Feedback on Mystery Boxes

  • Written by: PM.Myzzrym


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    Mystery Box Changes

    Ahhhhh Mystery Box. Lucky Pack. Scambag. You name it. Most of you hate it. Personally, I dislike it too. However, there is a reason why most F2P have this mechanic - it works very well.

    That being said, it doesn't mean it has to stay the same. From this month onward, all new Mystery Boxes will have the following changes:

    1. Item Rarity

    You may have noticed already on the 3 new boxes published yesterday (Hansel & Gretel Basket, Asuna Style & Kirito Style), we have started adding color code to the item pool. They go by Rare (blue) / Uncommon (green) / Common (dark):

    • Rare items are the "Jackpot" and will be very rare. Be aware that it will be very hard to get them unless you buy a lot of boxes!
    • Uncommon items are the more accessible prizes of the Mystery Box. Players who buy a couple of boxes should statistically get at least one item from the Uncommon item pool (that being said, remember that luck always plays a huge part).
    • Common items make the rest of the box.

    2. Mystery Box Content

    We're always looking for more constructive feedback from the community about the Mystery Boxes. For example, one that often came up was that players hated "White" quality costumes (3 day) - and so they were removed from most Mystery Boxes since the beginning of April.

    We're also improving our Webmall Mystery Boxes (In-game Mystery Boxes drop rates are controlled by XLegend, so we can't change much there). The long term goal is to make Webmall Mystery Boxes better than In-game Lucky Packs.

    In order to do so, we've already made several changes to our newer boxes. We've severely increased the chances of getting "Green" quality Costumes & Key Fragments ("Orange" quality Costumes and Full Keys of Gaia remain the same) in order to avoid issues like we saw in the past with the Cesela's Night Boxes, where some players would only get 3 Fragments out of 100 Boxes.

    3. Mystery Box Life Cycle

    Up until now, some older costumes were still available only in Mystery Boxes just like when they were released months ago. Obviously, it doesn't make much sense that drop rates of older costumes are the same as those of the new costumes in Mystery Box.

    Therefore, we're changing the Life Cycle of most our Mystery Boxes:

    • Early Stage: Regular Mystery Box, with the changes explained earlier.
    • Later Stage: Mystery Box v2.0. The Mystery Box name will have "v2.0" at the end, Rare & Uncommon Drop % will be massively increased.
    • End Stage: Perfect Box. The Mystery Box name will change to "Perfect Box", all "consolation" prizes will be removed and only Green / Orange Costumes & Fusion Scrolls will drop.

    4. Raffles

    Just like we announced for the first week of May, we will try to host more raffles when new Mystery Boxes come out. There is two main reasons for that:

    • We want to give small spenders another shot at getting the item they want, since one would need to be very lucky to get it with one or two boxes.
    • We want to reward our whales for supporting the game, allowing other players to keep playing for free without us having to switch to a more aggressive monetization model.