~Kat's Art Café [Closed]~

  • Hi! I'm Kat, I'm a Chimera player under the IGN Katherine and I like to draw anime! :AK2: I really enjoy drawing AK characters because of all the cute costumes :AK13:


    -Sketchy Chibi: 1,000g

    -Finished Chibi: 5,000g

    *New* -Headshot or Icon: 2,000g

    -Sketchy Bust-up Anime: 600g

    -Bust-up Anime: 3,000g
    *New* -Fullbody: 7,000g
    *IMPORTANT* Please note that these are my base prices! They will vary depending on the complexity of your character design! When you message me we will work out a final price.

    I also take other forms of payment, like RC or items with an equivalent price, as well as options for players from phoenix. PM me with offers!


    -First come first serve

    -Multiple characters are fine- each character will be double the price of one character!

    -I have the right to refuse any commission I don't feel I can complete properly

    -I have the right to post your commission on any of my social media accounts (Instagram, Discord, etc)

    -Full payment is due before I start your commission

    -I will generally finish commissions fairly quickly, but if you're curious about the status of your commission PM me


    Please fill out this form to send me when requesting a commission! It makes it very easy to process your request~ Thank you!

    Type of commission:

    Character reference(s):

    Drawing preferences (pose, expression, BG type, etc):

    Form of payment:






    My Instagram


    Kat (ノ・ェ・)ノ#6020 on Discord


    PM here (may reply slower)


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


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  • *makes chimera char and begs till I get 5k gold*

    ▪️ Muffin lvl [S2] Lancer | Immortals Guild ▪️

    ▪️ Cookie lvl [S3] DPS-Bardo | Ethereal Guild ▪️

    ▪️ AK US PHOENIX ▪️

  • boop~ :AK4: commissions will be opened again on monday, july 30th for all types! like last time, i'll be taking 3 slots, female characters only! please note that my discord name has changed since last time and will be updated in the main post~ take a few seconds to look at my instagram linked if you'd like some examples of my art! thank you and have a great day!


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


  • commissions are now open until slots are filled! please message me on discord or here (discord preferred- my name is Kat#6020) if you're interested! pacayey


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


  • added a form for commission requesters to fill out! if you've already pmed me you're fine, but any future requesters please send this form!


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


  • Ordered it earlier today and am very satisfied so far. Their IG char had their whispers off, but she replied quickly and friendly on discord, Just send the gold in mail after you agree on the commission. I'm really happy with the sketch, and looking forward to the full Chibi. Would definitely recommend if you want a cute piece of art

  • Finally got the finished artwork and both me and the wife love it, Thank you again so much and for anyone reading, getting one is definitely Recommended.

    She is an awesome artist and are easy to communicate with and it really shows she want you to love the artwork you request

  • boop!~ before i open up my shop again, i've added a few changes! here's a basic rundown of the new things~

    -i've added male characters available for commissions (excluding the commissions that i specified in my price list)!

    -i can now take waitlist reservations! this means that if you contact me, i will message you when my commissions open again if they are closed! :AK4: these slots are unlimited and free to reserve~

    -added a fullbody character option! an example piece will be uploaded in the near future so stay tuned for that!

    -prices will now vary depending on the complexity of your character design. when you contact me, we can work to find a price that's good for both of us~


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


  • boop! with the waitlist gathering a few slots i'd like to note that people on my waitlist will be informed of my commissions opening 24 hours before i open them to the public! if you do not reply within that time or are not interested, you will be removed from my list and have to let me know you'd like to be added again. please only ask to be added if you're serious about buying a commission!

    additionally, i've added icons for people that are interested! you can use them in discord, skype, or whatever and specify the kind of style you'd like! more examples coming in the future~

    for those in discord from phoenix that PM me about commissions, i do have additional payment methods such as paypal and in-game items available!

    thank you so much to everyone for the support and love, this amazing community is a large part of my motivation to improve! :AK13:


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera


  • boop~ after i finish my current list, commissions will be closed for about a week to give myself a small break!

    please note that being on my waitlist does not mean your commission will be done immediately. being waitlisted means that once i open up more commission slots, i will let you know before i open slots to the public. to those on the waitlist, it could take me quite awhile to get to you depending several factors such as the quantity and content of my commissions, how busy i am at the time, etc. please do not pressure me to complete your commission faster or bump you up in the line. thank you!


    Katherine | 95 | Sorcerer/Ninja | Chimera