun with everyone joining :AK19:

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  • I am the guild leader of Elysian and I would love to see this event occur again, with more Eidos.

    Elysian is a fairly large guild, with around 20 people online during the summons. I can say that everyone enjoyed being able to chat with new people while beating the heck out of Pandora or Uriel :AK19:

    I would love for this event to come back, and I agree with what Ms. Cookie has said. Our guild has enjoyed farming for these fragments and summoning them.

    I vouch for bringing back the Special Eido Summons. Thank you.

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  • As a current vice of the guild Snow, which isn't the most active guild out there. We usually have around six to seven people on weekdays and around ten to twelve on weekends, as well as my own personal guild in which we had myself and two others partake, I could say we had a really positive outcome from these Limited Summons. One thing I definitely took in this experience from farming it on 10 characters (Those who are in the Guildmaster Alliance server on Discord have probably seen this as Websterz mentioned me to discuss about it the previous Sunday haha) in the course of 33-35 days, which includes disconnecting from servers once or twice due to sporadic internet issues, it was definitely both an amazing time and also a nightmare to some degree spending around 2 hours each day to farm soul fragments.

    Personally, I do have three points of criticism. The first point (Particularly the one I'm half and half with) being is that we required a total of four fragments to make one summoning stone, albeit we only had thirty-five days of these daily quests, which only made eight stones with three left over at most. If this were to have been a thing in which it required five fragments instead of four, those who farmed who break even with seven stones exactly without any left over. The second point (The one I'm most ehhhh with) would be with the level requirement for these quests. Especially with the one for Gaia's Sanctuary Trial Party Mode. While the rest were mostly fair being 70, 75, and 80 respectively, having the last quest being doable at Level 85 and beyond seems a bit daunting before we received our recently implemented level curve which now makes hitting 95 relatively quickly. Due to this during my time farming mostly for my personal guild, this hit me hard as I wasn't able to farm summoning stones for Pandora as all of the characters I farmed with on there were between 82 and 83. Nonetheless, we had a plentiful amount of stones for Zashi, Zephyrine, and Uriel during this time! My third and final point (Being the one I'm pretty sure is just my opinion and my alone) is referring to the Eidolons that partake in the events. Yes I'm aware for future limited summons that if we do have another one of these, different Eidolons will take part of this as well. While this is just me personally, I do believe that for them is that this should exclude Eidolons that are already able to be accessible via spawns in dungeons or Gaia's Sanctuary/Gaia's Sanctuary Trial. Such as one of our spawns was Uriel, who can spawn in several dungeons already and can be fought in Gaia's Sanctuary Trial as well. But then again, this is only MY opinion. If people still needed to get Uriel through these summons, that's fine with me and I'm completely for it if that's the case.

    Overall, I'm all for having another round of these Limited Summons 110%! It's definitely a new and interesting experience and I'm a bit more ecstatic to do it again when the time comes!

  • Everyone from my side all had fun as you can tell by our gif
    My Guildies were hyped and fell in love with this game even more than before so I would really like it if this event came back!

    And I love the exchange program cookie suggested and if you think it's too much work to implement it then at least temporarily increase the Guild Member limit from 110 to 300 or something similar to that! I'm pretty sure that will be easy to do unless you think it'll bug the guild. You could always test it out.

    I also want to give Aeria Games a better reason to bring back this event in the near future. In a way I have spent money on 75k Ruby Coins just for this special eidolon event since It got me to donate it to our CupCakes guild in these past weeks. Ruby Coins were on the line for the top 3 to 6 guildies who farmed the most artifacts for our guild which ->I have bought with AP<-. All I'm saying is you guys actually earned some revenue from this epic event x.x! *hint hint*