[Guide] Drowsy Cave Oddities

  • Phew, creating oddity guides is quite tedious. I'll probably make one for Gloomy Ridge when I'm not busy/lazy enough to do them. If anyone else does it- kudos to you, I can sleep tight at night.

    Phillip (X: 684, Y: 345)

    - Get the camera from Phillip

    - Go to Sideralis Square (X: 244, Y: 427)

    - Use the camera (right click)

    - Go back to Phillip and return the film

    Latour (X: 710, Y: 360)

    - You'll teleport after you talk to him

    - After teleporting, approach any of the soldiers and investigate

    - If you choose the right corpse, you will get a black screen and teleport again (It's random)

    - Short conversation between Latour and Magnus will start. Just wait for it to finish

    Kermaine (X: 640, Y: 206)

    - Go near Ollie (X: 759, Y: 416) and talk to any unnamed mushroom around them

    - Take some of the mushroom and bring it to Kermaine

    - If you bit the mushroom, go back to Kermaine to transform back to normal

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Lang (X: 782, Y: 466)

    - Talk to Lang to receive the Empty Bottle

    - Go to Sideralis Square (X: 130, Y: 461) and stand on the glittering area

    - Use the Empty Bottle (right click) to get the Water Bottle

    - Go back to Lang and give the water

    - Wait for the black screen and cutscene to end

    Blood Crystal (X: 125, Y: 420)

    - Defeat the Unknown Monster at X: 125, Y: 420 then talk to the Blood Crystal that will appear after

    - Wait for the cutscene to happen

    - Keep the Broken Blood Crystal in your Inventory for now

    Little Girl (X: 793, Y: 653)

    - You need her lunchbox first, it's at X: 79, Y: 41 (Go up the waterfalls)

    - Return to the Little Girl and give the lunch box to her

    - Wait for the black screen and cutscene to be over

    Mystery Man (X: 513, Y: 783)

    - You need the Broken Blood Crystal first. Finish the Blood Crystal Oddity to obtain it

    - You have two options to go from here. Give him the crystal as is for an extra cut scene but it will not complete the oddity (from my experience but you can try either way)

    - Go to Otto in who's in the Holy Shield Forest (X: 636, Y: 214) and exchange the Broken Blood Crystal with a Dim Blood Crystal

    - Go back to the mystery man and give him the Dim Blood Crystal to complete the oddity

    Francis (X: 454, Y: 763)

    - You need to gather his research notes. They're located in the following:

    - Scattered Research Notes - I (X: 687, Y: 435)

    - Scattered Research Notes - II (X: 157, Y: 299)

    - Scattered Research Notes - III (X: 525, Y: 102)

    - After gathering, right click on Research Papers - I to fuse the 3 papers to receive the Complete Forbidden Technique Paper

    - Return to Francis and talk to him. Either choice completes the oddity

    Dofoe (X: 123, Y: 655)

    - Talk to him. Choosing the first option will give you a Blood Crystal

    - Go back to town where there are bunch of soldiers like X: 683, Y: 263

    - Right click on the Blood Crystal to summon Otto

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Another way of finishing the oddity for Dofoe:ekNBB2G.png

    - Choosing the second option will give you a Demon Notebook

    - You must listen to these conversations to obtain information for the notebook. You will receive a buff once you finished them

    > Marina (X: 793, Y: 544)

    > Landon (X: 579, Y: 263)

    > Sanjay (X: 484, Y: 162)

    > Thompson (X: 267, Y: 316)

    - Go back to Dofoe and hand over the notebook

    Tanar (X: 374, Y: 566)

    - Talk to Tanar and get the Flower Ring item

    - Go to Jefferson in Holy Shield Forest (X: 608, Y: 259) and give him the ring

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish


    Credits: AKDB