Warbow: holy or dark element? And why?

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm a lv. 80 Archer/Bard and I finally can craft my new bow, but I have a problem: I really don't know which element to choose, neither the weapon mastery.

    I really like the right path of the "Frozen Archer" because of AoE skill Prismatic Punishment and Dimensional Shot, that do a lot of damage with his trail. However all the people I know, even the people in the world chat, suggest me to choose the dark path and dark element. Why? I mean... Arrow of Light is super spammable and stronger than the dark skill, so why do everyone take the dark path and element?
    Any other tips (like which core is the best for the rest of my equipement, which accessory set, and bla bla bla) is super accepted, I'm really noob.

    Thanks in advance to who will answer me :3

  • I chose dark mostly to spam dimensional shot. You must be wondering why. Dimensional shot is dark element skill and has a 2 second cooldown when geared. Arrow of Light does have a 3 second cooldown with Inherent Purity Envoy tile (25% cooldown reduction), when geared too. It may have a larger raw damage value compared to dimensional shot's raw value. Yet, you want a skill that can proc zeal, dimensional shot's trails can help proc (I think), since the trail can cast up to 2-3 times. Also, if you throw that dimensional shot trail, it will do Damage over Time, during a stun or choke which helps with lifesteal (if you have an eido to give a buff). That AoL skill won't really do much during a stun, unfortunately.

    For the weapon mastery, I would suggest to try both sides and see how you feel. The mastery swap has a cooldown time of 10 minutes, so you can change at any time after that period. "Frozen Archer" is frequently used in PvE. There's a nice move speed boost and damage reduction embedded in the mastery. The Prismatic Prism has a large area of effect that is useful for mobbing monsters together. "Demonic Wing Scythe" offers more defense shred and has some additional damage buffs for triple shot, corrosive shot, and hail of arrows. Later on with the level 60 mastery, there's also a all stats 10% boost. This can be used in PvP.

    Hope this somewhat helps. Have a nice day!

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