Not Holding Aggro? Here's How Malice Works.

  • Written by: sammyren


    Malice is a hard thing to figure out since there's no detailed guides out there & guardians being one of the least played class not to mention the only class that uses this mechanic, It's up to us guardians to figure out how it works. So please feel free to share your opinion.

    TW server's Detailed malice guide. This guide goes more into the amount of malice your skill does.…snA=12476&tnum=2&subbsn=4

    This is not a 100% accurate guide but countless amounts of hours spent playing as a meatshield tank that depended on Malice has proven that this is a plausible theory.

    Malice = Non-existent elemental dmg.

    By using this calculation from Desparae's Guide to Optimizing PvE DPS.

    Lets say you have 100k dmg as a tank in a hell mode dungeon.

    90% DR dungeon with 50% Malice and 100k skill dmg (Using 50% Malice from Envoy path)

    100k * (1-0.1) = 10k dmg

    10k * 1.5 = 15k dmg worth of malice

    You still do 10k dmg but you have a malice of 15k

    That being said, the best way to hold malice for a meatshield tank is Boss dmg + elemental dmg.

    Lets say you have 100k expected dmg in a 90% DR dungeon and you have 70% boss dmg + 50% ele dmg + 80% Malice (from 50% envoy path & 30% from 5 +20 armor)

    100k * (1-0.2) * 1.5 = 120k dmg

    120k * 1.8 = 216k worth of Malice

    But that's not all, there are more factors we haven't included in this formula like how much "extra" malice does Thunder cut & Shield bash generate with "Taunt" in envoy path.

    So it might be alot higher than just 216k worth of Malice.

    But that's just a theory.

    lizghel's Detailed Explanation.

    Malice is affected by (in Hierarchy)

    1. Player who does the first HIT

    2. Boss Monster`s First Target

    (Succeeding Boss Target Change when doing a Boss Skill is just Monster` own targetting system and not to be confused with "aggro steal", not unless boss target is stucked on that person then it is "aggro steal".)

    3. Overall Damage per Hit ( DT%+Elementa+Raw Damage+CDMG over Content Reducs)

    4. Crit Consistency

    5. DOT Damage, level and Consistency

    6. Player Heal(Single Target Skill) Amount

    7. Malice Generating Skill (dmg and level)

    8. Malice Increasing Armor Upgrade Effect / Envoy / Mastery

    9. Eido Use/Taunt + #1-8

    considering scenarios:

    a. 1 and 2 are True, but you lack 3 to 5, you are almost predictable to lose aggro once the hard hitting people started proc~ing even with roar.

    b. 1 and 2 are False, but having 3 to 5, you are expected to steal the aggro in a single or two 7 rotation.

    c. You are able to steal aggro and maintain it from people who maxed 8, if you have 3 to 5 or simply drop 8 and you will do fine with just 3 to 5

    d. 6 is a good malice boost for people running with bard sub, and having 3 to 5 over it makes a good malice gen/lock.

    e. having 4 and 5 will make you a better malice gen/lock vs a guardian with just having 3 and or 6.

    f. 9(tricky one), if you are unable to hold aggro on a non ST raid, you can just use your eido to taunt.

    if you want to hold aggro even after your eido died, just focus on a good 7 rotation, repeat and res your eido... This works only if your party members do not use their eido taunt tho.

    g. Roar

    g1. you can lock malice if you roar and have a sustainable 3-5 during 1-2

    g2. your roar will fail vs guardians with high 3-5

    g3. your roar will not last vs DPS with high 3-5

    This is an Average Meatshield gameplay

    (Check out von Hard at 9:58. The most OP tanker in the world is Darcica.)

    Use this as reference if you're considering going Full meatshield like me.

    In conclusion

    Basicly, You can still go Full observer set.

    But you have to weigh which is a better build to go as I have said, full Obs +20 gives you 30% more malice.

    Treat that 30% malice as imaginary Detailed dmg if you would.

    That being said, Going full DPS would let you hold better Aggro because it calculates to more than 30% detailed dmg. Considering the Crit Boost and Crit dmg/Boss dmg boosts it provides.

    So in order for a meatshield tank to be able to hold reliable aggro for a dps. One must be able to dish out at least 60% of the DPS's dmg, 70% to be safe.

    Calculations for holding aggro on a DPS tank is unclear. I have too little info on DPS builds.