Awakanening Brawler/Katar

  • Hello fellow envoys, sorry to ask but do you guys have any updated guide for katars in awakening patch? Like trophies to use? THANK YOU! :love:

  • I think that trophies pretty much stay as they are untill the Lv.95 element trophies will be released. I think running Winston + Delfonia (for CRIT) would work just fine, although that's just my opinion. Same with gear, Holy Spirit top set + Magic Sun. bottom set (Magic Sun. will stay for a good while +-1 year and a half if I'm correct??) and aim to get the level 95 trophies from Winged Duke's Domain.

    As for a detailed guide for Katar, I think that the current ones will still be viable as long as u keep your gear updated and ready for the SLv. content. Sorry, I havn't played much Katar so I can't give any suggestions for Envoys, masteries (aside from the meta ones being Zeal, Extreme Speed, Deep Blue (or The Best Defense if u somehow can't cap DEF in dungeons.) and Break Defense ofc.