How do i fix the SCREEN FREEZE??!!!

  • I am getting really angry now :( the screen keep freezing, but everything still works fine. I can click stuff and hear sound, but the screen stay the SAME! Nothing moves, it is as if a huge lag happened and the game can't fix it. I have to restart the game everytime it happens and now that i am in Navea the freeze happen about 1 min everytime i log in. I am at my wits end and about to break something in rage! I want to play the game, but i can't because of this stupid stuff.

    I bough my laptop this year and it was the second most powerful in the shop, so there NO REASON why i should have a problem with this game will i can play Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft at max setting.

    Is there someone who know what is causing this? i tried everything i can find and it worked temporarily, but now it keep happening at random. If this keep up i might just throw the towel and go spend money somewhere else, preferable in a game that lets me play without all the carnage.

  • Coincidence or not i switched to channel 6 on my server and the lag has become much more reduced almost non existent in areas outside Navea. In Navea though its much more manageable, but no freeze so far.