[Guide] PVE Necromancer

  • Hey everyone, since the forums moved and we lost all of our outdated guides, I figured "why not make a guide for a class that I no longer play?!"

    So here is my guide for necromancer.

    Just as a forward and warning, necromancer was my in between class between bard and lancer so it's not fully leveled or optimized, so bear with me while we pretend like mastery points are maxed out, kthanks ;)

    This is currently a work in progress and will be updated during my spare time. I've never written a class guide before, so if you have any comments/suggestions/recommendations, please feel free to post them and I'll take them into consideration

    Table of Contents:

    1. What is Necromancer?/Basics
    2. Stats
    3. Gear/Enchantments
    4. Subclasses
    5. Envoy
    6. Masteries & Weapon Spec
    7. Eidolons
    8. Mounts and other goodies

    1. What is Necromancer

    In short, Necromancer is a scythe wielding ranged mage-like class, kind of like an off-support off-dps mixture, depending on how you play it. The class contains both debuffs and buffs, although not nearly as strong as sorcerer and bard.

    Necromancers use the dark element, and while some people may enjoy ice or flame, don't.

    The basic gameplay should revolve around spamming Devil Incarnate whenever the cool down is off and jump casting your way to victory in between. My personal rotation consists of Shadowbolt Barrage>Razor Wind>Devil Incarnate, and then just spam Shadowbolt Barrage until Devil Incarnate and Razor Wind are back up. You can throw in other skills like Frozen Tomb, but there's really no need unless there's a large group of mobs.

    For the sake of understanding all of the essentials of DPSing I recommend going over these guides when you have a moment

    2. Stats


    Stats are pretty easy for necro as you just follow the same stat build that everyone uses.

    For your Offensive Stats:

    1. Max your SPD to 50%
    2. Get your CRIT to at least 90%
    3. Add to DMG

    (once you're geared, you can move around your points as needed. ie. 99 in DMG, 0 in SPD, etc)

    For your Defensive Stats:

    1. Get your DEF to 80% (75% is the minimum that you want)
    2. Move everything else into HP
    3. Ignore EVA

    (once you're geared, you can move around your points as needed. ie. 99 in HP, rest in DEF)

    3. Gear

    Now for the fun part. You can use whatever gear you want, go for it, enjoy your own unique build, but here is the recommended, ideal, dps gear.

    1) For your weapon, you want to go with the lv. 80 crafted weapon with a dark element. Generally you'll want to get a Lava SS for it with 2% dmg as the bonus stat (if you can get 2% dmg and 6% CDMG then you'll really be in business). Generally, I'd recommend getting a Destroyer Core (20% chance of reducing a targets def by 10%) on your main weapon and a Nocturnal Core (convert 3% of damage into healing. 90% less effective against bosses) on your sub weapon. I find it just makes it easier to swap out when needed.


    For weapon enchantment cards, you generally want to grab a dual drive card on both your main and sub weapon. If you're rich, grab a 9% movespeed + dual drive.

    2) For your armor you're also going to want to use nice crafted gear. For lv 70 and until you can get your lv 80 gear, run with Sniper (It can be obtained through dragon points in the encyclopedia, or for free from dungeon drops, it will just be coreless).

    At lv 80, you'll want to use the Lordswrath top set and bottom set as it is the most ideal for dps.



    As for cores. The general consensus is that you want to use Imperial (3% move speed) for the move speed bonus that it gives. However, if you can't afford it or are unable to craft it, Bestial (DMG 1%, Max HP 1%) is perfectly fine.

    For Secret Stones, you want to have one on each piece of gear with 2% DMG (once again, if you can get 6% CDMG as well, lucky you)

    3) For accessories you have a bit of a choice.


    The advantages of each:

    • Arcane Frost: Increases CRIT and SPD. Really nice for overcapping SPD easily for the extra zeal effect. Cheaper than Perfect War
    • Perfect War: Nice boost to DMG and DMG to Elites

    4) Trophies

    First, you'll want a Bestial Time Travel trophy (first trophy slot)


    Next you'll want to get an Imperial Guzigula's Bloody Tooth (second trophy slot)


    Lastly, you'll want an Imperial Noripan's Emerald Leaf (you'll swap this in and out with Time Travel in between bosses for a move speed boost)


    The enchantments that you'll want on all of your armor are DMG 3% & DMG & Pen 1%

    --Level 90 Gears will come shortly--

    Costume Enchantments

    (All Blue Enchantment Cards can be obtained in the Encyclopedia for 3000 Dragon Points)

    For your head costume you'll want to swap it depending on the dungeon you're running by using DMG to X Element Target Enchants, as well as 10% DMG to Boss Monsters for Violent Bosses

    You also want to make sure you're using 2% HP and 3% HP on your head items


    On face items you want to have 2% DMG and a 3% DMG card, as well as the Bone Shield Boost


    Body costumes will use 2% DMG and 3% DMG, as well as 25% CRIT DMG to Bosses


    Back items will also use 2% DMG and 3% DMG, as well as Move Speed +5%


    For your weapon costume you'll want 2% DMG and 3% DMG, as well as the boost to Purgatory Bats


    4. Subclasses

    This section is mostly up to your playstyle, however I'll outline a few of the more recommended subclasses to run with.

    1) Shinobi/Shuriken

    This is by far the best class for you, a necromancer, and for every other class. It offers insane dps with Razor Wind, as well as a def shred mastery and a DMG% increase mastery (whichever you can get your hands on first, we'll cover that later on). It also has a gap closer with Shadow Assault, as well as a stackable DEF Shred with Shuriken Toss.

    2) Bard

    I'd list this as second to shuri in terms of subclasses for necromancer. It offers 12% detail damage with 3 stacked green notes, as well as xDMG% boost with the ballad mastery. You can also use the -xDEF% mastery with Storm Song if you really want it.

    3) Holy Sword

    This one will require you to get up close and personal with the bosses, but that's fine since you'll get a lovely DEF Shred from a charged Dry Bones. You'll also have a gap closer with Divine Sunderance, and a pretty decent mob clear with a charged Smite. Other than that, meh.

    4) Warbow/Ranger

    This one isn't as great and only really has one use. Blessing of the Winds provides you with a 30% chance to Double Attack, as well as a 10% move speed boost for the duration of the buff. Other than that it doesn't bring much to the table. I guess you can use Hail of Arrows/Arrow of Light for mob clear but it's a waste of time for the most part.

    5. Envoy



    This is my preferred envoy path for dark necro. You could switch it up to fit into another build, but that will be up to you.

    The Nodes that you want to take are:

    Bloody Ritual

    Your attacks have a chance to reduce targets stats by 2% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

    Shade Spell

    Nyquist's attacks have a 40% chance to deal damage to multiple enemies.

    Alia's attacks have a a 40% chance to reduce targets DEF by 6%

    Lapuree's attacks have a 20% chance to reduce target's stats by 5%

    Diabolic Potential

    Increase scythe damage for every devil you have active

    Lulos: Your attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage

    Saga: Received CRIT -15%

    Lapuree: Received CRIT DMG -30%

    Shaiya: Your attacks trigger damage +3%. Stacks up to 5 times

    Nyquist: CRIT DMG +20%

    Alia: Life steal 3%

    6. Masteries & Weapon Spec


    General: Shadowbolt Frenzy: DMG 7%

    Attack: Zeal: 10% chance to cause extra 90% damage

    Advanced: Shadow Wind: Target's DEF -12% OR Crippling Wind (preferred): Target's damage taken +2%/+3%, stacks up to 6 times

    Defense: Extreme Speed: Eva 6%, Move Speed 15%

    Tactical: Break Defense: 25% chance to decrease target's DEF by 15% (20% with orange)

    Special: The Best Defense: 2% of DMG added to DEF (3% with orange)

    Or, if you're geared and can obtain and maintain 80% DEF without best defense, use Deep Blue: DMG 3%, Malice -8% (4% DMG, -11% Malice with orange)

    For your Weapon Specialization/Weapon Mastery, you want to take the Right Path as it provides a boost to Devil Incarnate (pretend they're 70/70, rip my necro)



    (at lv 60)


    Where you want to put your mastery points are as follows


    15 Move Speed

    20 Damage to Dark target

    20 Damage to Ice Targets

    20 Damage to Lightning targets

    20 Damage to Fire targets

    30 Damage

    The rest can go into either CRIT, SPD, CRIT DMG

    7. Eidolons

    Eidolons are pretty simple for this class. You'll preferably want to use either Hel, Yumikaze, or Verdandi because they each have a 4 second stun which is great. Hel and Yumikaze also have -DEF to targets, while Verdandi has life steal.

    Ideally, you'll want to re-roll the star buffs so that they have 45% Dark Damage and 25% Attack Speed. This will allow you to boost your main skill's damage (Devil Incarnate), while maintaining cap attack speed for jump casting.

    If you are unable to re-roll the star buffs due to funds or other reasons, good eidolons are Yumikaze, Eligos, Yarnaros (24% DMG, 25% attack speed).

    8. Mounts and other goodies

    Now that we can add stats to our mounts, this is what you'll want to go for:
    30% DMG to element target (you'll want to swap these out for each dungeon you run so that it's matching the element(s) of that dungeon)

    30% DMG to Dark Skills (for violent bosses/mobs)

    Eidolon Emblems are the next ting you'll want to get. Generally, you'll want at least 2.

    1) 14% Move Speed for in between bosses

    2) 14-16% Elemental Skills DMG

    3) You can get DMG to X Element if you want to swap around

    Food Buffs

    At lv 80, you'll want to use Dreamy Heaven for the food buff


    For the drink buff, you can use either Golden Latte for the detail damage due to the lack of bard (12% detail) and the lower detail dmg on ranged classes


    Or if you want you can use Royal Jelly Tea for the Triple Strike effect



    | Lancer lv 9x | Guild: BlackMarket| Discord Sairaphis#4185|