Guide of Shuriken For Lv95 Version

  • Many good guide is old for current version now, and people want to see the guide for normal players. So I am going to make this guide.

    In this server, +20 is not a big deal even for F2P players. A smart +20 players is possible to be better than +30 players.

    If you don't pay money, don't pay your time, and don't use your intelligence, nobody can save you.


    1. skills

    2. Gears

    3. Sub weapon

    4. Weapon Mastery

    5. Envoy path

    6. Eidolon

    7. Skills combo and tips

    1. Skills:



    Shuriken has 5 chakras, Razer Wind, Great Fireball, Shadow Assault cost chakras. You can get one chakara every 3s, max:5.

    The skills you will use: Razor Wind, Shuriken Storm, Shuriken Toss, Blood Corruption, either Crimson Thirst or Umbral Ambush. and Buff

    The skill you may use: Great Fireball, Shadow Assault.

    2. Gears:

    All Lords+ Arcane + Tooth + Time code + 2 orange weapon

    This bundle is for under level 90, very easy to get.

    When you get 90,

    1. Change is weapon. 90 orange weapon.

    2. Magic bot is a good choice, especially in Eternia Library. If you only plan to change half 90, I recommend magic bot. But I don't like magic top. use 4% dmg dealt to change several crit, not worth. I prefer still using lords top.

    3. If you are going to use all 90, just all Holy spirit.

    4. For+20, Splendid, For+30, Ultimate.

    Enhance cards:

    No pen cards < 1% Pen, no dmg<1% Pen+dmg

    5%dd < 2% Pen, no dd < 8% dd < 2% pen+ dd


    All dmg2%/dmg to dark 7%

    Holy chest (Very important):

    (3*Nazrudin +3* Zaahir ) +15

    8 Custom hats:

    Dmg to boss + dmg to elite+ 6* dmg to x

    Switch for different target.


    8 dmg dealt ≈ 14 storm skill. So, like 11 storm 3 dmg dealt, its little bit better.

    4 Mount:

    Storm skill dmg+ dmg to Lightning, Storm, Holy

    Because we have too much dmg to dark, fire, ice due to holy chest and ss. So we keep using Storm dmg for them.

    Make some potion of dmg to x. They are not expensive, if you make them by urself.

    Foods :

    Latte + Heaven.

    3. Sub weapon

    1. Holy sword. I will focus on this sub hs in this guide. Combo skills+Dry bones+smite 10% more dmg dealt are very helpful for shuriken.

    2. Bard. 12% dmg dealt, 14% dmg. But the most important is a lot of move spd. The other of my guide is focus on this one.

    3. Lance: This sub can make your burst very high. Same idea with my other guide. Dark skill act Destruction, to let the first part of Razor wind enjoy it. But it really hard to make a comment of this sub. For+20 and using left mastery, sub skill an also help you to have more chakras. But if you are going to combat in a long period time, you will be attacked, no combo skill is dangerous. And for +30, I don't even need to use sub weapon. Combat in long period time + no danger = AoL or Boxes.

    4. Staff: This one is only for have some fun. If you wanna make a video to show nuke. This is a good option. Have a ice glyph first. Then record the video. Because it cost u 0 time to do -def during the combat with boss. ONE MORE TIME, only for fun. The rate of ice glyph for sub makes me sooo grateful.

    4. Mastery

    Left for long period: 3 or more Razor wind.

    Right for burst: 2 or less Razor wind.

    30dmg+15 ms+ 20dark+20 ice+20 fire +20 lightning+15 storm.

    Better in Eternia Library:

    No need 15 ms and 20 fire. 5 in strom, 30 in crit.

    5. Envoy Path


    You can change some point if you need. Like -one move spd, + one combo.

    6. Eido

    I recommend Cyril.

    Reason:1. Easy to get 2. 900% Storm Ult 3. Stun.

    Ult may help you kill the target in one combo. Eg. The last boss in FR. If you cannot kill it before it using skill, it will be annoying.

    Until now, there is no the best eido. You can choose others if you like. My advise is: at least, a stun skill.

    7. Fighting skills combo and tips.

    Everyone know throwing wind when they have enough chakras.

    How if we don't?

    Toss, Shuriken storm, Toss, Blood Corruption It can be a circle. No need to charge Shuriken storm.

    For sure, different case use different combo. Eg, don't use Dry bone to the target cannot be -def. When hp is low, use Blood Corruption.

    Measuring the time you will spend on the target first.

    Right Weapon Mastery:

    Umbral Ambush before start.

    1s: Razor Wind

    2s: Razor Wind, Great Fireball

    3s: Dry bone, Razor Wind, Great Fireball. Or : Razor Wind, Fireball, Charge Smite. Depends on if you need -def

    4s: Razor Wind, Dry bone, Toss, Razor Wind. Or: Razor Wind, Shuri Storm, Charge Smite, Razor Wind.

    5s: Dry bone, Razor Wind, Toss, Shuri Storm, Razor Wind. Or: change Toss to Smite.

    6-12s: 5s+Eido Ult+ Razor Wind.

    13s or more: Go left Mastery.


    There are some new feature after lv60. When you use the skills which dont cost chakras, you have a chance to recover 1 chakra, and Crimson Thirst recover 3 chakras.

    Priority: Dry bone(case: if need -def) > Crimson Thirst(case: if less than 2 chakras)> Razor wind> Toss> Shuriken Storm > Smite >Blood Corruption



    Stun 4s, 3*combo=6s. Eido ult= 6s. Total is 16s.

    In 30s, you could have 16s that you won't receive dmg.

    So, if some dungeon is hard for you:

    Turn you eido's stun off first.

    You need the Lightning Combo, cuz it has stun.

    Razor wind, Lightning Combo(stun start at the end of gcd) , Razor, Dry bone, Ult, Razor wind, Flame combo, Violate combo.

    In this whole combo, you almost receive 0 dmg.


    There are some boss receive no dmg at the begging in Eternia Library.

    Use Flame combo during that time. When it can be fight, directly-12% def with masteries. And more dmg.

    If you still have time, hold the Shuriken Storm until it can be fight.


    Use Toss and Corruption to normal monsters for buffs.


    Don't hit anything before fighting boss. Because pasted-from-clipboard.png

    5. Switch Hat + Mount for dmg to x


    Details makes big difference. +30 have 2 times of dmg that +20 have, it is only 2 times.

    If Both of them are facing a ice target,

    +20 has Holy chest 51% +Weapon Mastery 20% + Potion 20%+ hat 18%=109% more dmg to ice.

    +30 has 0% dmg to ice.

    +20 can already make more dmg than +30.

    If +20 know how to use Destruction, and +30 doesnt.

    +20 can nuke some bosses that +30 can't.

    If we say Math skills +Rich=100%

    Rich only at most= 50%.

    Math skill can help you to get 75%

    I really hope this guide can help some people

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    t h o n k

  • The advanced part + Deeper analysis:

    Advantages of Shuriken.

    1, Shuriken has Highest burst dmg for 2 seconds, and also nice DPS.

    2, Move spd.

    3, Inflicting dmg frequently (making debuff on targets quicker)

    Analysis of Main Skills/Masteries/ Weapon Mastery


    Razor Wind:

    basic dmg coefficient is 1.5, and it will keep hit this area 15 times in 5 seconds(3hits per sec). Per hit has 0.4 coefficient, so total is 1.5+0.4*15=7.5.

    Envoy:16% skill dmg on Envoy's path( Idk why us serve translate it to crit dmg, but it actually is skill dmg),

    Right Weapon Mastery: Umbral Ambush has a buff that Arcane skills(which cost chakara) make 20% more dmg for 3s. 14% skill dmg .

    Left Weapon Mastery: More chakaras


    1, More dmg.

    2, More hits.

    3, Debuffs


    1, Cost more chakras.

    2, Need 5 secs to do the whole dmg.

    3, So, Ninjutsu: Destruction (Envoy) and Buff of Umbral Ambush only increase it a part.

    4, You cannot use it after just use it, cuz you only have 5 chakra.

    Great Fireball:


    Blue chakras: 1.9

    Red chakras: has 2 parts of dmg, 2.9+1.5=4.4.

    Envoy: 10% skill dmg.

    Right: Umbral Ambush's buff (Arcane skills +20% dmg)+ red chakaras.

    Left: 20% skill dmg, more chakras.


    1, Only need 1s to make dmg

    2, Ninjutsu: Destruction (Envoy) and Buff of Umbral Ambush can buff all of it's dmg.

    3, You can use it after razor wind.


    1, Only has well dmg when red chakras

    2, Gcd is longer


    1,When you can break def, def-12% is always better than 18% dmg taken.

    2,But there are some case: 1, break def is meaningless, eg, dungeon OW toa or sfl. 2, You can -def in another way. eg, teamate, or vicki accessories. In these case we don't need to use -def.

    3, No matter 12% -def, or 18% dmg taken, they are both debuffs, which means:

    a, Your teammates will enjoy it. If no Guardian, Malice always depends on who makes highest dps, debuffs make your teammates's dmg higher as well, but Ballad only buff your self.

    b, Some targets does not receive debuffs, like box in the Sky Tower.

    Conclusion: -12%def is for common case, +18%dmg taken is for you don't worry about -def, Balled is for Print you name on every st bosses&boxes! Malice.

    III: Analysis of Sub Weapon.

    1, Holy Sword: Hs is a good sub for shuri. Dry bones for -def, combo skills, and you can also play hs sub shuri. But if I can kill target by storm+fire, why I use dry bones? And if you are geared, do you need combo for survive? So I use hs for sub before +30.

    2, Bard(is what I suggest): Print you name on every st bosses&boxes! Per red tune+4% dmg dealt, so at most 12% dmg dealt. You can use Bard's healing skills before fighting. Bard weapon has MOVE SPEED! So you can kill bosses before your teammate see them. Storm song can -14%def with mastery( but it decrease 1 red tune, if you use dmg skill). Strom song 14%+ Break Defense 25%+weapon core10%=49%, so you can use 18% dmg taken for Razor wind.

    3, Bow: Similar idea with bard, but cd is longer, and no move spd:(

  • IV: Envoy's Path.

    If you are geared, you won't worry about how to survive, so no combo skills.

    Normal case:


    Time Library:


    Gears/Eido/Secret Stone/Buffs


    Armor: Holy Spirit. Magic bottom has more crit, but less dmg and dmg dealt and crt dmg to boss. In normal dungeon, even suffer the debuff of SN or CC, my crit rate is still 100%. So it only helpful in Time Library or you don't have enough crit. If you change Envoy and Masteries, 100% in 12f is possible. It depends on your eido wish and achiev.

    Weapon: 2*orange. Shuri's 95gold is useless. Due to Ninjutsu: Destruction, primary weapon bonus has less benefit, and no crit dmg to boss. Only advantages of shuri's 95 is higher stats. But you can buy a trash one, just switch for level of buff.


    a, Ultimate. more dmg stat, and +25% dmg dealt to elite helps you clear mob quicker.

    b, Splendid. More spd and crit, less dmg. +30%crit dmg to elite is worse than +25% dmg to elite. This accessory is better in Time Library, if you don't have too many eidos.

    c, Vicki (85 gold). Most dmg when solo. You can use 18% dmg taken for razor wind, without losing -def. It makes your burst to single target extremely high. This is why I can kill bosses by 2-3 second in the video. Without vicki, I need 4-5s at that moment. Now golden mount and eido achievement come out. I don't have to use fire ball for second skill if I use vicki, just wind+toss is enough. However, to be honestly, vicki has many disadvantage: a) expensive. b) hard to collect. c) no spd. d) a little bit less dmg stat than 90 orange. e) -40%def has cd. f) If you attacking muti target, you cannot control who receive the debuff. But it really fun.


    a, Tooth+Feathers= For move spd.

    b, lv90 Feathers+Neqzal= -def, for solo or support the team.

    c, Tooth+Delfonia= For Malice or the targets cannot be -def.

    d, Feathers or Neqzal + Winston= For Time Library.

    There also some 95gold has not come to US serve yet, like atk spd+dd and -def 5stacks. They are also useful in different cases.

    Why storm?

    Dmg of razor wind is more stable. You cannot kill everything in 2s, and even in 2s, razor wind's dmg is still not lower than fire ball.

    45% storm dmg +what?

    We will have 4 star eido, so 45% storm+45 flame is the best for burst. For now, 25% atk spd, 8 dmg, 5%dd, all fine.

    If you are rich or lucky, reroll 6 eido to 45% storm+45% dmg to elemental targets.

    Atk spd is important, but you can get it from other way. eg. Shadow Hand. The cap of atk spd is no less than 0.5s per hit. The function is just like cdr. So 30% from shadow hand is enough. If you don't want to drink the potion. 25% atk spd is the best.

    Secret Stone:

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    You can easily touch the crit dmg cap by using the gears that I suggested. No benefit that using 2/6.

    What I suggest is dmg2%/dmg to elements 7%. You have 7 ss, including weapons. It is possible that you have 2%/7% of six elements. So don't tell me that 2/7% only increase dmg to specific elemental target. NO MATTER in WHICH CASE, BETTER THAN 2/6!!

    I am using the dark one, cuz most of bosses are dark.

    If you want to show stats, I prefer dmg2%/hp2%.

  • no offense but when writing a "guide" you have to think on reader's perspective not your perspective

    for example

    saying cdmg stone is useless and recommending ele secret stones,

    yes it might be common sense but you have to know

    when people DO read guides (which is well, like who the f does that anymore)

    its mostly new player and they probably want more actual comparison that they can relate to

    not just some "NO MATTER WHAT" or "ITS JUST USELESS"

    it might surprise you but most of them don't even know how crit damage works, let alone boss damage or elemental damage for that matter

    so you really need to touch on those which bring us to my second point

    to be blunt the guides you are writing is no where near "comprehensive" again no offense, its prob just your way of wording

    not the actual content itself, yeah sure your guide is new and more up to date, but its not doing more than what a one line comment can do

    third, you literally calling people or a certain group of people; stupid. on a guide, i'd suggest not to do that,

    i think you are mature enough to know why :)

    but hey! just my two cents, hope you can improve your guides and help people ;)

  • For improving this guide, I like to here feedback, but bring the reason plz.


    So far, every comment is old player imagine what is good for new players. I haven't seen one really new here.

    I start to doubt, am I writing essays?

    Trying to make a guide that old players feel it is useful, but for 0 new player.

    Worse than I just posting "Showing Off" videos.

    I have worked for this guide a whole afternoon today. I desire some motivation....

  • sir you have to know that 99% of the population is just silent readers
    just because you don't see them commenting doesn't mean they don't exist

    no one is forcing you to write "guides"

    and not all people play for min-max optimization

    some just come to cosplay, some just want to hang out with friends

    look let's say IF

    so what IF

    again i'm not trying to demotivate you to write guides,

    but you have to know the truth on what's happening in the community

    and when writing something for a community be sure to be open to feedback both positive and negative

    people are sharp tongued but most of them normally has their point

    and look im writing essay too now, and this is special for you because you are trying to do something

    no one forcing me to write but i write anyway with HOPE that you can improve

    its the same when you are writing guides, things in world will turn out unexpected most of the time

    if you really really want to put up a comprehensive guide despite all this i recommend you to

    wish you all the best :D

  • try to make your guide steered towards newer players, maybe players that are in thier 80's. the element thing is fine, the thing is, you keep assuming everybody is +30 and such. EX: ults are useful if you're undergeared cause of the invincibility that it gives, it lets you dodge red carpets that would kill you/lower your damage input

  • I have a question, you suggest to pick symbiosis envoy but no words about it in guide. Mention please tornado umbral tornado combo or say why it is bad

  • It maybe hard for them to reach cdmg cap without the cdmg stones and envoy tiles unlike you who can reach them from +30 fort bonuses.

    If I am writing a guide for wiz or tachi, I might agree. But you know this is shuri, only 300. And we are in Phoenix, do you thin 2/6 is cheap? The money 6*2/6 is probably +20 all.

  • Thanks

  • I have a question, you suggest to pick symbiosis envoy but no words about it in guide. Mention please tornado umbral tornado combo or say why it is bad

    That combo, the first Wind with not red chakras. and umbral start at 2s, which means lost 2s of dmg from it. And umbral's dmg is not quite high, it doesn't worth for 1s.

    Numbers won't lie:

    We igore the the more dmg from red and umbral

    Wind, Umbral, Wind

    Wind, Firebal, Charge Smite

    The 1s dmg of a wind (impossible to enjoy the Destruction):

    (1.5+1*3*0.4)*1.2weapon*1.95(assume you have eido achieve and emblem) =6.318

    The Fireball enjoy the Destruction, assume you have the class potion, you should have 27% primary weapon dmg:

    4.4* (1+27%+90%)/(1+27%)=7.518

    I don't even want to calculate the Charge Smite.

    Remind: the 1st wind: red>blue


    Wind, Umbral, Wind (3s) < Wind, Fireball (2s)

  • 1. Where gone others boosts to razor/fireball from envoy, weapon mastery etc.

    2. Why only 2 or 3 seconds of fight if stun is 4 seconds and u can leave boss dying in razors.

    3. And even if fireball better what usage of symbiosis envoy then?

  • 1. Where gone others boosts to razor/fireball from envoy, weapon mastery etc.

    2. Why only 2 or 3 seconds of fight if stun is 4 seconds and u can leave boss dying in razors.

    3. And even if fireball better what usage of symbiosis envoy then?

    1.My mistakes, calculate again below.

    2. Then, let's calculate 4s for this combo

    3. Clear mobs, and the situation more than 1 boss, like trail.


    Wind:(1.5+1*3*0.4)*1.2weapon*1.95*1.2 umbral*1.32 total boost=10.008

    Fire: 4.4* (1+27%+90%)/(1+27%)*1.1 Envoy*1.2 umbral*1.06 Eido achiev =10.519

    Smite: 1.7*2*1.1 more dmg/1.27 no primary dmg *1.06=3.122


    1s Wind: 3*0.4*1.2*1.95*1.32=3.707

    1s Holy flame: 0.250

    I didn't calculate your first wind doesn't have urmbral's buff for 2 second, so I don't put 1.2 in the 4th second, but it you still have bonus mark.

    I didn't calculate the 10 dmg dealt from Smite.

    This is unfair for my combo, but mine is still win.

  • Hi,

    Just one question, I was looking through sets in encyclopedia and I was wondering what your opinions on the level 95 top and bottom sets (the ones that give zeals as set bonuses) from Sky Realm? Not just for shuriken, but in general.

    Bottom part is worse too much than Holy or Magic. In 7 sec, only one hit +25%...Forget it.

    Top part is acceptable. That Abyssal Pursuit is not quite helpful too much, cuz it only buff normal atk. But Spd+4174 is really attractive.

    But I don't suggest use this as well.


    1. No crtdmg. For shuri, it fine. But the crtdmg cap of many other classes is more than 300%, like tachi,wiz.

    2. No move spd!!! This is a strong reason. No move spd, no loot. This game is just like Popkart now.

    3. Even in Eternia Library, spd is not a big problem, but crit is.

    4. 2%dmg deat less than Holy or Lords.

    5. Even consider the price. If you don't worry about crtdmg, I suggest that Lords top + magic bot.

  • Is left path in wep mastery better after awakening? Actually i feel like its a little better but its only give DMG 8% for me as i calculated with my CRIT DMG even with the extra from CRIT overcapp i still overcapped my CRIT DMG. So why is it looks like same/better sometime ? I'm confused here a little. Isn't that Razor Wind Skill DMG +14 should be better? :O