RayneeDay (Amenohi) 's Explaination and Guide to Shuriken

  • Written by: RayneeDay


    First off let me state that I am writting this guide from my phone while at work, so I apologize for the lack of acceptable formatting and helpful pictures, references, and videos. To be quite honest, I barely play this game anymore and my free time has been centered more and more on going out, and what little time I have left, I really don't feel like spending it writting, editing and spicing up a guide. As a result anyone who feels comfortable editing this guide after its written and resposting it with images and nice formatting please feel free to do so and take your own credit for it.

    I understand that over the course of my time on the forums my reputation has steadily diminished in direct correlation to my tolerance for the wrong, the ignorant, and naive. So as one of the last few posts I will make on these forums before my impending departure from AK at the release of +30 i will leave behind a much needed guide for shuri as a penitence for the feelings I have squashed.

    Basic requirements:

    I shall expect anyone reading this guide to have a fundamental understanding of:


    Gold Generation

    Basics of PvE DPS

    Leveling via Quests

    Basic Understanding of Shuriken Skills


    I have been on the forums for a long time and as a result my vernacular may differ slightly from the established norm, that being said here is a basic translation for most of my abbreviated terms.

    Storm Arts = Razer Wind

    Penumbral = Umbral Ambush

    Dragonslayer = Dry Bones

    Breaksword/Smite = Evil Smiting Edge

    Wonhwa = Yumikaze

    Trash/meh = Suboptimal

    My overall opinion:

    As most of you know shuri has been touted as the god class, the most broken of the broken for pve, and therefore have opted into playing it for your own reasons. That being said I have perhaps a unique impression of it. Personally I feel that while its brokenness is more than apparent a vastly different play style is required to facilitate this. Also it is a class with an exponential power curve instead of the more linear progression of classes. By this I mean, with most classes as you get better gear and higher levels your overall performance increases at a rather linear rate, you gain 2% more dmg you kill a boss 2% faster etc etc. With shuri however it is different. Taking execution out of the conversation which we shall delve into later on in what will probably be an extensive guide, shurikens dmg is almost entirely front loaded for the initial few seconds and then drastically falls off. This is a result of the chakra system gating it and for that I think we can all be abit grateful. So essentially what I am saying is if you are a player of middling gear looking to just play an enjoyable class that can clear dungeons but aren't trying to be super optimized and perfectly geared, this isn't really the class for you and I highly recommend gunslinger or ravager.

    Gear sets:

    Blah blah I think most people know how you gear these days but guide etiquette requires that I at least put something here so I shall. That being said instead of merely listing the gear to get I will state the optimal best in slot option as well as some budget substitutes. Importance of these items is listed from top to bottom as as you are trading out your budget gear for better ones please work your way down the list.

    Storm Destroyer Ghoodrons Shaya:

    Storm is a must and you should always favor a 11X% storm shaya over a 12X-130% non storm. Alternates for this include deadly and protector cores or nocturnal if you wish to forgo the option of 85 weapons and swapping for movespeed.

    Card: Cdmg + Zeal unless you have nocturnal then MS + Zeal

    Holy Nocturnal Ghoodrons Devastation Blade:

    Holy is highly advised, % is not terribly important, nocturnal is a must, unless nocturnal mainhand then protector or destroyer.

    MS 11 emblem and DMG 6 emblem:

    No substitute have one of each unless you get a solid double stat.

    Imperial Tooth (guzigulethingy):

    No alternatives its cheep get it

    Imperial Noripans Emerald Leaf:

    Get it or get out, this guide isn't for people who are too lazy to put at least 2 trophies on their bar and swap them

    75 ST shuris (Snowflakes) +20:

    Gotta go fast, put a 9% ms card in these and enjoy your 9% ms weapon, otherwise get a Level 80 pvp shuri (fallen butchers shuri of wet noodle slapping or whatever, im on my phone cant be bothered) and swap that for movement between bosses. Note: the +20 is the ideal but you should at a minimum have a pvp shuri, the extra 2 ms isnt that important but the swapping is so I put it here.


    No real substitutes, its pretty cheep otherwise get a full set of ele trophies and a bestial malodonaks fang.

    Imperial Lordswrath tops:

    Pricy Imperial Sniper tops are very viable so I recommend sticking with them until you have everything listed above minus the leaf +20ed

    Imperial Perfect War:

    This is another one of my pet peeves, people have gone so far in the wrong direction with this, when these sets first came out everyone was crazy for arcane, while most of the try hard pvers who run their own calcs were fairly set on perfect war, eventually numbers got released and explainations by various recognized players (myself included) breaking down the slight advantages of perfect war, and now they are 60k a piece... On fenix... So allow me to state that arcane frost is not a bad set and people using it are not trash for doing so now. The primary advantage of PW is its 20% elite dmg but most players don't even swap elite hats, so simply buy an arcane set for half the cost and swap your elite hat and enjoy your just as efficient accessories set.

    Imperial Lordswrath Bottoms:

    Sniper is fine, if you stay in sniper bottoms from now until eternity you would probably never know the difference when you swapped minus slightly more hp and dmg pointless upgrade tbh.

    Nazrudin And Zaahir holy chests:

    Get a naz chest at least, that 51% ice is really useful

    Elemental Emblems 12% dmg vs and a marginally useful stat

    These are pretty important but dont cost much, pick them up whenever you find them

    Elemental Hats:

    If you arent ridiculously rich get a set of cheep hats with dmg 18% vs ele cards and use them vs the correct element of boss not much more to say here.

    45% storm skills 25% attackspeed stunning eido:

    No substitute, stuns are important and everyone uses def shred, ideally you want to reroll wonhwa or hel as they have both effects storm element eido is highly overrated.

    15% ms 25% attackspeed/15% storm skills tiger:

    Make it, love it, makes gameplay so much nicer than just about anything.

    +20 elemental trophies:

    Not required but slight optimization over using code + hats. Dont swap ele hats if you do this.

    25% attackspeed 45% vs elements eidos:

    No explanation required, if you run out of stuff to work on heres more!

    Chakra Breakdown:

    As was falsely stated in a guide written not too long ago, shuri has 3 1 second (3 second as a sub) cd skills. However these skills are governed by a chakra system and as a result their cd should instead be looked at through the perspective of the time to regen chakra. It takes 3 seconds for a shuri main to generate 1 chakra as a result storm arts is an effective 9 second cd, fireball 6 seconds, and shadow assault 3. However due to your ability to stack up to 5 chakra you have what I refer to as disproportionately front loaded dmg, as in your upfront damage is much greater than your overall dps later on. However because of these constraints of regen and your other skills mainly serving to support your big chakra skills, the chakra regen tile becomes a vitally important tile for augmenting your continuous dps by saving you 3-6 seconds on the cd before your next storm arts.

    Why 45% Storm Eido:

    As I stated above and throughout almost all of this post, a shruis dmg is very much front loaded in the form of its double nado rotation. As a result if you focus on augmenting the dmg of those 2 nados as much as possible, you can achieve a scenario where your other skills do not matter as the boss will die from your double storm arts. Also almost all of shuris dmg comes from storm arts, I would estimate is as much as 95% in the first 3 seconds diminishing to 75% over the next 9 and stabilizing at 66% as a result a 37% increase in your storm arts dps at the cost of 24% dmg which generally is about 7% dmg is well worth, provided the bosses are squishy enough a 45% storm eido will even out perform a 45% vs eido under most setups in the span of 6 seconds or so. After that the ele eido starts to pass the storm eido, but its something to keep in mind.

    Subclass opinions:

    Tbh there are 3 subclasses to consider. Greatsword is clearly the best as it grants increase movement, a cdmg buff which I will delve into later, and increased mob clear in the form of smite and ice splitter (yes i use it).

    Bard is viable but in my opinion kinda trash. Its a lot of micro manage stacking for decreased performance and in general with as many detail buffs as shuri already has its rather underwhelming

    Duelist because pl is amazing roll is broken, flat def shred is never unwanted and a lot of ppl play greatsword sub. But you lose ults, have even worse mob clear, and will be squisher, user discretion is advised.


    Honestly, just full 6/2

    Lava Shuri with dmg 2

    Lava Greastsword with dmg 2 + some second stat if you can

    Sunderence Range with CDMG 6/DMG 2

    Dragon Slayer Duration with CDMG 6/DMG 2

    Ice Splitter Radius with CDMG 6/DMG 2

    Random glove stone with CDMG 6/DMG 2

    Smite Crit Rate (not needed bu at least it does something) with CDMG 6/DMG 2

    Alternate subs just require an azure shuri storm stone instead of Sunderence as all other shuri stones kinda suck.

    Spec Points and Stat Points:

    I would rather not go into this, but I fear if I don't I will get pms about it so I'll try to make this as simple as possible

    Buff yourself with shuribuff

    Cap your speed

    Cap your crit (90% with primary or better)

    Put the rest in dmg

    Cap your def

    Put the rest in Hp


    Right path is a must, penumbral is required for consistent shuri play

    15 ms

    15 ele reduction

    20ish cdmg (i generally put in a value to leave it at a clean number because im ocd)

    30 dmg

    20 storm

    Rest HP


    This is where things shall begin to differ from my build to almost every other minus maybe a few ppl who experiment and those I have talked to before.

    To briefly explain why this differs from what i believe to be the more common envoys is first I don't take smoking silhouette cuz idk what it does even after all my testing. I value having a single ult for the def shred option as well as the ability to dodge effects such as the twins poison while my storm arts is dealing dmg to the both of them. Lastly and most importantly I take the chakra regen on shadow spawn as its a core part of my play style which I will delve into soon.



    Swift Toss Dmg


    Def shred/Detail shred arts depending on party so you social butterflys can communicate in your pug runs

    Extreme Speed

    Break Defense

    Deep Blue/Best Defense

    If you chose to bard sub I recommend running -12 storm song and detail shred storm arts but I don't recommend bard sub.

    Play Style:

    This section shall attempt to explain how I personally play this game and give key pointers into how to fine tool your rotations and your overall efficiency, a lot of these tips are internal timing based tips and some are not unique to shuri, however especially with shuri, i wi be outlining a play style thats counter intuitive to most players natural style so breaking your old habits may prove difficult.

    First and foremost, as many of you may have noticed in my gear list that there is a high emphasis on gear that gives movespeed. The reason for this is simple, proper rotation and optimization may save 2-3 seconds on a boss, proper pathing can save you 20 seconds in a dungeon. Currently even with my highly geared friends, I reach every boss 3-5 seconds faster than them, and without much effort could deny the first boss of almost any dungeon to an average pug party. Proper pathing is more than just move speed though, its a combination of choosing the straightest line and running it, anticipating mob positions and clicking where they will be as they render then jumping to them, and efficient use of your gap closing abilities. In every dungeon I do almost exactly the same movement rotation on exactly the same mobs. Figure out your own or if i ever upload videos again check those out.

    Now many of you might ask, "Raynee, if im using all this movespeed stuff my dps will be crappy right?" to this I state that swapping gear has been a fundamental part of ak for a long while and that you should understand the difference between moving and dps and hoe you can use 1 set of 4 items for movement and another set of 4 for dps and still be completely optimized for both. Between each boss i will always be using a movesleed eido, my leaf, my snowflake shuris, and an MS 11 emblem, however as I reach the boss I swap to my dps eido, my pve shuris, and the proper elemental trophy and emblem for the boss. This is a core mechanic to get down and will help your dungeon runs much more than anything else I will teach you. Get into a rhythm of swapping to the point where it is second nature for you and enjoy the highly increased performance.

    Mob management is another highly underrated mechanic of this game. Most players seek to kill mobs quickly by bouncing from 1 to the other or just running around smacking them. While normally this works, shuri requires much more finese while doing so. As the most likely leader, you will be subject to a large% of the mobs aggro as a result you have a decent amount of control over the mobs, this being said due to the bugs with shuri, the core difference in the style of play, and the difficulty of clicking on bosses with mob stacks. You will want to spawn a boss and then string the mobs around after you off to 1 side or another and group them up by taking small steps back to avoid red but still enable the mobs to start channeling their skills. This will cause them to group and allow for you to efficiently use a single storm arts to clear most of them, or for your party to dispose of them with their aoe.

    Pre boss spawn to post boss requires the highest deviation from standard play. Due to the nature of shuris chakra and Destruction tiles its best to actually pull mobs to 1 side or another while slowly walking away from them to avoid taking much dmg. Then when the boss spawns you will def shred it with charged dragon slayer and immediately storm arts it while commanding your eido to stun the boss, then cast penumbral, and immediately storm arts again. While doing this you will want to have positioned yourself to pull the mobs through the boss and as a result your double nado. After the double arts you follow up with a shuri storm and a swift toss. Slight variations for more durable bosses involve casting swift toss before hand but thats something for you to feel out. The primary reason for this play style is it allows for the most efficient and reliable means to fish for your destruction proc and have it up for a majority of your damage. The main reasons why you dont dps mobs before hand and instead drag them around is so that you dont accidentally spawn a shadow or proc your destruction before the boss spawns thus gutting your effective dmg. I do understand that this idnt always reliable, personally I tend to arts the pack of mobs right when i make it to the boss to thin them out abit but most of my mob clear is done right on the boss. This has been without a doubt the most effective way to utilize shuris kit, and allows for consistent deletion of almost any boss in this game the biggest issues stemming from dogglerganger procs making you jump.


    This class is great if you play it well, i've enjoyed it a lot and its made my last times here on ak somewhat interesting again. Cant say its remotely balanced but then again AK never has been. Thanks to all of you reading this guide and stuck through to the end. Later I will endeavor to add a few solo vids to round it out and maybe abit of formatting unless someone else decides to do it first. For those of you who read all the way through I'll include a nice tidbit of info here about penumbral. Its abit glitchy atm and wi probably stay this way, but your shadow can do dmg to most immune targets in this game including stage 4 ghoodron and blue/light blue barriered awaydas, so while all your friends run around getting circles and fogs just keep the boss in your circle and refresh storm arts (it seems to help consistency). So thanks again for all the support, hate, attention, positive and negative comments toward or about me in these last two years, honestly most of you are great ppl and maybe one day we will actually talk 1 on 1 so you can meet me instead of whatever persona I or other people project onto me.

    Questions are welcomed and encouraged but please try to avoid asking questions covered in this guide or covered in desps pve dps guide as im not much of a fan repeating myself.