Fixing PVP Problem (Gearscore)

  • I like the idea of matching people based on gear scores, but I agree with Toon that there probably aren't enough people to match up. It might be doable if there was a specific pvp event made with these specifications though. People might be more likely to participate if it's a certain event at one time a day rather than all pvp events.

  • this would be like having gearscore brackets then? it wont work that well coz people can manipulate gearscore by not leveling secret stones, not forting all their gears, wearing lower lvl equips just to enter a lower bracket while still using a +30 weap.

    only way pvp can be fixed imo is by equalizing gears like how other games do it.

  • Let's imagine we had enough people to do "gearscore"-sorting.

    To this idea there need to be restriction und questions that should be answered:

    • The gear should not be able to be changed after entering queue
    • What happens when you have 3 people with 1.5M gearscore and the rest with 200, how will you balanace that
      • ... if you have 1 1.5M gearscore tank vs 2 1.5M dps
      • ... if you have the OP HS on the one team, and only a tank on the other team
    • How to spread classes / not 3 sorcs on one, and 3 bards on the other side.

    and those are only a few examples I came up with in a minute. As you can see there is far more than just gearscore. There is also classbalance (just as one example).

    The best idea for you is to join Holy vs Evil, where gearscore and class don't matter. (But with that, PVP has no need to build PVP gear in the first-place. Which takes a lot of fun for people I guess).


    In my opinion the best solution would be to make getting +30 (FINALLY) cheaper for free 2 play people. But since most people already struggle with getting their PVE set +20. How is there hope for PVP:

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  • Hello.

    As to give my opinion about gear scores, there was both not enough people to even start pvp, and no sorting by gear score to begin with. In Phoenix (post-livestream), either one of these happens :



    This last screenshot is just an example among so many others that lead me to think that there is no sorting by gear score and that the matches are probably randomized. As to why, randomizing might be an unfair method but probably the most impartial one. Gear scores can be tweaked by changing gears or changing whole tabs of gears. Someone who enters pvp with an empty gear tab but actually has full +30 PvP gears won't have the same gear score as the one who enters PvP with +30 PvE gears. And like Zessen said, there are plenty of things that have influence on gear score. (Please give us back individual gear switch in arena X()

    If I sum up all the current issues mentionned in this thread, PvP in AKUS is a complete goner because of three main issues :

    • Material difference : the fact that not everyone has enough pocket money to purchase Fort Insanity or buy whatever forts are on the market. In result, there are far too many ungeared people, and the gears are nowhere equal. As to why, Aeria needs to make profit and the forts are in the center of their marketing.
    • Class difference : Some class matchups are just so bad. We all know some classes are more OP than others, but I guess Aeria can't help it without X-Legend's consent.
    • The lack of players : There are far too few people motivated by PvP. In fact, you don't need to know the headcount of players doing PvP with the headcounts of players doing PvE to know which side of the game is more popular.

    A suggestion of fixes for each of the issues :

    • For material difference, either make the forts more affordable (thanks Cookie-neechan) or as Zessen said, gear equalizing would be ideal (though yet again, Aeria needs profit to keep this game up). You don't necessarily need to lock all the gears upon entering arena, but at least lock the tabs.
    • There is no helping to class differences unless you go complain to XL.
    • To make people motivated by PvP, I would suggest to drastically change/increase the rewards.
      1. For example, as some of us are overloaded with war coins, valor coins on the other hand are harder than ever to farm, especially for SEA players since both Centurion and HvE (previously Capture the Flag, and my former favorite PvP event) happen in the middle of the night for them. Another example.

      2. Another example is how stupid it is that you only earn 2-4k LP by struggling for the top 10 ranks for 2 weeks. That's the amount of LP I can get in 2-5 goat sessions in 2 days. You can add ruby coins and/or more LP so that more people would strive for the rewards. Using currency as a reward also helps the ungeared get geared.

    But again, these are just baseless suggestions written on a whim, and I might not have properly considered the pros and cons. Feel free to debate over it, or just take me for an idiot and ignore it.