Lvl 90+ Doolist/Shuriken Guide

  • This guide is for level 90+ doolist/shuriken do some studying and read other guides, get a feel for doolist, don't expect to be OP overnight this takes time.

    Hello, I'm Yukimura (IGN) from Chimera server and I've been playing doolist quite some time now. I wanted to make a guide to educate/learn from others so please feel free to carry me and teach this scrub how to play. :AK12: (My grammar, punctuation, and typing, in general, is terrible. Sorry ahead of time). :AK16:

    BTW my move speed should be 242% but I forgot to switch to move speed Gaia emblem. (My bad)

    Doolist guide stats.jpg

    Subclasses (The three subclasses I've played the most and longest)

    (The classes here are with the orange mastery and my personal opinion)

    • Shuriken - Provides good ranged dps, -12% defense or damage taken 3% stacks up to 6 times debuff, zeal procs because of crippling wind/shadow wind, and good but hard to use gap closer (beware it uses a chakra).
    • Holy Sword - Great burst damage, provides good debuffs such as defense shred or damage taken 4% stacks up to 5 times , has great AOE, and good stun.
    • Bard - Ballad skill 12% detailed damage, 9% move speed or defense -12%, has heals and great party buff move speed 10%.

    Cons of Each Subclass and Why I Choose Shuriken

    Shuriken - It can be hard to manage chakra on this sub, you have what i would consider no stuns at all, gap closer can be hard to get used to, and this sub highly depends on crippling wind/shadow wind (which sometimes misses).

    Holy Sword - Charging moves in the middle of battle seems to ruin the flow for me and animations in between moves feel sluggish, move cool downs are long and don't deal consistent DPS.

    Bard - Not enough DPS, no consistant DPS, and keeping healing stacks for buff ruins the flow when in battle.

    Why I choose Shuriken Sub

    I choose shuriken because of the consistent DPS. Chakra can be managed/recharged by the time you reach the next boss, defense shred on "shuriken toss + mastery dmg +11% is like killing two birds with one stone with the addition of shuriken storm dmg +10%. These moves have all of these benefits and don't cost any chakra that's amazing.

    The crippling wind/shadow wind tornado procs zeal's including doolist's "Frenzied Blades" and "Frenzy" on doolist's envoy path, when paired with doolist's "Swift Assassination" on envoy path for the move "Swift Somersault" gives even more damage to the tornado (+70% damage to next attack). The ability to stun is a lost and can be hard to cope with but having an eidolon with a stun move can solve that issue.


    Everything In this guide is with +30 fortified weapons and +20 on all armor/accessories (+25 on Holy Spirit's Battle Coat of The Blazing Night and +26 on Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth).

    You shouldn't need nocturnal core because of doolist's envoy path "Bat Fang"

    Future class balance will make doolist holy element. That's why holy element on doolist weapon is a good pick for "Future proofing"

    All gears that need core to craft should be imperial cores except weapons and Theory of Time Travel Code (Cause it expensive for how long it will be used)


    Secret Stones

    • All armor secret stones should be damage against dark elements +6% or higher and damage +2% what skills you want the secret stones for are up to you.
    • Weapon secret stones should be lava secret stones and should be damage +2% and damage against dark elements +6% or higher (if you have RNG on thou side). I currently have crit damage +6% and damage against dark element +7% on my shuriken secret stone, I have good rolls on my doolist secret stone though.

    Top set

    I choose top set Holy Spirit because of the detail damage +12% on the set rather than detail damage +8% on Magic Sundering

    Bottom Set

    I went with Magic Sundering bottom set to build/cap crit and the buff "15% chance to trigger Demonic Voice, increasing your CRIT by 10% and CRIT DMG by 20% for 10 sec" and since you only lose 2% normal damage compared to Holy Spirit bottom set that was too good of an offer to pass up.


    Ultimate Accessories are a good choice because it adds "Damage Dealt to Elite Monsters +25%" which help you clean and finish the elites off easier rather than Splendid Galactic which increases "CRIT DMG to Elite Monsters +35%" which the crit damage should be capped already.


    • Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth - is a must for it's "DMG dealt to Boss Monsters +6%" and "Damage dealt +5%" which is detailed damage
    • If you haven't hit level 95 yet keep using Theory Time Travel Code Once you hit level 95 use -----------> Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings - I use for the "10% chance to trigger Focused Light, increasing the DMG of your next attack by 35%" and extra crit/speed rather than "Theory of Time Travel Code"

    Gaia Emblems...

    You should have two Gaia emblems a detail damage +8% and a move-speed +14% for when you wanna go zoom zoom (self explanatory for why you need) I also have a holy skills damage +14% Gaia emblem for class balance (More info on that in the future)

    Gaia Emblem Dmg.jpgGaia emblem movspd.jpg

    Enchantment Cards...

    Costume enchants should should be these cards combined together and put on each costume piece for best results.

    You combine both of these cards together before putting on the costume piece. You can also use the orange versions of the Premium Headgear Enchantment - HP since there are so many hats but if you wanna be fancy use gold card.:AK9:

    Hat - Premium Headgear Enchantment - HP + Damage to (random element) target +18% you need a hat for each element so 6 hats in total including violent (Example Enchantment Card: Damage Against Dark Target Mastery and violent hat enchament will be this one Enchantment Card: Damage Against Bosses Mastery)

    Face - Premium Facemask Enchantment - DMG + Enchantment Card: Cross Slash Mastery

    Body - Premium Costume Enchantment - DMG + Enchantment Card: CRIT Damage Against Bosses Mastery

    Ornament - Premium Back Accessory Enchantment - DMG + Enchantment Card: Extreme Speed Mastery

    Weapon - Premium Weapon Enchantment - DMG + Enchantment Card: Shuriken Toss Mastery

    I went with speed cards to make up for not using Splendid Galactic accessories (you lose about 3,000 speed) so in order to close the gap I choose speed rather than damage, eva, HP enchantment cards

    • Enchantment cards for armor and accessories should be these stats damage, speed, and penetration.

    Orange if you have funds Green if on budget

    doolist guide enchant card orange 1.jpgDoolist enchant card green1.jpg

    weapon enchant 1.jpgweapon enchant 2.jpg

    For weapons use lvl 70 move speed +9% with dual drive +8% put lowest speed dual drive card on main weapon and high move speed card on sub weapon

    You can also use The orange lvl 80 cards with Pen +2% and move speed +7% with dual drive if you have funds

    As long as you have Dual Drive its alright but the most ideal would be the cards stated above.

    Both Dual Drive cards should have different speeds or they wont work VERY IMPORTANT

    Mounts and Hats...

    • You can find these element cards for the hats in the adventure encyclopedia for 3,000 normal dragon points each.
    • If you have almighty mount use that for violent or daily mount. :AK4:
    • The mounts are found in Auction house or RNG re-roll gods. :AK2:
    • A good mount to get ahead of time is a Holy Skills Damage +30% for future class balance patch.
    • You should have a mount for each element that says "damage against (put random element here) targets +30%".
    • For violent enemies a damage +20% or Damage dealt +10% mount works as well depends on budget and prices of either mounts.
    • You should have hat/s for each element that says damage against (put random element here) +18% and if you want to be fancy combine element cards with gold hp +3% card.
    • Violent hat should be damage against boss monsters +10% (same with hp +3% as for element cards)

    Envoy Path...

    Before you call me a hacker if you want same path as me you need to spend like 20 minutes switching from guardian and gunslinger to get those two spots on the envoy path

    I chose this path because I use deadly wink A LOT, this path allows me to get everything i need including the detail damage it provides and crit damage is a bonus I would honestly try out other paths and see if you like them but my playing-style goes along with this path.

    doolist guide envoy path.jpg


    Duelist mastery should be...

    General skill - Sunfire Toss for dmg +11% buff I personally don't need what doolist has to offer for general skills mastery

    Attack Spec - Orange/Gold Zeal

    Advanced Skill - Crippling wind/Shadow Wind according to what party runs. For solo runs use Shadow Wind

    Defense Spec - Orange Extreme Speed

    Tactical Spec - Orange/Gold Break Defense

    Special Skill - Orange Capoeria or Best Defense if you haven't capped defense yet

    doolist guide mastery.jpg

    Weapon Mastery...

    For now I am going with right side weapon mastery because of extra crit and damage but after class balance i might go left side (Testing still need to be done after class balance).

    Points should be distributed according to needs but this is what I use currently. I capped speed 30/30 for the extra percent to trigger zeal proc rather than putting those points into fire, ice, lightning, and holy because fire/ice can be dealt with using holy chest and if you want you can move the points from dark to others if you wish since most of your damage to dark targets have been covered by the secret stones I mentioned above.

    doolist guide Weapon mastery.jpg

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  • Food/Potions...

    I went with Ancient Beef Noodles for the "Move SPD +15%" and Golden Latte for the "DMG +12%" which is detailed damage,

    If running super fast is not necessary than replacing Ancient Beef Noodles with Dreamy Heaven for more zeal proc "12% chance to trigger Triple Strike" is a good option.


    Some eidolons that have very good utilities/skills are Muse, Verdandi, Uriel, and Hel.

    Pretty much any eidolon that has a stun is a good eidolon to re-roll for "Damage +8%, Attack Speed +25%, and 3-star Damage +16%"

    The eidolons I listed have at least 2 of the 4 skills I look for in an eidolon (Good party/solo buff, nocturnal, defense shred, and most important a stun move with decent cool down).

    The 4-star buffs are optional but if you got the funds go right ahead

    Eidolons That Dont have to be rerolled 3 Star'd

    • Yanaros - gives damage Damage +8%, Attack Speed +25%, and 3-star Damage +16%
    • Eligos - gives damage Damage +8%, Attack Speed +25%, and 3-star Damage +16%

    Rerolled to Eidolon of Choice 3 Star'd

    • You should have a eidolon with 1-2 star being 5% move speed, and +25% attack speed, 3-star buff should be move speed +10%, 4-star buff is dmg +16%.
    • Another eidolon you should have is 1-2 star being damage +8%, attack speed +25%, 3-star being damage +16%, 4-star being dmg of holy skills +30%.
    • Finally You should have an eidolon with 1-2 star dmg of holy skills +15%, attack speed +25%, 3-star being dmg of holy skills +30%, 4-star being dmg +16%.


    • Pets should consist of a dual drive +4%, move speed +3%, and dealt damage +2%

    I personally use Dual drive +4% along with random buff but entirely up to you on what pet you use :AK4:

    This guide is a work in progress and I will be uploading a video soon ^^

  • Awesome guide /o/ well done

    Just want to add for eidolons its good to have 6 eidolons with Damage against x element% like Uzuriel, Abraxas, and others for more dmg and of course if possible to change some of their other buffs and using Hands of Shadow potion to cover up the lost normal Attack Speed.

  • It is really nice to have example build up here :thumbup:. Question I guess I have, what you do you think on this patch new trophies?

    I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
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  • It is really nice to have example build up here :thumbup:. Question I guess I have, what you do you think on this patch new trophies?

    I personally would recommend using the trophies above still, cause Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings gives that extra zeal proc + 5% detail damage which helps a tremendous amount and Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth gives a good amount of much needed damage dealt.

    The only trophy's that I WAS going to recommend were Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption or Synetar's Shards but......

    Dabaka's - would not be needed cause by the time you stack 1-5 defense shred on the boss you could have hit the boss with a crap ton of zeals that increase next attack by 35% which in turn increases the good ole dps output, so Delfonia's would be a better choice in terms of burst/sustained damage in fast runs and Guzigla would give that nice 6% detail damage towards bosses and 5% detail which would result in a faster kill.

    Synetar's - sounds good on paper but doesnt give any detail damage (which is important in these higher lvl dungeons) eidolons can cover the attack speed and Delfonia's/Guzigla just outweigh the stats provided by it (correct me if I'm wrong ^^)

    All in all Delfonia's and Guzigla is the best choice in terms of increasing damage output because they both give about 16% detail damage and an extra zeal, if you have already fortified them all the more reason to keep on using them. p-p7