Patch Notes (2017)

  • Patch 31, January 11th

    by GM Mechium


    Welcome to the first patch of the year.


    • Guardian Knight System
    • Cesela's 3✰-Form
    • Vault of Eternia
    • Tanuki Turmoil
    • Optimization
    • Other

    Guardian Knight


    • When Guardian Knights are level 6, they gain access to the marriage feature.
    • While in party with your Guardian Knight, visit <Guardian Knight Officer> Oak In Navea (X:590, Y:335) in order to start the wedding registration.
    • After Paying 100 Gold you will be teleported to a zone called Timbria Forest. Speak to the NPC to begin the ceremony.
    • After the wedding is concluded, [Marriage Certificate] interface will be added to the Guardian Knight menu. Leveling up this profession allows you to obtain special skills.
    • You can teleport back to Timbria Forest by speaking to the NPC in Navea (X:307, Y:367) (Yes he’s in the middle of the great Navea Lake under Sky Tower - check the small island).

    Wedding Fight:

    • After the wedding, the leader will obtain Bridal Battlefield Application.

    • The wedding fight can be initiated through the PVP menu, hand in Bridal Battlefield Application to initiate it.
    • You have 3 minutes preparation time, Players can join the event by purchasing Bridal Battlefield Invitation from <Guardian Knight Coordinator> Juliet.

    • Up to 28 guests can take part in the battle. The leader can also set a password to avoid unwanted guests and mothers-in-law.
    • When the wedding fight is available and ready to be joined, there will be a confirmation for the couple. Once both have accepted, the wedding fight will begin.
    • The Bride and Groom will be on one team. The guests will be transformed into monsters and be on another team. Neutral monsters will spawn to be fought against.
    • When the fight is over, there will be a 30-minute leniency timer so players can celebrate, chill and take pictures.

    Guardian Knight System

    • After the Wedding with your partner, you unlock the ability to reach level 10 Guardian Knight Rank. This also allows you to start purchasing new items from the Guardian Knight store available to level 7-10 Guardian Knights.
    • Just to further explain and make it official, players since last patch gain intimacy points with their partners in dungeons when they defeat a Boss. This allows for faster Guardian Knight leveling to achieve the newly available level 10.
    • Guardian Knight Missions for the following maps Have been released: Port Morton, Candetonn Hill, Viridian Steppe, Desolate Valley, Tanglevine Cascades, Sunhunter’s Vale.
    • One of the Guardian Knight skills has been Updated to an attack category skill that recovers both partners' HP when used on enemies.

    Guardian Knight Consumables

    New items can be purchased for Guardian Medals:

    Please note:

    • The main buff only affects the consumer.
    • Both have to use one of the consumables to receive the penetration buff.
    • 3 is the max stack of “Invincible Love” which gives PEN +1% per stack.
    • “Invincible Love” refreshes every 6 seconds.


    • Harry uses “True Love Waffle” and receives “Max HP +2% for 1 hour”.
    • Nobody receives the Penetration
    • Sally uses “Eternal Love Donut” and receives “DMG +2% for 1 hour”.
    • Both receive Pen +1% when they are close together.
    • Harry uses “Lustful Chocolate” and receives “CRIT +2% for 1 hour”.
    • Harry remains at Pen +1% and receives Pen +3% when they are close together.


    • Love doesn't always last forever. If even couple therapy doesn't help, you can apply for a divorce.
    • You can apply by talking to <Guardian Knight Officer> O’Leary in Navea (X:595, Y:335)
    • Whoever applies for the divorce must pay a fee of 250 Gold.
    • The freshly divorced singles will no longer be Guardian Knights. All associated stats and available quests between them will be removed.
    • Both must wait at 24 hours before they can register to marry again.

    Cesela's 3✰-Form

    Cesela: New Eidolon 3✰-Form released!

    You can find her new look in the Eidolon Area (Shortcut: N), Change Form. Here's a preview:

    Vault of Eternia

    • New floors (7-9) have been added.
    • New rare items have been added:

    Tanuki Turmoil

    • When the losing team is down by 600 points, 3 Captains will spawn and help them.
    • <Tanuki’s Favorite> Huge Corn HP has been adjusted to accommodate player abilities.
    • <Ham League Elder> Hogan and <Lightning Gang Chief> Paco HP/DMG have been adjusted to accommodate player abilities.


    Equipment Switch

    Switch through your sets on the fly.

    • Press on 1, 2 or 3 to switch through the various sets.
    • The equipment switch is also set to F10-F12 by default. Please check your key bindings.

    Ruby Coins and Fantasy Gift Vouchers

    It is time to clear up your inventory.

    • Ruby Coins and Fantasy Gift Vouchers can now be stacked up to 250.
    • The cooldown has been removed from these items.


    • New Loading Screen: Log in and check it out!
    • Various bugs and text issues were fixed.


    • Christmas Event 2016
    • World Boss Facemask Lucky Pack from Adventure Encyclopedia
    • Beebis Race (May reappear reworked in the future.)

    Cheers and happy marrying!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Patch 30: Patch Notes

  • Patch 33, May 10th

    by GM Abenthy


    Hey, listen up! There’s news for you!

    Do you remember that Chronicle Researcher Parilla at Navea? Her team of scientists was working on a special chapter of Gaia-chronicle and you won’t believe what they found!

    They came across a strong force and looked closer for its origin but all of a sudden, a lightning storm hit them with incredible speed. Scared, they backed away from the flashes, from which a mysterious man appeared. Quietly, he whispered: "My name shall be remembered as the <Armed God of War> Tyr!"

    The difficulty of some dungeons has been reduced. The affected dungeons are: Titan’s Root, Cadilla Felwood and Frozenlea Plains (team & hell mode).

    In those very same dungeons (Titan’s Root, Cadilla Felwood and Frozenlea Plains) you can now receive Lv70 Unrefined Armor Box.

    I guess you remember when you first saw them? Back in the Lv50 and Lv55 dungeons. Same as then you’ll get a random part of orange armor - just without its Armor Core!

    Now, let's get to what probably many of you have been waiting for:

    The needed EXP for Lv 68-89 has been reduced. Yaaay! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    And if that wasn't enough: Here they come, the new Mirabelle quests!

    Just as usual, players can accept these quests at Mirabelle on every map she is on.

    There are only a few requirements that you have to meet: You must have finished the main quest on all existing maps until Sunhunter's Vale and your character level has to be between Lv81 and Lv85.

    Additionally, there will be a new daily quest at Desolate Valley at Patrol Leader Curtis (X:487, Y:156). Yay, even more free EXP for you!

    And last but not least, the EXP you receive from daily quests (Lv45-80 Daily Field Quest, Dimensional Hall mission and produce related request) will be adjusted.


    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! A new rabbit has been pulled out of the hat for you.. wait.. No, that's not quite it! There will be a new event in gaia-chronicle that will enable you to get a cute penguin. And this little guy will only be there for a limited time, so better hurry up and catch your own Orobus ~ I bet your friends will be jealous!


    - The option “Refuse to ride mount together” has been added. It can be activated in System Settings → Functions → Interactive Settings to refuse invitations for a ride with your partner.

    - Quest Lv.72 Abyssal Flames in which you get an item you have to activate in Infernal Abyss. It can now be finished in solo as well as in team mode.

    - The Guild dungeon now resets after each server maintenance.

    - There’s a new loading screen!

    - The Dressing Room and the Archive have beend updated.

    - Some text errors and bugs have been fixed.