Doubts about Grenadiers in PVP

  • Hello, I'm a gren and I want to focus on PVP, where should I put my stats on my Weapon Mastery? I'm thinking of putting them to DMG, HP,SPD, CRIT and CRIT DMG.

    but some people say max move speed, is this true?

    Is this stat best for Grenadier's mount in PVP? Flame Damage +30%? Will this have a big effect or boost to your damage output in PVP?

  • The weapon mastery points depends on your stats + your weapon mastery level (total points) because some of them are more important than others, im not a gren master so only thing i can do for you is posting my pvp weapon spec.

    About mounts for pvp , there are several choices. Dmgtaken/Cdmg/Skilldmg/Allstats and that is related to your stats also + playstyle (?)

    I guess its better to wait for a gren main to answer :)


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