Feedback on Promotions/Tiers

  • Written by: Adamanteus8


    Hey everyone!

    Once we begin running different promotions, tiers, etc., we want your feedback!

    Rather than just leaving negative, non-constructive posts (these will be removed), we are looking for realistic suggestions, positive feedback, and ideas for future promotions/tiers.

    We do listen to these suggestions and try to incorporate some of them when we can.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I just realized you said that negative comments would be removed... So I'm rewriting the entirety of my post and moving it somewhere else. I'm just going to say... Stop the mystery boxes. I spend ridiculous amounts of money and constantly get just the LP ...

  • Tiers, like tiered spending? I got 3 20 slot backpacks free for spending $20 last month. I was pretty happy about that. This month I got 2 free costumes & a 20 slot pack & was really happy with that too.

    Not really into new item promotions. I prefer sales. The further my money goes, the more frequently I spend. If the prices on everything in the mall were cut in half permanently, I could see myself spending $20 a paycheck instead of $20 a month. Personally I think no one item should exceed $5.