• Brawler:

    • Spark and Flames: The global cool down has been reduced. The skill cast animation time has been reduced. Target will receive a debuff, if the main weapon is katar. Affected target will receive 50% more DMG from Lotus strike.
    • Electrocution: 5% chance to inflict additional DMG, if the main weapon is katar. DMG buff coefficient has been increased.
    • Meridian Activation: Additional increase of DMG and CRIT by 3%, if the main weapon is katar.
    • Whirlwind Kick: Flame element has been added to the skill.

    Is it me or i cannot feel the "reduced GCD" of Sparks & Flames skill?

  • Katar, duelist and grenadier were the very last group of balance fixes to be applied and it seems that our patch stopped right before the related patch on TW (9/17) that included fixes for them, given that currently the skills affected by CB have different effect lines than those on TW. Regarding SNF, the GCD should've been reduced from 1.9 to 1.3sec (skill's own CD doesn't appear to have been modified from the future content thread) but we'll look into it. The 3 classes having issues has been reported, hopefully will be fixed soon. If anyone spots issues with the other classes please let us know.