Feedback on ingame announcements

  • Dear Aeria Team.

    I am well aware that you try to sell stuff and that most of it is essential to keep the game up (I guess).

    But I personally think currently you do too much of advertising ingame. Which brings me to my complain.

    I personally always thought announcements ingame are annoying. Sure they help to remember times for PVP. But going to eat lunch and come back to this


    Is just a little bit annoying. Wouldn't it be better to make an extra menu or "newspaper" for ingame than spamming the chat with these? There are so many announcements lately that I stopped to even read them ( and I think many of my fellow players think the same).

    They are just as annoying as the Whisper-Spam in Sarpa's Forbidden Lab. (Move that to the story chat finally. TYVM)

    I'd be rather willing to read over a "upcoming events" or a "recent update and featured news" section ingame than having yellow text that just annoys in my chat. Ohter games do have the same, where they list all announcement at one point for the player to read.

    And if you don't like that idea, please try to lower the amount of announcements.

    Thanks for reading and please consider that.

    PS: what the heck is BOGO?

    PPS: Or at least make it that it only is visible in one chat.. and not all of them

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  • At least they finally removed the one that had "Adri" name in it. finethisis

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