Crusader PVP Build 2018 (Level 90-95]

  • Holy Sword.The class that destroyed PVP twice.When it was first released its divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png Thunderstrike could hit one target up to 5 times.The Thunderstrike was able to bounce on objects/players back and forth...ending up backstriking one player up to 5 times in 1-2 seconds.PVP was pretty dead after its release and it took some weeks(or months?) to fix that.Nowdays you are still able to cast divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png Thunderstrike in Arena at the last will follow the resetted players into their base and chain there.

    Nowdays you have +30 Holy Sword.Easy backstriking you(Dont matter how high your fortification/HP is) 100-500K randomly from Bounces and at the same time nearly being unkillable thanks to it broken HP Pool/DMG Migation/Heal Over Time Kit.Really good class for beginners and "ezy pezy" people.I used to play it aswell.I want my brain cells back.Luckly i played it when PVP was more alive without +30^^Hehe in my opinion +20 Holy Sword was not THAT broken and bad gameplay was punished^^Nowdays you can do misplay over misplay and you still wont die at +30 and still able to nuke people^^lol

    Lets go <3 And sorry for my weird english...its my 4th language and i never use it

    Class:holy_sword_icon.pngHoly Sword

    Element: electric.png Lighting

    Level Needed: 90/95

    PVP DPS: Over 9000 (5,0/5,0)

    Support: -

    Level Range: 90-95

    Difficulty: Easy

    Build Type: End Game.Dont cover up basic game mechanics.

    Pros: Very High Burst.High survivability.Misplays allowed.

    Cons: Very expensive.Need much optimizing and specialisation.Your brain cells will decrease playing that class.

    Last words before i start.This guide will only cover 3 possible builds worth to build a Holy Sword.The third build is special...just no.

    1) Full DPS/Glass Canon paired with high DMG Migation.

    2) Full DPS Bruiser stacking a high amount of DMG in Full DPS gear making you really tanky thanks to the high HP Pool Holy Sword can stack.

    3) Troll Guide for Ice Holy Sword(a serious one).Dont do it.

    Lets go <3

    Main Weapon

    Warlord Greatsword

    Element: electric.png Lighting

    Reason: PVP Stats

    Envoy Path:

    Secret Stone:

    I01405.jpg Lava Secret Stone

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone(Bruiser):

    I01509.jpg Thunderous (10% HP, DMG Taken)

    Reason: HP + DMG Taken

    Sub Weapon

    Warlord Zither


    Reason: Healing.


    Secret Stone:

    I01405.jpg Lava Secret Stone

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone(Bruiser):

    I01509.jpg Thunderous (10% HP, DMG Taken)

    Reason: HP + DMG Taken

    Trophys Level 90-94

    Trophy 1

    I01654.jpg Twin Hearted Split Personalit

    Reason: DMG Taken

    DMG received -5%.When being attacked, you have an 8% chance(...)reducing damage received by -25% for 12 sec.

    Trophy 2:

    I01656.jpg Keres' Wishlist

    Reason: Heal % + EVA %

    Increases EVA by a number equal to 5% of DMG

    Healing Potency +20%

    At level 95 you change

    Keres' Wishlist I01656.jpg to Eonus' Ancient Stone I00094.jpg

    Eonus' Ancient Stone


    Reason: DMG Taken

    DMG received -8%

    Enemy attacks have a 10% chance to trigger(...)decreasing your DMG received by 15% for 12 sec.

    Full DPS Trophys

    At Level 95 change

    Twin Hearted Split Personality I01654.jpg to I00205.jpg Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings

    Trophy 3

    I00205.jpgDelfonia's Exquisite Earrings

    Reason: 5% Detailed DMG + "Small" Zeal.Really good on bounces from divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png

    DMG +5%

    Your critical strikes have a 10% chance to trigger(...)increasing the DMG of your next attack by 35%. Effective for 15 seconds.

    Change Twin Hearted Split Personality I01654.jpg to Titan's Flaming SoulI01191.jpg aswell if you want.

    I01191.jpg Titan's Flaming Soul

    Reason: "Small" Zeal.Really good on bounces from divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png Very Try hard^^

    10% chance of activating Titan's Flame when landing a critical attack, which increases the DMG of your next attack by 35%. Effect lasts for 15 seconds or until landing an attack.




    Warlord Invincible Set (3/3)

    Reason: DMG




    Warlord Prestige Set (2/2)

    Reason: DMG

    Armor Element: electric.png -> 25% DMG Redcution from Lighting Skills.Helps against Holy Sword.

    Secret Stone Full DPS: 6% CRT DMG / 2% DMG -> At Fortification +25 or higher

    Secret Stone Bruiser : +2%HP / -2% DMG Taken -> At Fortification Less than +15

    Secret Stone Balanced : 2% DMG / - 2% DMG Taken -> At Fortification +20

    Secret Stone (...) : 6% CRT DMG / - 2% DMG Taken -> At Fortification Less than +20 / Above +15
    You can aswell use 2% DMG / 2% HP -> Wont hurt you at high fortification




    Divine Basic Eye Set (2/2)

    *Using Tank Gear on Holy Sword is not recommended.The only thing a Holy Sword benfit from is DMG and more DMG.

    *We all know there are player who like being tanky and stuff.Let everyone play how ever they want!

    *For the Tank Path follow the Tank Path here at the second Post(PvP Guide)

    [Guide] Sorcerer End Game Guide (Level 90-95)

    *Keep in mind +30 can kill you no matter how tank you are.Use your brain to avoid death.Dont be a punch bag.

    *Keep in mind that it comes all down to fortification.Someone with way higher and a really good fortification opzimized build/gameplay will always erase you now matter how hard you try.

    *Make sure to use Secret Stones that fit Holy Sword.There must be 4 Armor Secret Stones related to Holy Sword Skills.I suggest you to use Ambient Drone Head Secret Stone for a good Lighting Element AOE Stun.




    Warlord Fearless Set (3/3)

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone Full DPS: 6% CRT DMG / 2% DMG

    Secret Stone Bruiser: +2%HP / -2% DMG Taken

    Secret Stone Balanced: 2% DMG / - 2% DMG Taken

    Weapon Mastery: Left

    Reason: DMG and more DMG.You Main Skill will be ranged and boosted.


    16% DMG Increase to  divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png Divine Thunderstrike.It also become a long range attack.And more boosts as seen in the Envoy.

    "The chain DMG is reduced"...good joke because after Divine Explosion you have increased CRT DMG Cap. + Thunderstrike can backstrike + proc Zeal. I really dont know whats going it.Broken class.


    Envoy Boosts to your class:

    - Increase Flat DMG.

    - CRT DMG CAP +30%.

    Combined with Frosty Edge from Your Envoy


    You can overcap your CRT DMG by 45% at best.


    You also Gain Demon Slayer as a extra Skill.

    E10616.jpg Demon Slayer. A fast gap closer.

    Skill Rotation(*cough*):

    Run around.Avoid DMG my MoveSpeed.Try to stun with Ambient Drone than backstrike divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png +E10616.jpg

    Or just randomly cast divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png and prey for zeals and bounces.

    Make sure Ballad shadowassault-skillicon.png is always at 3 Stacks(The DMG one).

    Use Smiters Edge if you can.10% more detailed player DMG.


    UpIcon DMG dealt +10%

    Cooldown 6.0 secs

    All we need to know:
    Divine Energy of Holy Sword

    combo-system-holysword.pnglatest?cb=20161001074115Divine Explosionlatest?cb=20161001074115

    divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png Divine Thunderstrike

    Target: 3m / AOE: 2m DMG * 160% + Skill DMG * 160%

    This skill has a chain effect, it can bounce 3 times

    Cooldown 8.0 secs

    When Divine Energy is fully charged, press and hold down the button to perform a Divine Explosion, gaining the following effects:

    UpIcon During latest?cb=20161001074115Divine Explosion, this skill deals +150% DMG

    UpIcon During latest?cb=20161001074115Divine Explosion, this skill's chain effect upgrades, and can bounce 6 times.

    divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png DMG * 160% + Skill DMG * 160% + 30% Mount + 20% Weapon + 16% Envoy + 16% Weapon Spec. + 45% Eidolon +*

    * + 14 % Emblem

    + Backstrike

    + Bouncing Effect

    = RIP

    The Points you put into your Allocate Mastery

    Depending on your Stats

    At least 75% Accuracy

    20% Heal

    20% CRT DMG

    15 % MoveSpeed

    15% Elemental Resistence

    30% DMG

    Rest into HP


    Head: HP % + DMG to Player

    Face: -X % DMG Taken + Ballad Skill Level

    Body : - X % DMG Taken + CRT DMG to player Player

    Back: DMG(Full DPS) or HP(Bruiser) + MoveSpeed

    Weapon: DMG + Devine Sermon Skill Level



    (...)12% chance to trigger Double Strike for 3 hours


    (...)10% chance to triple-cast for 6 hours



    DPS: Lighting Skills Skills DMG +30%

    DEF: 20% All Stats or 20% All Resistence

    Full DPS: Lighting Skills Skills DMG +30%

    Bruiser: -5% DMG Taken + 30% HP


    Full DPS: x% DMG Dealt + X% Lighting Skills DMG

    Bruiser: -X% DMG Taken


    50% SPD, 99% Points Into DMG



    General Detailed Defensive Stat to have at Level 90:

    -30% General DMG Reduction(Can be easy stacked with Costumes,Emblem,Weapon Masterie etc.)

    Why is 30% enough at Level 90?

    Because 30% General DMG Reduction




    UpIcon DMG received -XXX

    Cooldown 10.0 secs

    DivineEnergyIconDamage received will be reduced by 15%, and you will recover 4% of HP per second for 10.0 secs


    - 5% Envoy



    - 25%

    I01654.jpg Twin Hearted Split Personalit
    When being attacked, you have an 8% chance(...)reducing damage received by -25% for 12 sec.

    = 75% Cap.

    For this you need 10% DMG Reduction on Costumes, 8% on Emblem and 2% on any Secret Stone.

    You can play around and get if from different sources.

    At level 95 you use

    Eonus' Ancient Stone

    DMG received -8%

    Enemy attacks have a 10% chance to trigger(...)decreasing your DMG received by 15% for 12 sec.

    -> Thats another 23% DMG Taken.At this point you can use Full DPS Secret Stones and a DMG Dealt Emblem.
    -> Overcapping DMG Taken can be usefull against Sorcerer/Shuriken and Ranger.They can apply % DMG Taken debuffs reducing you General DMG Reduction.

    I hope you understand it.The math is pretty simple.You latest?cb=20161001074115 charge divinethunderstrike-skillicon.png and pray for Zeals.

    At +30 you should hit people around 100-500K every hit using 0,0% brain power.

    Keep in mind that Holy Sword is a really boring class to play.You can pull out great numbers(DMG) but it can get really really really boring because you can feel how your brain cells are decreasing while playing it.If you are sitting on +30 HS...right now 99% of the people doing PVP dont even have proper PVP gear...all PVP player left or went to Level 60 PVP...there is and will be no real challenge for +30 Holy Sword(and in general)...RIP the $$$ i guess^^

    Maybe this guide dont cover everything.Just post it in this thead and discuss it if you think so.

  • Ice Holy Sword ...


    Lets make it short.Do not build like that.Only for fun.Dont invest 1 Gold or 1 Second in it if you are short on both.

    You still use the Left Mastery for it.The right mastery will only give you HP and DMG Migation.And a Aura to Ice Splitter which is some kind of a DOT Aura around you.You need to be close to your target to apply it.Can be easly avoided by...running away.The mastery make you really tanky.Consider using it against many geared people.Than it can be-if played/timed well-really good.But not worth to use over the Left Mastery.

    The only way to improve the effect of that Ice Aura is by using a +5 Skill Level to Ice Splitter on your back costume.Even than the Aura is pretty bad.

    You need to Charge

    icesplitter-skillicon.png Ice Splitter

    This skill charged will deal DMG to your targets if they deal direct dmg to you.

    You can increase the Skill ->Effect<- DMG("Reflect")by the usual stuff.Detailed DMG to Player and other offensive stuff related to PVP.

    RIP to the People increased their Ice Amplifier(Eidolon,Weapon).It only affect your Direct DMG dealt by Ice Splitter.Neither the "Reflect" or the Aura.Possible even at full Ice Amplifier boost your average violent Holy Sword skill will deal charged more DMG.

    To make this even more fun you use a

    - Emblem with Reflect %

    - Take the 10% Reflect Node in your Envoy

    - Use Reflect Food

    - +5 Skill Level to Ice Splitter Enchantment on your Back Costume

    Really good counter against Shuriken because their Storm deal direct DMG so fast with a high tick rate they nuke themself.Same for every class that dealt a big amount of Direct DMG over time.DOTs cant be reflected.

    You play Holy Sword as usual.If you are under attack Charge icesplitter-skillicon.png Splitter.

    Very useless against experienced player because they will just play around it.Very toxic at +30 because even if people ignore can RIP them with the usual Holy Sword kit.

    Thats it.My last post.Have fun!

  • in my opinion +20 Holy Sword was not THAT broken and bad gameplay was punished^^Nowdays you can do misplay over misplay and you still wont die at +30 and still able to nuke people^^lol

    It was that bad at +20 as well.

    Having played against many, the class is boring and non-interactive to play against. They just alternate healing and throwing Thunderstrike repeatedly until the game's RNG says "here's the entire result in one second regardless of play on the grounds of luck", which happens quite a lot by the way.

    One shot binary classes don't often work well, because they tend to be either too underwhelming or too overhwelming. They are difficult to get right. You never suddenly go from 100 to 0 against this class in PVP and feel "I was outplayed". If I died to other classes, I often felt the player(s) involved in killing me usually got me into a situation I was outplayed in (which was not hard as I was not that great at PVP). I never felt this way against this class though.

  • Braindead class is braindead. Don't need guidecat2

  • I dont know ... PVP is dead after the release of +30 + Holy Sword ... discussing about it is waste of time.

    +30 Rule PVP no matter what class or how good you are.No matter how bad someone is.Just by pressing one key and spending much of money they erase 90% of the enemies.Gameplay is no longer needed.Misplays not punished.Welcome to Aura Ca$hdoom.

    Now i could link you Videos of different Versions of AK(TW,JAP etc.) where PVP is alive and full crowded because the servers are player friendly...but i dont feel like that.It died long ago in OS with the PayWalls.No one cares.End.Why i even login here.Ahh yeah someone messaged me about a typo i done.I corrected it.My last post.Bye.

  • I didn't discuss the death of PVP (which happened many times over, depending on who you ask, before +30 even set in) so I'm not sure what you're saying. I was discussing how much of a joke the Holy Sword is/was, and that it isn't exclusive to the times now with +30. Yes, that makes things much worse, but the very things you mentioned more or less applied to the Holy Sword even at +20 too.