Best mount stat for Grens in PVP

  • Hi, just wanna ask what's the best mount stat I should get for my gren for PVP?





    DMG %?

  • It depends if you are going for high level pvp (level 70 and above) or low level pvp (40-69)

    Not sure about 90's PVP but i think they use either almighty or All resistance 20% (forgot its name)

    For Low level pvp you can try one of those

    -Crit Dmg 40% (when u dont have element build)

    -All stats 20%

    -flame skill dmg (if you are full flame build with 65 zaahir weapon)

    -All resistance 20% (when you have problems trying to keep alive)

  • This is really helpful, thank you, I don't have element build and I use pvp set so I guess crit dmg is my best choice?