Tips of 90PVP Katar

  • Katar was my favorite PvP class. I also was interested in solo dungeons by katar. But after 90 PvP and Level 60 mastery came, EVERYTHING CHANGED! In PvE... just look at my PvE guide. And half dps set is not suitable for 90 pvp. Fortunately, many tips of Katar are still can be used in PvP. I don't quite want to call this a guide, cuz I don't want to introduce too much basic knowledge of Katar. And the people who want to play Katar pvp, must play pve to lv up.

    Only one tips for New pvp players: In 30s, Only can be stunned 1 times! So do not use stun if you don't have to.

     Advantages and Disadvantages of Katar:


    High Hp. High critdmg. High general dmg reduction. High slay line. Have a good stun skill. A healing skill with 2.4s cd.


    Long gcd. Buffs and debuffs require a long time. The high slay line is base on buffs and debuffs.


    Glove= Inner strength cd-10% Very Important cd from 3s to 2.4s

    Belt= Holy Note (Bard) cd-10% Very Important cd from 15s to 12s

    All -2/crtdmg 6%

    Weapon Thunderous stone, reroll to -2%

    Costume :

    Just normal PvP set.

    Weapon Mastery:


    Points: same to others



    I clicked a Combo with tachi for connection.

    Method: change sub to Tachi and click it, then change sub to bard.


    All purple dps sets.

    Trophy: Stone+heart. When we have 20% atk spd 95 gold, let heart retire.

    Weapon element: Not important, Most of your dmg is violet. Dark, Lightning is a little bit better.

    EIdo: 24%dmg/25% atk spd, 8%dmg/60% critdmg.

    Mount: All stat 20%, All resist 20%, Critdmg 40%

    Fighting tips:

    1. The most important for Katar: jump cast 2 skills

    The duration of jump is 0.9s. Some skills' gcd is lower than it. So, it is possible to use 2 skill in the air. I will post a video for an example below.

    Blitz gcd is 0.6s

    Jump+0.1s+Blitz+0.6s + other skills

    Practice this skill, it helps u do more dmg in the duration of stun.

    2. 0.1s Frantic Lotus

    Use the jump cast 2 skills

    Frantic Lotus + Lotus Strike, for one more red point.

    Eg. Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike + Jump, 0.1s Frantic Lotus, Lotus Strike.

    3. Keep Katar's skill dmg 36%+:

    Inner strength will cost both red and blue points, each+6% katar skill dmg. So max:36%

    Same to Lotus Strike: mas: 36%

    Theoretically, the max can be 72% when both max.

    But 36% ~54% is more possible in reality.

    There are totally 4 buffs, max stack for each is 3. So, each max stack is 18%

    Cost one point can refresh the duration time for whole stack.

    Eg. I have 2 blue point buff from Inner strength. Then, I use Inner Strength to cost one more blue point. Now, 3 stacks of this buff, and the duration time is refreshed.

    Use this skill to keep 36%+ katar dmg skill dmg.

    4. Inner Strength + Holy Note +Inner Strength.

    For emergency healing.

    5. Debuff of Frantic Lotus

    You don't have to keep press it. After the target has one stack, you can use other skills and hits to stack it.

    Test it again, no, you have to press it to stack. Other hit can only stack dmg dealt to boss...

    6. Highest burst

    When you have 36%+ Katar skill dmg, the target has 10 stack of Frantic Lotus, and 3 stacks Dot.

    (Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike) + (Jump, 0.1s Frantic Lotus)+ (Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike)

    7. Practice combos in the bot-right corner of Candeo Mash

    Like what I show in the video below.

    Jump Cast 2 skills: False&Success.

    The 1st time is showing the false one, you can see the atk is after the gcd of 2nd skill.

    The 2nd time is showing the right one, the atk is appear during the 2nd skill.

  • Katar was my favorite PvP class. I also was interested in solo dungeons by katar. But after 90 PvP and Level 60 mastery came, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

    what do you mean everything changed? so katar at 90's is bad at pvp?

  • Katar was my favorite PvP class. I also was interested in solo dungeons by katar. But after 90 PvP and Level 60 mastery came, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

    what do you mean everything changed? so katar at 90's is bad at pvp?

    No, not bad. But not as good as before. Katar was the best class for solo duel. Now, still good, but not the best. Reason:

    1. Dot. In the past, people only have 20k+ hp, dot is very useful. No, 50k+ hp, but dot only increased by several level.

    2. Acc. The mastery increase the cap of Acc from 75% to 90%. Katar have a Envoy that Eva a hit have 50% chance to remove a debuff. In the past, katar had 95%-75%=20% chance to eva. Now 95%-90%=5%.

    3. Half tank is not useful now. 90 purple have too much critdmg, and other factors of dps. Other players have more critdmg, the -critdmg is not as good as before. And, if you use the Ashe bot, you lost too much dmg. In the past, dot is nearly a half of your dmg.

    4. Have to sub bard now. Cuz Acc up, Keres Wishlist has retired. And golden - Heal mastery. And, other class have been buffed, like Rava has a -heal skill as well. Sub other weapon is easier to die.

    5. Other classes are buffed. Bow: -heal, Combo, dd, all elemental resist. Wiz: 3.6s cd remove debuffss, high critdmg, combo. Katar's dmg is base on debuff, how if they can remove the debuff?

    Just few updates, but they are like Domino. And I said Everything Changed, I mainly say PvE. You havd to use calculating to decide the skill circle and practice those difficult fighting skill to make more dmg before. Now Frantic Lotus+Razor Wind is higher than whatever u play your katar skills. This makes me sooo sad.

    However, Katar was buffed as well, even though have some short boards. But it is still a good pvp class.

  • what's best offensive and deffensive mount your going to use for pvp and pve?

    pve: depends on your sub class, I like storm dmg. No defensive in pve.

    pvp: if you knew you gona fight with a lighning hs, then -lightning dmg is the best deffensive one. Nomal case is all resist, or all stat. To against someone who are using ahse, 40 critdmg is a good choice.

  • I leveled a Brawler for Level 60 PVP...that class is clearly made for 1vs1 only.

    It so bad in 5vs5 and higher...i dont even know whats going on.

    So slow.Low DPS.Weird casting animation/range.The only way to get a good feeling about its skills is having really really high movespeed.

    Before you start leveling a Brawler...know what you are leveling^^Really weird but fun class to play.

    Misplays will make your DPS -100000% lol.So much unforgivable.

    But most importantly : Its fun to play and can beat many if not all classes played perfectly in 1vs1 ^^(assuming both players have the same experience and gear score)

    to sum it up: brawler is not a class for beginners.The kit and mechanic itself look easy...but you need at least 10 more brain cells compared to holy sword.

  • Okay forgot what i wrote.That class is so bad even in 1vs1.The DMG is nonexistent.Direct DMG is a joke.Building stacks(6 Charges)can become really annoying to release if you get non stop immobilized,Stunned and Slowed.Making you become a punch bag lol healing non stop.Very very bad^^This is my experience with a Level 60 Account...Dont do it!!!!

    Play the usual classes to be OP:

    Holy Sword


    Dont waste your time with Brawler.It may do good at higher fortification than your target^^

  • I have never tried katar 60 pvp. I know the things after 70.