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    1. Monster Panel

    2. Elemental Armor

    Icon next to your hp bar will show your armor element. Elemental armor will have -25% damage taken on the same elemental skills. So wearing the right armor for the right dungeon will help reduce some damage taken.

    Note: Violent armor will not reduce damage taken from non elemental monsters.

    3. Tactical masteries

    When running in party, it is best to set tactical mastery different from the party members, to bring out the tactical mastery benefits

    • Oraganized Sabotage: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target's DMG by ##%
    • Break Defense: 25% chance to decrease target's DEF by ##% while attacking
    • Preemptive Strike: 25% chance of decreasing target's CRIT by ##% and CRIT DMG by ##% when attacking
    • Ambush: 25% chances of decreasing target's SPD by 15% when attacking
    • Expose Weakness: 25% chance to decrease target's Received healing by ##% while attacking
    • Ars Noixa: 25% chance to decrease target's Move SPD by ##% while being attacked

    I recommend classes with AoE skills go for Break Defense, Oraganized Sabotage, Preemptive Strike during dungeon.

    Q: Where to get Theory of Masteries?


    1. Daily Dungeon Quests

    • Lv50. Back to Deep's Cavern
    • Lv50. Back to Candeo Core
    • Lv55. Back to Wrathborne Temple
    • Lv55. Back to Ghostweep Cave
    • Lv55. Back to Ozymand Temple

    Probably new dungeons in the near future.

    2. From most dungeons up to Lv60s

    3. You can exchange "Mastery Lucky Pack" with 45 Tokens for chance of getting Theory of Masteries from any class master:

    Location: Nevea

    • Master Duelist Carlos (X:897, Y:701)
    • Master Guardian Forseti (X:897, Y:694)
    • Master Ravager Hallim (X:897, Y:687)
    • Master Wizard Deckard (X:897, Y:680)
    • Master Gunslinger Turin (X:876, Y:672)
    • Master Grenadier Bradley (X:876, Y:665)
    • Master Sorcerer Holm (X:876, Y:659)
    • Master Bard Randall (X:876, Y:652)
    • Master Brawler Katrina (X:876, Y:677)
    • Master Ranger Berlioz (X:883, Y:647)
    • Master Ronin Takezo (X:894, Y:652)
    • Master Reaper Audy (X:894, Y:659)

    Q: Where to get Analysis of Masteries?

    A: Most of them obtain from Skytower Chests.

    4. If you are really have no luck on certain mastery, you can always exchange any mastery by using Dragon Points from Adventure Encyclopedia

    4. Positioning

    DPS Classes should always try to hit from behind for backstrike bonus damage.

    If there no tanker in party, assign one party member use eidolon to taunt, making backstrike on bosses much easier for the whole party.


    ** After entering dungeon, make sure everyone inside the dungeon before rush off.

    ** Please check the mini map before starting on each boss, make sure no one is behind

    5. Secret Stones

    Elements: Ice, Flame, Storm, Darkness, Lightning, Holy

    My final goal is to get all secret stones with DMG +2% and 7% elemental dmg, you can skip Lightning, and Holy, since there not many monsters with these elemental attributes at the moment.

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Ice attribute

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Flame attribute

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Storm attribute

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Darkness attribute

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Lightning attribute

    Crit DMG 6%/DMG+2% with Deals an extra 7% Damage to the targets with Holy attribute

    Inlay secret stones to follow items accordingly to the dungeon you are going. following is an example when you are going to Infernal Abyss

    Q: Which secret stones are best to use?

    A: DMG+2% is a must for DPS classes, following are good choices of secret stones

    • 7% Elemental damage with DMG+2% (if you don't mind to switch stones)
    • 6% Crit DMG with DMG+2%
    • 4% Crit DMG with DMG+2%
    • Any others stats with DMG+2%

    Tip: you can farm secret stones from following dungeons to level up your main stones

    • Lv50. Otherworld: Port Skandia
    • Lv60. Otherworld: Helonia Coast
    • Lv70. Otherworld: Crescent Hill

    They are also good places for farming weapon and armor scrolls up to +9s.

    Following calculations are for personal reference:

    When damage reduction at 0%, Elemental Damage will be better

    Secret Stone: Crit 6%/Elemental 7% > Elemental 7%/DMG 2% > Crit 6%/DMG 2%


    When damage reduction at 70%, Elemental Damage slightly better

    Secret Stone: Elemental 7%/DMG 2% > Crit 6%/Elemental 7% > Crit 6%/DMG 2%


    When damage reduction at 90%, Detailed Damage will be much better

    Secret Stone: Elemental 7%/DMG 2% > Crit 6%/DMG 2% > Crit 6%/Elemental 7%

    6. Enchantment Cards

    Custom Hats to be used and enchantments cards. My plan going to using follow custom hats, there two hats are free from complete the achievements, one is Custom Dark Wizard's Hat, and other one is Custom Sniper's Cap. Or you can use any custom hat for your own. I just like to keep everything in order, so my backpack won't be too messy while switching gears.

    Note: Make sure to enchant Orange Advanced Enchantment Card into Green Enchantment Card first, before applying into Custom Costume

    Q: Where to obtain these enchantment cards?


    1. You can purchase Enchantment Card Lucky Pack: Special from Guild Merchant: Pellini (Navea X: 760, Y: 363)

    2. You can also exchange these cards with 430 Dragon Points from Adventure Encyclopedia

    7. Trohpies

    These trophies you can get them from fishing, or you can exchange with 30x Angler's Gold Doubloon + 51,000 Dragon Points from Adventure Encyclopedia

    8. Accessories

    These sets will giving 30% elemental damage

    Q: How to obtain these sets?

    A: They are drops from Sky Tower and Dragon Dungeons. but you can always start to saving up Sigils and Symbols, while running these dungeons. So you able to exchange with Dragons Points from Adventure Encyclopedia later on.

    9. Eidolon's Full Star Buff

    Following are eidolons with elemental damage buffs. Since Grimm is starter eidolon, you can't have flame element eidolon if your starter eidolon isn't him. Unless there new eidolon with flame element bonus in the future.

    Update: 3rd Eidolon's Buffs break all the rules!!

    10. Holy Chest

    In current content there only 2 elementals for holy chest. Zaahir Weapons for flame, Nazrudin Weapons for ice. at fortification +15 will giving total of 17% bonus elemental dmg x 3 = 51% elemental bonus. Hope there more elemental weapons will be release in the future.

    Following are list of each class' weapon with Holy Chest Power

    NOTE: You need to put these weapons into Holy Chest Slots to take effects.

    11. Sub Elemental Weapon

    There level 58, 68 sub weapons with 30% elemental damage, when buying from NPC, it will randomly giving out stats. So it might costs a bit to getting all the elementals, especially with nocturnal + elemental as bonuses.

    Below is an example of nocturnal elemental dmg harp.

    For those with duelist sub on Ice monsters

    For those with gunslinger sub on Flame monsters

    12. Gaia Emblem

    You can purchase Gaia Emblem from <Senior Eidolon Researcher> Gardner (Navea X: 804, Y: 609)

    Final goal here to get all emblem with +12% elemental damage

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    Thanks for reading.

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