Mob player damage

  • Written by: whitekite



    WT/GC/OT hells: 70%

    OW AT/GG/MS party: 70%

    OW AT/GG/MS hells: 200%

    Dragons: 100%

    TR/CF party: 30%

    TR/CF hells: 140%

    OW Skandia hell: 70%

    OW Helonia/Crescent hell: 80%

    Guild dungeon: 100%

    Eidolon Sanctuary: 100%

    IA: 100%

    WA: 70%

    Sky Tower: 70%

    edit: Added some dungeons from leon's post, I only personally verified the top half but I assume this blog has reliable numbers

    General damage reduction sucks in PVE

    What does it mean?

    Example: If a mob has +200% player damage, then the base damage you receive is 300%. With 50% general damage reduction, this is reduced to 250%. This is only a net damage reduction of 16.7%, which is only 1/3 of what you would expect.

    Note: ONLY applies to general damage reduction. Boss/elite damage reduction is a separate multiplier and thus far more powerful (and, of course, more restricted).

    As you can see from the test data, the supposedly coveted overpowered Inner Strength buff does not actually block a whole lot of damage in the harder dungeons.