Beware of Phishing Scams!

  • Greetings envoys!

    We are aware that you may be receiving messages from accounts with GM or GS tags on their name as well as random users with messages giving you official-looking links. These are phishing attempts that will only lead to your account being stolen.

    Please remember that Aeria GSs and GMs will NEVER ask you for your account information such as emails and passwords. If you have already submitted the form by accident, change your email and password on the Aeria Games website ASAP.

    Here's a list of the current official forum administrators and moderators!

    How can I know if someone is an official forum staff?

    Make sure to visit their profile first and foremost to double check and see if they have an actual tag on their profile.

    A real forum staff account should have a tag like this:


    A fake account will try to use tags such as {GM}, {GS}, [GM], [GS] etc. on their profile name such as this:


    DO NOT trust any links you receive from anyone who asks you to fill out a form that requires your Aeria account's e-mail address or password even if it's saying that you will get "free items" or "will be part of the GS/GM team". All of these events are officially announced on the official Aura Kingdom website and AKUS Discord.

    Make sure to double check the website link on your URL bar.

    The real Aeria Games website will always have a secured protocol.


    Please refer to this link regarding private messages from GMs.

    If someone sends you a suspicious message with a link, DO NOT open or fill up what they ask in the form. Feel free to report them to us by using the report button on their profile.

    We hope you enjoy your stay in the forums! Stay safe and be cautious!

    - Written by Rio -

  • Thank you for banning, i received this and it took me to what looked like an Aeria games site asking for my account info, it was way too fishy for me to give out my info but others might not be so questioning.


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  • hmmmn.. Pishing Scam is like a fake website where you didn't notice that you login a website you think its right.
    but the purpose of this website scam is for you to input your username and password that they will get your account easily / stolen.

    please take note that always look for the URL above before you put or login your credentials.

    always get the right URL from the right website.
    if a player or person give u a link about a website to login, be vigilant specially that AK have new forum, they will try to duplicate the website for them to get a chance to stole accounts from players.

  • Jeez, I got a message like that and almost fell for it. But it finally gave me a reason to change my password to a more secure one for the first time after 4 years.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.