A few of my other suggestions for Aura Kingdom

  • I had a few other suggestions for this:

    1. Auction: Whenever you post an item on the auction, you can set the time it remains there to 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours, with their respective auction fees of 5% of price, 10% of price, and 20% of price. If the item sale expires, you will receive a message with both the item and the money spent on the auction fee. If it was cancelled before expiration, the fee is lost. This makes it so players don't waste lots of money on fruitless auctions, particularly those desperate for money.

    2. Gathering and Archaeology: When you reach gathering level 6, you receive a skill that shows items that can be gathered or mined on the map within a short distance as a sickle icon. The skill always active. A similar thing with archaeology at level 6 but with shorter distance and items not dug up are represented as a small pickaxe icon on the map. Their bonus still remains but the skill is added in. Also in archaeology, when your archaeology identification tool has its durability reduced to zero, you receive a message, "Your identification tool has been depleted. Purchase a new one from an archaeology merchant."

    3. Group monster kills and quests: if you die while fighting a certain monster for a quest, you will still get credit for it as long as you did at least some damage to the monster. This makes it so you won't miss out on the rewards of defeating a strong monster after dying.

    4. Card Dueling: at cards levels 3, 5, and 8 your chances of obtaining the upper level xp cards and the unique character/monster card are increased along with the bonuses provided at these levels.

    5. Achievements and Quests regarding Gathering, Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology, & Card Duels: completing daily archaeology achievements gives you 100 archaeology experience. Completing fishing quests to fish for a very strong fish or 15 of a certain small fish gives you 100 fishing experience. Completing daily gathering achievements gives you 100 gathering experience. Completing daily card duel quests gives you 100 card duel experience per quest. Daily cooking achievements should be added and completing them will give you xp, loyalty points, and 100 cooking experience per achievement.

    6. Cooking: at level 3, the cost of manual cook or fusion of ingredients is decreased by 5% along with its given bonus. The reductions is 10% at level 6 and 15% at level 9. This makes cooking slightly more profitable.

    I'd like feedback on all of this.

  • 1. I think the auction system is fine as it is right now, no need for changing it.

    2. the not diguppoints in archäo shouldnt been shown on the map. part of the difficulty lies in finding the spots urself. I would not have anything against the other part with the collectibles.

    3. would not have anything against it

    4. I wouldnt mind getting higher chance to obtain but how exactly did u choose the duellevels for that? randomly?

    5. Against it. U are getting exp on specific things and if this is done ur way then it becomes easy to obtain the higher levels by just doing quests instead of actually catching a fish or so. should stay as it is.

    6. Wouldnt mind it since cooking costs a lot of money.