Just Another Aura Kingdom DB

  • Written by: lolaturface


    Have been working on this for awhile on and off and finally finished it the other day. Reason I started working on this was due to port skandia taking quite awhile to update data for new patches and also not adding newer content. The site is only for the NA version and will probably stay that way.

    The site has been updated for the February 24th patch.

    The planned updates:

    NPC pictures and maybe NPC categorization (Not sure npcs get searched by much and if so probably only the special types.)

    Improve Item categorization (Might be needed.)

    Category Listing Filters

    Guide Pages (Fishing, Archaeology, etc.)

    Timers (Not too sure already have a few good resources and think only one most care about would be fishing anyway.)

    Quiz Answers (Probably just for completion sake.)

    Eidolon Chronicle and Housing (When data is added.)

    The site is still very much in the early stages so there could be bugs around.

    If you have any ideas or bug reports feel free to share them.

    Have fun and let me know what you think.