Patch Notes 51

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    And the story continues! (ノ>ω<)ノ o==}::::::::::::> It’s time for the alliance to attack! But what will happen?

    (/・・)ノ ...
    Will someone die? ヽ(>_<ヽ) .. (╥_╥)

    Will someone switch sites? (ノωヽ) Do we get a new pope? Σ(O-O)

    Or does Belenus makes his come back? (º □ º l|l

    Will Von finally die...or does he grow again? (・・ ) ?

    All and way more you can find out with the new story expansion!


    A new story brings new maps – two new maps! (o^ ^o

    Gloomy Ridge and Drowsy Cave Spoiler: It’s not a cave.

    Gloomy Ridge

    The journey continues to this prehistoric ruins. They are surrounded by such pestilent air that it's become a forbidden mountain.

    But you can’t stop now. The alliance can’t stop now. And so this endless odyssey goes on. But to which price? (•̪ o •̪)


    Drowsy Cave

    A territory deadly as the abyss. Conquered by demons and no living soul will ever find peace here. But you had to travel here in search for the final war, in search for Loki.

    Maybe he is in this big vicious castle? Σ(・o・;)Nah, that’s too obvious, right?! 「(゚ペ)


    Disclaimer: Following the Taiwanese schedule of the game, these maps don’t contain any dialogues and hidden quests, yet. These features will come at a later date. Collecting items for cooking are back on the map! ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ



    Sleepless time ahead – a new level cap is here!

    The max level is now 110!


    Grind hard, grind fast – our you will be last!



    Two new dungeons! (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

    Dawn Passage & Silent Ancient Castle

    Quick info:

    • You need to be at least level 101 to enter these dungeons
    • Both exist in solo and team mode
    • Possible to drop level 101 unidentified armor formulas
    • Possible to drop level 105 golden weapons
    • Possible to drop level 90 blue enchantment cards

    Be prepared for unexpected story twists! Get your imperial cores ready for cart dodging, or you will take the ride...down to hell!




    • Removal of all Anniversary Events
    • Increased cap of Gaia Fragments from 30.000 to 60.000
    • Increased drop rate for level 90 formulas and level 95 weapons
    • New cards and card duels added
    • New reroll potions added to randomize secondary stats - *Possible to drop them in several dungeons
    • Zephyrine’s 3*-form added
    • Small UI changes to some buttons
    • Adjusted rewards for level 10 achievement box
    • Archive has been updated!

    Good luck and have fun!
    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • Fix Update 17.04.2019:

    • Added Easter event 🐇 ! *You can receive once a day 2 Easter Seals from the Eggstasic Eggie (X:660 Y:383) in Navea and exchange those in the monster encyclopedia for an Easter Egg, which contains several Eidolon Eggs .


    • Title "Gambler Class" is now usable and not level 999 restricted anymore.
    • Items in School Paradise Lucky Pack are now tradable version and therefore usable for the exchange NPCs on Port Skandia.
    • The item Ancient Sky Dragon Mount Lucky Pack now contains the dragons and you can open the box now (last weekend paragon issue!)
    • Fix for flaming carts in dungeon Dawn Passage (all modes) to decrease FPS issues.
    • Fix for an issue with skill Brawler's Inner Strength and debuff immunity buffs
    • The first Otherworld's Wild Hammersaurus in Otherworld - Shattered Netherworld (Solo)/(Solo Hard) has now the correct stats.
    • Fixed values for 2 sets: Fading Time Set and Blessing Time Set


  • Fix Update 24.04.2019:

    • Easter event has been removed! See you next year little rabbit🐇 !
    • Quest "Find the Blueprint" fixed. It can be completed on Thursday and Sunday!
    • Dante & Muse statue + pillow have been sent out! ≧∀≦