Feedback on Paragon Tables

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    Hey everyone!

    We would like to hear your feedback on our Paragon Tables! What items would you like to see more often? What do you think of the current table?

    If you want to leave your feedback about a table in particular, don't hesitate to post a screenshot of it.

    Also, rather than just leaving negative, non-constructive posts (these will be removed), we are looking for realistic suggestions, positive feedback, and ideas for future tables.

    We do listen to these suggestions and try to incorporate some of them when we can.

    Thank you for all of your feedback this far!

  • Well, since nobody has posted here as of now, I shall take the honor of first feedback post.

    Due to the curiosity of the Aeria team actually glancing at the Aura Kingdom feedback channel in Discord from time to time, I will implement most of the feedback from there onto my post plus some of my ideas and thoughts; this is to make sure that everybody, not just me, has a voice in this post.

    First Feedback : Paragon Items.

    The following has been requested by many individuals on the Discord server. This is organized alphabetically by the name of the item(s), along with who (by Discord name on Aura Kingdom US) generally suggested that item. These item suggestions are as recent as last year.

    • Custom Airy Summer Outfit (F). [Leslie]
    • Custom Imperial Alchemist (M) (F). [Chris]
    • Eidolon Accessory Lucky Pack. [KappaKoopa]
    • Level 95 Orange Reroll. [_aeeoop_]
    • Level 95 Gold Reroll. [Mavericks]
    • Mount Upgrade Stones. [Caden]
    • Sky Tower Housing Blueprints. [Zoe]
    • Vermillion 3 Star Outfit. [Indard]
    • Yumikaze 3 Star Bundle. [Zeloria]
    • 3 Star Eidolon Bundles. [Indard] *
    • * Not an item necessarily fit for Paragons but would love to be seen for sale in the future.

    The following was also requested by the general Aura Kingdom community.

    • Muramusa Mystery Boxes.
    • Better Fortification Paragons [consisting of (with decent rates)]:
      • Superior Armor Fortification Scrolls.
      • Superior Weapon Fortification Scrolls.
      • Superior Accessory Fortification Scrolls.
      • 20th Order Armor Fortifications.
      • 20th Order Weapon Fortifications.
      • 20th Order Accessory Fortifications.
    • More Fortification Insanity events.

    [This new list, indicated by square brackets, has my perspective on what items I would personally like to see on a Paragon. Made April 6, 2018.

    In my personal opinion, I would like to see the following on a Paragon.

    • Custom Naval's Uniform (F).
    • Tradeable Mount Stat Rerolls.
    • Custom Academic Battle Uniform (M) (F).]

    Take into mind that not all of the items mentioned above have to be in one single Paragon, but should be visible in sooner-than-later Paragons.

    Second Feedback : Paragon Of Choice.

    Allow me to generally summarize feedback pertaining to the new Paragon of Choice system.

    Benefits :

    • A unique system that allows players to use their creativity to make their own desirable Paragons.
    • Allows Aeria team to pinpoint a certain category, specific item, or a favoured generalized Paragon that is in the community's favour.
    • A more simplistic process compared to the survey format before to choose items for Paragon of Choice.

    Consequences :

    • May be troublesome for individuals who don't know how to obtain the ID of specific items, are lazy, or are not interested in sharing their opinion.
    • Alterations may be made to the Paragons that may or may not be of good perspective to the Aura Kingdom community.
    • May promote laziness in Aeria staff to simply copy and paste Paragons without modifying issues that may be small, but evident, in the player's Paragon of Choice.
    • Rates of the Paragon of Choices are still in Aeria's hands.
    • Paragons chosen may or may not be of taste to numerous players.
    • The choosing of Paragons is particularly based off of one's opinions and ideas; not all players have a say, or a "choice", in the Paragon layout. This eradicates the sole purpose of a "Paragon of Choice" event. [Evident and great criticism by Zoe]

    Overall, I, personally, do commend the improvement on the Paragon of Choice item selections; well done. In the general Aura Kingdom community though, it's more of a half-hate half-love situation.

    Besides this, let me talk about the notorious rates of this month's Paragon of Choice. It was terrible.

    I saved up 50000 Ruby Coins for this month's Paragon of Choice. Allow me to point out my data from the three Paragon of Choices so far for this month.

    First Paragon: Out of 8000 Ruby Coins, 15 attempts at this Paragon resulted in Emerald Shards. This presents a 75% guaranteed fail rate.

    Second Paragon: Out of 20000 Ruby Coins, 30 attempts at this Paragon resulted in Megaphones (which, in my personal opinion, I don't mind as much, but to others seems to be a big bother). This presents a 60% guaranteed fail rate.

    Third Paragon: Out of 4000 Ruby Coins, 8 attempts at this Paragon resulted in Super Treasure Charms. This presents an approximate 92% guaranteed fail rate.

    Knowing that this is Paragon of Choice, the rates for the goods shouldn't be this bad. Out of 4000 Ruby Coins, only 5 attempts at the very maximum (in my opinion) should be guaranteed stoppers. Aeria, please fix the Paragon rates. It's not making any of us happy.

    This also brings one event into light: the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Ruby Coins event.

    I applaud that such an event comes around during Paragon of Choice, but making players buy Ruby Coins and utilizing them in Paragons, only to be disappointed by terrible rates, is quite saddening. I know that Aeria is aiming to make a profit, but at the same time, at least allow Paragons to have somewhat decent rates so that player money isn't in vain.

    [This new paragraph, indicated by square brackets, has implementation of Cookie's feedback that I do want to take into further discussion. Made April 6, 2018.

    Furthermore, the Ruby Coin prices, which vary on the Paragon itself, should be a reasonable cost that is dictated by the prizes in the Paragon. Should a Paragon with Emerald Shards, numerous 100/200-voucher cosmetics, two 1000-voucher cosmetics, and Bouquet of Dreams be valued at 600 Ruby Coins per roll? I find that unreasonable, and so does the rest of the Aura Kingdom community. As Cookie indicated in her wonderful feedback post, I believe that the 4th Paragon of Choice was inexcusable. Besides Tyr's Costume (M), Tyr's Blitz Pistols, Harmonia's Hair (F), and maybe the 3 Star Eidolon Purification Scroll, the Paragon does not present a 600 Ruby Coin value. Items that would present a 600 Ruby Coin value would be costumes worth 2000 vouchers and bulks of 1, 2, and 3 Star Eidolon Purification Scrolls, for example. Other items that may suggest a worthy price of 600 Ruby Coins would be 100 voucher prizes, bulks of Bouquet of Roses, or particularly uncommon rewards such as holiday cosmetics and such.

    Fourth Paragon: Out of 3000 Ruby Coins, 5 attempts at this Paragon resulted in Emerald Shards. This conveys an 100% guaranteed fail rate. ]

    [This new paragraph, indicated by square brackets, has implementation of Cookie's feedback that I do want to take into further discussion. Made April 7, 2018, edited April 10, 2018.

    The fifth Paragon was an excelling improvement. There was a unique mixture of new and old items, and the stoppers (being Dragon Point boosters) are stoppers that could be utilized to the players' benefit. I was also able to get the Shirayuki Eidolon; I found that quite the surprise. Thank you for your improvement!

    Amount of Ruby Coins employed: 3600.]

    Third Feedback : Best Paragons Of All Time.

    In the general Aura Kingdom population, these were the best Paragons of all time.

    Implementing the items in these Paragons, or allowing better Paragons to have as good of a rate as the above Paragons, would make the Aura Kingdom community very happy.

    So what's the message?

    Take in our feedback and stop neglecting us! That's all.

    Prove that you take our feedback by reading and responding to my message; the Aura Kingdom community wants to hear!

    If any other players have any other suggestions or concerns, they're free to add to my suggestion list.

    Thanks for reading. cat5

    - Aternalia

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  • While I love the changes you guys made in the new tier spenders in April's rewards, I strongly believe today's (Monday, 4/2/2018) paragon is not worth the rc...Or yesterday's (Sunday, 4/1/2018). It's like "hey guys! Take 1+1 rc sale & fixed paragons that require you using double the regular amount of rc, which were created by you, so it's not really on us"...Pretty much, yea. Also this is not the "community complaining", this is an honest criticism. I personally prefer the classic PoC that uses everybody's vote in making its content, not a result of a somebody or two players' ideas of what a "paragon of choice" should be, even though it is, basically, still called paragon "of choice", & we're not the ones to change the rules. But we're still customers, & this method only suits a small part of the "community". It is what it is now, thanks for the effort. Personally, however, I can't even pretend to enjoy those "paragons of choice". This is obviously not what we have been asking for, we simply asked for something that we used to enjoy before, I didn't think it was too much to ask, since we were presented this event more often in the past.
    Also the paragons' content is not bad at all, they're simply not worth the double value of rc, nor the triple value, since the ratings were obviously bad, & most of those items have already lost their values in game.

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  • Also the paragons' content is not bad at all, they're simply not worth the double value of rc, nor the triple value, since the ratings were obviously bad, & most of those items have already lost their values in game.

    This sums up everything I wanted to say to.

    I want to add, that I think costume greens + recipes doesn't belong on paras with these rates. It's almost impossible to get the greens, and then you are stuck with the recipes... like always.

    20th-Order Accessories / Armor / Weapon Scrolls aren't worth 400RC in my opinion. We have entered the era of everything +20 a whole while ago. Even tho I highly support them on paragon for our newer players (just not on a 400RC paragon).

    Since noone said about today's paragon (4th Day), I want to dedicate my last words to it.


    It's 600 RC paragon. There is (except the Harmonia Hair and the Tyr Body Costume and the Eidolon Fragments) nothing that is worth to spend 600RC on for me.

    Most items have been before on 200RC paragons and they already lost their worth in the market (example: Harmonia Harp, Dante Tachi, every DMG costume enchantment. I still have 1+ of those waiting to sell ~.~). And costumes like the Magical Girl Outfit and the Lumikki Staff were low market value already before.

    It's no fun to spend that much RC on things that are simply old. Dante was released eons ago and should have been on paras before. Even newer Eidolons have been on 200RC paragons too. The greens on this 600RC para are for me kind of a insolence (Due to it being old costumes, not of much worth.. and there is not even a Dante Hair formular for those who actually want to craft these :'d.... wat).

    Before maint I spent ~8.5k gold for 10k RC. My results of rolling these RC was 7x ES.

    And these. (the evo beat of the last row.)


    I skipped the Dante Hairs (green quality) and a recipe of the Dante Tachi. As well as the magical girl costume and magical girl headcostume. Several 10 vouchers. And face enchantment DMG.

    I do not recommend to anyone to spend RC in this paragon. :/ No fun, no gain, nothing special.

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  • For the Sunday/Monday paragon, I was the creator. I honestly feel apologetic even though rates/major changes weren't my fault. My original paragon was MUCH better than this and yes, i said to make it a 400-600 RC para but i also asked for rates to be decent or to triple keyfrags. If you read my post on the POC thread, you'll understand my reasoning behind the items that are on it. For anyone who markets hard, the vouchers were the main focal point on this paragon, i originally had 30/40/50/100 vouchers scaling from the top to bottom row. Assuming 200 RC costs 100g (the previous ratio for RC in Chimera), 600 RC per roll is about 300g. Landing on ANY of my original voucher amounts resulted in either breaking even OR profit. You could purchase eidolons or costumes that you like.

    When I saw that they changed the para but made it 200 RC per roll, i realized it was still pretty good. I made 100kg within the first hour of rolling AND got Harmonia, Lumikki and Verdandi's key (via vouchers, got 5k vouchers in 2 hours). But after they changed the rates, it practically killed the para. Barely anyone rolled for the next two days. Sad.

    All the criticisms above are valid but I think its too hard to please everyone, in terms of content, at least. What I think would make everyone happy though are better rates. Better rates means more peope get things to sell or use and more people will want to roll. And thats when more people will also want to buy RC. It also gives cashers the perfect time to top up. They can sell RC for inflated prices and they can be assured it will sell. Aeria will also benefit since more people will be inclined to cash.

    I'm not saying to give godly rates, i know ultimately you guys are running a businesss and you want to profit, but i think the deprivation approach you guys are taking is hurting you more in the long run. More players are feeling less inclined to cash and leaving or feeling cheated by crappy paragons and ultra late promotions/lack of bonus tiers. You've gotta give the players a few more pieces of carrot, and less stick.

    P.S. Aternalia, the para with Diao and Shira frags wasn't PoC. Also it wasnt very profitable (^:

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  • P.S. Aternalia, the para with Diao and Shira frags wasn't PoC. Also it wasnt very profitable (^:

    Ah, sorry about that! And I didn't find it quite 'profitable' either: I just loved the Shirayuki and Diao Chan Key Fragment drop rates.


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