How come you can't remove yourself from another player's friendslist?

  • How do I remove myself from a person's friends list if I don't want to be there. Removing them on my part only removes them from my friends list and not theirs. Blocking them and unblocking them is the same case. Is there any way to actually get rid of my character from one's friends list

  • If you block another person, it deletes you from their friendlist afaik.

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  • Probably specifically what you're looking not to hear, but... why does it matter? It is their friend list and not yours, so you shouldn't be concerned about it?

    If someone is bothering you, block them or ignore them (I've blocked a whole two people besides bots in my game history and they are usually temporary to some point only, I am good at avoiding/not caring about what I don't care for). If they are not bothering you, then... why does their friend list matter to you?

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  • I wish that's a feature uglyyyy

    For some people, imo, it kinda just bothers them to think that they're in someone's FL (someone they either learned to hate or did not know cuz was a nub and accepted cuz why not) or some other reason from outright small ones like simply wanting to be out of someone's FL to strong personal hate / issue / drama / privacy matters / etc (Even tho you can block them, the other person can still see when you last logged out). It's like asking the reason why Facebook unfriending exists when you can simply block them.