<GS>Vexuas signing out

  • Hey guys! <GS>Vexuas here and as the title says, I'll be taking my leave from the Game Sage Team.

    It's been a short run but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. I'll admit that going into this, I've completely misjudged how much free time I'll be able to set aside and lately, real life has been harsh and filled with busy schedules. For that reason, I doubt I'll be able to fulfil my responsibilities as a Game Sage or even play the game in general.

    To the team, keep being awesome and continue doing a great job. I've appreciated my brief time with you all and I thank everyone for all the help, especially the seniors that helped us grow.

    Aura Kingdom will always be a special place and I hope everyone continues to find enjoyment in it as much as I did.

    See you guys in another time o/