Lancers Vs Gunslinger

  • Every class has its ups and downs . If you like both of them why not try to main Lancer and sub Gunslinger? Meta in PVP atm is bard sub so you have to figure whether you want range or mid range game play. in my opinion if you go Gunslinger in arena you should consider bow. Although they have a long charge. There skill multiplier is op in arena especially at +30

  • anyone know here if whats better for pvp?
    lancer or gunslinger need help here thanks.

    Gunslinger is absolute trash in pvp, it's incredibly squishy, doesn't have much reliable CC, and dies super easily to HS due to tornadoes. Lancer is way better because it just has infinitely more damage and more use. HS > All tho.

    Daybreak - 95 - Gunslinger

    SoonTM - 90 - Shuriken

    ChubbyBird - 90 - Sorc

    Pachimari - 90 - Lancer

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