[Necro] Post your stats

  • I'm a new reaper and I'm level 22 or so and I'm wondering if I need spd? I see people with Zero speed, so I guess my question is, is there a reset later in the game so get rid of the speed I have?

    Basically, max out your speed first and then as you progress and get more gear, reset your stats and move points into damage and crit as necessary since it's really easy to cap your speed with endgame gear.

    You can also change your stats whenever you want for a small gold fee

  • Hey do u mind posting ur Envoy's and Masteries as well? I'd like to see them since I'm playing Necro/Sorc too and I'm noob.

    Hello, i'm so sorry for late reply (i rarely open forum), but here's my necro/sorc envoys http://bit.ly/2wAd2cy
    and there are the masteries and the weap spec i'm using now. If you're still low level and using not decent gear yet, i recommend to take the elemental resis.

    And i'm currently changing to shurikek sub, and it's actually a perfect sub for a reaper (well shuriken been the most popular sub for all classes). But it's ok to use the sorc sub too, everybody have their own playstyle~
    have fun \o/

  • OH THANK YOU so much! I'm sorry I spammed the shit out of you but yeah I was really desperate xD
    Thanks again, I'll definetely have a fun thanks to you!

  • work in progress, casually leveled-up my Reaper when exp curve arrived, thx to it lv90 is ez but mastery spec level still low


    Mastery, Weapon Spec, Envoy ↓


    - Lv90 Weapon 112% destroyer core (+21)

    - Lv90 Sub Weapon 120% nocturnal core (+20)

    - LW Top, HS bottom, Fearless acc set (+20)

    - MS +3% pet, 14% dark skill emblem, +30% dark skill mount

    - i use Endora instead of Hel because she technically has faster stun than Hel's, also 900% combo skill

    - Constantly swap mastery depends on situation and party setup, usually i go with bone shield dmg +7% or Lancer dmg taken mastery

    - also i use shuriken sub when in need of ulti skill (a sub weapon from my wizard)

    - devil summon: Lulos, Shaiya, Nyquist (or Alia depends on situation)

    aim to get (progressing)

    - lv60 mastery level (lol)

    - gold zeal (lol)

    - +30 weapon (lol)

    - re-roll weapon stat (lol)

    - lv95 gold scythe any element

    *the reason i want this weapon is simply for switching purpose. when you approaching the boss, use this weapon and cast Devil Pact (to procs lv95 weapon effect), switch back to Destroyer weapon and attack the boss

    - currently waiting for daaaat future re-balance patch to further enhance this class

    any constructive advice are welcome