What are veteran players who still frequent this forum playing now?

  • I'm a veteran player and stopped playing for several months to a year or more now. I've transitioned back to Runescape and play Maplestory 2 casually now. I stopped playing this game due to the inactivity of many players which kind of drove me away, As well as, the continuous grinding I got tired of. I believe I was around when news broke out about how Taiwan was getting +30 weapons/armor. lol

    I occasionally still check out this forum or website front page to see what is going on out of curiosity but haven't logged in the game client for a while now.

    I noticed a thread below showing there is a "revitalizing patch". I did a quick glance through it and it didn't really seem all that appealing. It may be nice for people who are still playing but it isn't going to attract new players. Dead games have a hard time attracting back players or new players if the game doesn't get a serious re-work.

    Overall, the MMOPC gaming industry is dead. The only MMO style game that made a come back is Maplestory 2 because it is a name everyone is familiar with and with how active the community management is with that game including giving users events with a lot of freebies while focusing on the players and providing content. Many people have shifted to mobile gaming like Dissidia Opera Omnia and Fire Emblem Heroes and I am assuming X-Legends is shifting their company into the direction of the mobile area since their latest mobile game in Taiwan is Astral Crown which seems to look like Aura Kingdom (or mainly X-Legends style of animation).

    So, what are you playing now?

  • Hello! If I may ask, what was your character name and server?

    Your question inspires a history rant, so here you go!

    As someone who started playing since when the game was close to new, I all but stopped playing around the mid/mid-end of 2016. I did return for more or less a mere three straight weeks to grind from levels 90 to 95 with some friends when the level cap was raised, and then stopped again (botting was insane by this point, and I'll get into that shortly). I've "been around", even lately, but I have not been actually playing with dedication for some years. I just come around to see what's going on and chat with a decreasing list of friends (so these days, it's barely ever). There's many reasons why.

    I've been playing games for a long time (perhaps nearly as long as some here have been alive), but this was my first full foray into an MMO, because it broke many of the trends that almost every other MMO game had which kept me away from the genre for the last decade and a half. It will also likely be my last/only one, unless another game similar to what made Aura Kingdom great initially comes along (and even then it'd better fix the remaining things wrong this game had), which is highly unlikely. It didn't require a subscription, it didn't require an insane time commitment/grind, and it was easy/casual enough to be appealing to more players while still having a side appealing to the "tryhard" players (learning the mechanics, performing them well in the case of jump-casting, and soloing dungeons, namely). This genre was a big turn off for me because they are generally nothing but devices used to require you to KEEP playing, and thus spending. The progress is made slow and requires grinding, and subscriptions were (less so these days?) required, all designed to keep you playing and spending. The genre has a horrible reward for investment ratio, making it highly time disrespecting. Playing in a massive world with many other players is a WONDERFUL concept... but awfully executed. I never understood why EVERY SINGLE MMO EVER seemed to get it all wrong, but that's capitalism. Sadly, gaming as a WHOLE has trended towards some of this (loot boxes are the big one I dislike of the last five or so years). That being said, there's also many things gaming is doing well, but that's a bigger subject.

    Anyway... getting back to Aura Kingdom, it was an exception to all of this, so I gave it a try. Most of it was good. Unfortunately, there was an accessibility issue (pay wall of +20 at first), but with everything else going well (plus being new and active), this was sort of overlooked by many of us. The other issue was incredibly ludicrous imbalance between classes. By time we started learning of the mechanics (jump casting was nice, the rest was awful) and especially come the level 70 and 80 metas, things started turning worse.

    Fast-forward to today and everything is exactly like the worst of MMOs all rolled into one game. Around mid-2016, accessibility got even worse. Paired with that, X-Legends furthered the game in ways that made things awful, including needing to invest so much more into every little thing. Imbalance is worse, both between the classes AND between the player compared to the environment. On Aeria's servers, botting is incredibly rampant. It's also hard for new players to catch up. There is zero reason to start playing this game here if you haven't already, and if you had, there's little reason to keep playing.

    Unfortunately, mobile gaming is everything I just described to the furthest extent possible, but that's a transition I saw starting a decade ago. Do people really do that?

    As for what I do now, I'm back to bouncing around between many other games and having the fun I used to before Aura Kingdom (Epic Battle Fantasy 5 just released and I've been waiting years for it!). I still stay involved with friends here, sometimes even signing in, and also keep involvement in a way I'm not allowed to discuss! I did have a LOT of fun here, and met some amazing people (some of whom I miss and don't keep in touch as much). I don't regret my invested time and energy at all, but unless a miracle example occurs, I won't be giving MMOs another go around after I part ways fully with Aura Kingdom either.

    I am still around to force Tsuruga to still have to see the occasional huge rant from me, and to spread many foxes everywhere.


    Until then, have fun!

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  • E-sports killed everything.
    Everyone who refrain from getting a decent job to get money risks and focuses on esport games rather than comfy mmo like this one.

    That's the main reason why mmo's are lowkey today.

    Only mmo games that survived are either had loyal players and based on nostalgia triggers or some game with nice graphics then barely survives after the hype.

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