[Phoenix] Lullaby

  • Introduction
    First off, Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Secondly, I'd like to introduce myself. The name is Pimp or in-game DaddyPimp! Silly name I know.
    Some of you may know me through my activity in the discord where i am on the daily wishing everyone a great day, I hope it brings smiles and joy even in the slightest to you guys.

    Introduction of Leaders
    I am the leader of the guild, Lullaby! The guild is lead by both MoonlightElegy and I alike. It is rather small and has been around for quite some time now, late 2017. We are currently at guild level 6! THANKS to Moonlight's 20k+ Contribution! Yeah, she is incredibly dedicated to the guild as am I. We are currently recruiting to establish new friendships and expand our family within the guild.

    Recruitment Rules
    Our guild has a set of rules regarding recruits recently. It is that our new recruits would join on their main characters rather than an inactive/semi-active alt. The reason for that is because of the fact that we have had countless people join, but never on their mains. So they were hardly active or dedicated any time to guild itself. We want to provide support and a place for someone to hang out and have a great time with our family, that won't be the same if they were to join on an alt compared to that of their main.

    There are currently no requirements to joining guild, we just looking forward to having you part of our family. However, there a few exceptions when admitting a new member into the guild, you may be denied a membership in our guild, if you have a history of scamming, gold begging, begging, harassing, disrespectful behavior("kill yourself", "cursewords",and just the yanno really bad stuff you see people who are disrespectful tell someone with intent of hurting them), etc.

    Guild Activity & Discord
    We tend to be quite active and are always willing to help or dungeon run with fellow guildies and friends! We also have a guild discord, which will consist of guild members only because of that fact that we are rather small and it would like to grow with a strong foundation/connection between our members.

    Til next time!
    We would love to hear from anyone interested in joining our guild, if that is the case feel free to pm on discord @ Pimp#6332 or if you see me in-game!
    Thank you very much for your time and patience throughout this post, hope you have a ridiculously amazing Morning/Day/Evening, wherever you may be! We wish you the best <3

    P.S I AFK alot, well sorta, kinda, not too much. i mean i do, but not so much.


    Hope you have a wonderful Morning/Day/Evening! Wherever you may be :AK1:

  • WHEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!! So kyuuuute!!! I wanna join tooooo. Shame my only char is in Ely. blushnana

    I love the P.S., think that applies to everyone in AK :AK19:

    I wish you the best of luck~ rudecat5

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  • Good luck, Have-A-Good-Day-Pimp!

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