PM Letter - February 2018

  • Written by: PM Bardock


    Hello everyone!

    It has been a while since my last letter! We kind of replaced the letter of December for a Live Video together with GM Ishar on Facebook. And by the way, that was very cool! We received very nice feedback for that action and we also enjoyed it. That is why we’ll do it again! We’ll announce the date soon. Stay tuned!

    About the last weeks, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the lag on Phoenix server. That has been a struggle for all of you, we are completely aware of it and I personally apologize for that. But believe me, it has also been a headache for us. After the lastest maintenance we hope the main issue is atenuated but we will keep an eye on how it goes specially during the next weekend.

    Finally, this week we have updated the game again! It was also a while since the last time, mainly because we had “patch-holidays” before and during Christmas. But now we are back on track! With the latest patch we have added a cool option to play around with your Eidolons, and now you are able to collect Archive points with Eidolons as well, getting extra points when teaming up Eidolons. And also the chapter 4 of Gaia Chronicle is avaliable. Go for it!

    We also have change some rules on the Centurion PvP Battlefield. We are already aware that for some of you it hasn't been received so well,specially the players who got specialized on PvP. But we have done this change to make it more approachable for all the players, with the aim of increasing the overall PvP activity on the server. We'll monitor closely how things are going on PvP and also be looking at your feedback

    I take the opportunity here to communicate what some of you already have noticed: GM Shivaria is no longer part of the GM Team of Aura Kingdom. We are already in search for a replacement! And you can always approach GM Ishar or any of the other GMs and even us, PMs!

    We have received some tickets and questions about the Official content of Aura Kingdom. We all know that internet might be dark and full of terrors, and we cannot encourage enough the need of looking only and always for official content and information of Aura Kingdom. Only this way you can avoid high risks of phishing, fraud and who knows what more. If you are not sure if you are in a secure channel, ask one of us and we’ll tell you. In case we need to remind you, THIS is the only official Facebook page. Stay away of imitators!

    And regarding the next weeks, we are preparing lot of stuff for Valentine’s day! #FirstDates it is landing on Aura Kingdom for the most romantic and corny days of the year ^^. We’ll be meeting and having funny dates with you the players! Also, we will make couples out of Eidolons… a wedding day… and even a Pajama Party! Who is in? :D

    I wish you all to keep enjoying this game as much as we enjoy being part of it.


    PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom